The Art of Letting Go – Beauty, Lightness and the Magnitude of Life

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Letting go entails accepting life until your desire manifests into it; letting go can also be made easier when you realize that your desire is not perfect.

This is how the acceptance of your desire’s current imperfections can actually help you let go while you allow it to transform into everything you want it to be.

None of us are perfect and there is nothing wrong with that yet when it comes to manifesting our desires, we magnify our imperfections in our minds to the point of turning them into self-imposed issues. We look for reasons not to manifest our desires within ourselves, wondering if we deserve to have what we want while perceiving life and its circumstances bigger than they are. We fear change and are intimidated by others instead of accepting that no human being is more deserving than the other.

Instead of worrying about our own worth, we need to accept that we are as worthy as we make our desires to be in our minds. We must find all the meaning within ourselves that we assign to our desires every day.

I know that being yourself can be difficult at times. I understand the courage to be yourself can be difficult to come by. At the same time, I feel that most of our worries come from idealizing certain situations, people and relationships while underestimating ourselves but I guess we prefer to do so over realizing that none of it is perfect…because if we think that what we desire is actually perfect, we have an ideal to strive for. And ideal realities are something we tend to crave. Ideal situations, ideal individuals, the perfect comfort – those are the things we crave until we find something real but better and more wonderful than anything we ever imagined.

Think of anything you ever imagined but then found something real, either in it or apart from it – which one made you feel alive? We can have anything we want and it doesn’t have to be impossible. Anything can be ours and simply real, once we open our hearts to accepting it as it is. This can only happen by accepting ourselves as we are, just as we accept those we admire. It is time to start admiring ourselves, too.

Being ourselves allows us to accept our desires in many ways and suddenly believe in ourselves more than we could have ever imagined.

7 thoughts on “The Art of Letting Go – Beauty, Lightness and the Magnitude of Life

  1. Hi Nina
    I believe we can be, do, have anything we want. And everything I have read about LOA confirms just that.
    However I have encountered 2 authors who say that yes we can have anything but maybe not. In my case I intend to attract a specific person. And let me just say that never in my life have I been so sure about what I want until now.
    Saying maybe you won’t get it sounds to me the opposite of LOA- or maybe I just don’t want to hear that out of fear it might not come true. What are your thoughts on this?

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    1. Hi! It is the opposite of LoA and their own choice at the same time – we can all manifest what is possible for us so those who say they can truly can while those who say we can’t don’t believe they themselves actually can.
      You should believe that you can and then, you will πŸ˜€ Only if you believe and allow yourself to imagine having what you want, even just for a few seconds, you will have it! I know I can make anything happen so the only question ever is what I truly want.


  2. Thank you Nina,
    i feel so align with my dream right now this minute
    and let me just say that the other day i manifested a book i wanted a while back, its funny because i didn’t know it existed i looked it up on line-nothing- i wrote to the publisher they gave me a list of other books but not the one i wanted, so i said ok maybe its not been written yet. i forgot about it.
    months later i went to a book store and mercy there it was!! i laughed couldn’t believe it. this was another reminder from the universe that i need to let go and stop trying to control and let the universe handle and shape everything for my dream to come true. i bought the book of course.

    FYI like the new look

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  3. I love this post, I completely agree with what you said about us craving ideal realities, I think we cling on to them so much that we can often miss the good things that are happening right now. This was a lovely reminder to take a step back from the idea of ‘perfect realities’, so thank you Nina πŸ™‚

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