Thought of the Day

Here’s a question – do we manifest what we truly want or are we usually lazy and only manifest what we absolutely need but not more?


Do you manifest abundance and joy or just survival? Do you have more than you need or just the necessity? Think about it. And please share your thoughts! 

What do you believe you deserve?

We should be comfortable having more than just the needed. 

7 thoughts on “Thought of the Day

  1. Nina, I seem to only manifest the things I need and while I’m very grateful for them(extremely grateful is more like it) still it puzzles me as to why the things I want don’t manifest physically? I’m re-reading your book right now(confidence) and maybe it’s my belief. Assuming I have what I’ve asked for is already on the way just because I asked for it. What do you think? I appreciate you so much. I’ve read other books and it seems besides you & Neville G, everyone else implies their are some things I can’t have using the law of attraction i.e.I can’t have a specific person. Any word on that? Thanks.

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    1. Hi!! Is it possible that the need motivates you more than just desire? If you “need” it, do you believe that it CAN happen whereas whatever you want doesn’t necessarily have to? Do you feel deserving of your desires like you do of what you need?
      You can manifest anything you want. I have been manifesting specific people all my life. Those who believe THEY can’t tell others that no one can. All that matters is who you want to be with.


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