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Facing Negative Past to Manifest a Positive Present

When we want to manifest something we have had an unpleasant experience with in the past, we tend to avoid any visualization of the said manifestation or affirming that it’s a done deal this time because those negative thoughts divert us whenever they come in. 

Instead, we need to feel like  a new person – the one who has what we want to have. We must think of ourselves not only of having this but of being the person who has it. and feel and act accordingly. 

Whenever I have a goal and think of myself as being the person living it, I must repeat this to myself even if I’ve had a negative experience with it in the past. However, this is the trick – any negative experience from the past is a lesson for the present on the right ways to think in order to manifest what you desire instead of what you fear. 

Anything can be reversed with the Law of Attraction. What happened to you is not final – nothing is!


Sometimes, this is the only reminder we need. Anything can be reversed and that is the biggest truth of the Law of Attraction. 

In order to believe it truly will be better this time, we must visualize it being better even once.


Facing past upset and the reasons why it happened is very therapeutic – it makes you stronger. However, we must visualize things going well this time even once in order to believe it. This visualization can come as a result of you deciding that things will go well or your intention to see it going well in order to believe it but either way, it is a necessary part of the process.

We have to be able to see it even once, for as little as two seconds, in order to believe it. And if we’re not, we can enable ourselves to do it with decisiveness and self-belief. We can see ourselves having whatever we want right after we affirm it to ourselves.


My blog editor says “remove block” when I select inserting a gallery instead of writing text, and it couldn’t be more appropriate. Remove block is exactly the command we need to implement when thinking that the unpleasant past will repeat itself. 

15 thoughts on “Facing Negative Past to Manifest a Positive Present

  1. Hi Nina ! thank you for your blog, I always come to it whenever I feel misaligned with my faith in the law of attraction πŸ˜‰ I’ve also read your e-book and probably will read it again soon.

    I have one question though : does it happen to you to think of what you want to attract while also thinking “I’m going to think about what I want and visualize it because that’s what I need to do for it to happen” ? I don’t know if I’m very clear πŸ˜€ sometimes I think it comes too much from my head and not enough from my heart, I’m too much in my head and my wish doesn’t feel genuine and nothing manifests…

    How can I let go of the doubts that arise when I think of what I want (as I guess that comes down to that) ? Thank you πŸ™‚



    1. Hi Flora, and thank you! Whenever I would get caught up in the manifestation process thoughts instead of having it, I kept saying it was mine and a done deal. I keep thanking for it BEING mine. When you see it as yours already and affirm it as such, your heart opens πŸ˜€ You look forward to it or are just happy and feeling good about it πŸ˜€ Then, what happens is that the moments of getting caught up in the process diminish and you only start to think of your desires as yours or not and whenever you think of them as NOT yours, you immediately switch and affirm gratitude for them BEING yours! You can do this!!


  2. Hi Nina,

    How are you? I just got back from vacations and a wonderful manifestation that followed Universe signs. I am a big believer of sign and you know that. Right?

    But here is a pattern that keeps happening- the person manifests and sticks along for 2 days or so and thenthey just disappear, stsrt behaving the way they always did. They start ghosting!

    This time, I have removed them from everywhere. Social media, phone etc. formy own sanity. If it is meant, it will happen!

    What do you think of this pattern?



    1. Girls I had the same issue. When I started looking at that person in a different way, he changed. For two and a half years the same pattern and after I changed my thoughts he changed towards me. As Abraham says, you can change people, places, everything but if something is active in your vibration you will attract it in new places and from others as well.

      My point here is that when I realized that, I changed my self on the inside and I knew that the other person must either modify his behavior to match my new vibration or either disappear out of my life. You can not attract nothing you are not a vibrational match to.


    2. Hi Jiya! Let me ask you, do you begin to expect or fear that the ghosting will happen yet again once you meet someone? Do you expect it before it happens simply because it happened with the last person so you subconsciously expect it again?


  3. Hi Jiya,

    Is this a romantic interest? Just asking because I struggle with this too, and it seems like romantic interests are the least consistent in manifestation?


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  4. Hi T,

    Can you go into detail of how you changed yourself on the inside?

    Also, what kind of changes did you see in the other person ?

    Thank you,


    1. Hi C!
      Well I had certain beliefs about me as well as I had about my specific person. To change the relationship between us I had to change beliefs about me that no longer served and changed beliefs about him.

      The best method for me was to meditate in a way that I would fill my heart with love and then see myself as a person that deserves all the things I wanted to have in relationship with my specific person. I also removed all my negative beliefs about him and focused only on the positive aspects.

      Soon after he started calling me and sending me messages every day. We started seeing each other more often, he opened up to me and shared his problems and in general started sharing things about his life. He was closed before. Since than he calls me and texts me every day for several times and he is always there for me, he is no longer disappearing for a couple of days as he did before. It has been like that for a couple of months now. I even asked him what changed and he said that he can not specify it but that he feels a lot more comfortable in my company.

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  5. No problem C! I hope I helped.
    I read Elizabeth Daniels book on how to attract a specific person, and also found Agnes Vivarelli and Neville Goddard really useful if you want to take a deeper insight. πŸ™‚


  6. Hi Nina,

    I couldn’t reply to that thread so commenting separately!

    Yes, I think I expect it because it happened in the past.

    And this os what’s manifesting!


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    1. I have the same problem. You know that Nina πŸ™‚

      I guess the question is how do we really change what we expect in life – especially in a situation where we have history ?

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      1. I always say it’s about a strong enough desire to see things go different this time and knowing that YOU dictate life – you just must believe in yourself. Believe that the Universe wants to give you what you want and that it’s yours already. You just must believe it and love yourself enough to. You must truly want love ❀


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