How to See Your Relationship or its Manifestation as Abundant

It’s very easy to look at what we are not getting in a relationship or its manifestation, detailing the parts we wish we had never experienced or those that aren’t going our way for the moment. Today, we should ask ourselves, “Is the relationship I imagined going to be as good as the one I could have if I just allowed it to happen by letting my person express themselves the way they will? If I just gave it a chance?”

What if we didn’t scrutinize our specific person’s every move but allowed them to come to us and express themselves the way they will? What if we trusted that everything was about to work our and the current reality is simply not a big deal?

What if we loved our specific people for who they are, 100%, instead of thinking about the things we would love to change in them? What if we started thinking that the level of communication we do receive was enough instead of not enough?

You know what would happen?

We would grow. We would take the pressure off. We would start to think of ourselves as being in a relationship instead of not so. We would power through the period of dissatisfaction and started seeing our love life as abundant instead of lacking.

Let’s say you have a specific person in mind or are in a relationship with someone you love. But they don’t text enough. They don’t call enough. They don’t see you enough. You’re agreeing to things you didn’t want for yourself in life and half the time, don’t even feel like you’re in a relationship or are thinking about being alone instead of being with someone and feeling alone.

While thinking about what you don’t like in this setup can consume your life, what if you said, “Our relationship is great. I want him/her to be who they are. We talk plenty.” And then, you focus on your own life instead of thinking about what they are doing or what you want to do with them because it’ll happen. You talk plenty so you’ll see each other soon. What if you adopted this attitude?

If you did, you would attract even more amazing circumstances with this person than the ones you had originally imagined because complete love and acceptance first lead to immediate relaxation on your part and then to the person in question expressing themselves in an even better way than you had imagined.

When you begin to see your relationship (manifestation) so abundant in this way, you immediately create a presence in your own life which then makes you feel fully present in your relationship. You start to experience spontaneous visualizations of the two of you together. When someone asks, your initial instinct becomes “We talk a lot,” be that based on the visualizations or the current reality already (because if it’s based on just the visualizations, it will become your current reality soon enough!).

This is what I mean when talking about abundance. This is what I mean when I say we should relax around our manifestations. “We’ll talk.” “We talk a lot.” “We see each other plenty.” Even just based on the current reality because if what you have is recognized as abundant, you end up receiving even more.

Take a look at what you have in your relationship and recognize everything you’ve received, not everything you feel like you’re missing – soon, you won’t feel like you’re missing anything. You will start to feel like everything you have is plenty already.

And then, you will receive even more.

If we think of what our specific person “should” be doing to show love instead of allowing them to just get there, we will never feel like we’re receiving enough. This is how the human mind works and we must be aware of that. On the other hand, if we allow them to show it and allow ourselves to receive it authentically from their side, we will feel like they’re doing plenty to give us what we want.

This is love. This is acceptance.

This is you sending the message of, “You’re more than enough for me, just the way you are.”

And ultimately, this is what makes the Law of Attraction give you the love you want from the person you want. This is how you accept them, see yourself having a lot with them and once you do, this is how you manifest everything from them.

6 thoughts on “How to See Your Relationship or its Manifestation as Abundant

  1. Hi Nina
    I’m speechless because lately my specific person is not responding to my texts and at the beginning I didn’t mind and it wasn’t bothering me at all. And I know for a fact his extremely busy running his own company and I know his stressed a lot because we talk about it and travels a lot too and I understand and for the same reason I don’t text as much as before because I want to give him his space and when I do text he reads it but doesn’t respond and then I started feeling the “lack” and it started bringing me down I felt sad I felt it wasn’t working and then to my surprise you write this on your blog and I’m speechless because thanks to you once again I feel at ease thank you Nina and to the universe 🌌 because I feel it’s telling hey look don’t despair.
    Also I must confess I’ve never been in a relationship I’ve been on dates however and I know we must feel like we are in order to manifest but I just don’t know the feeling of being in a relationship 😦 I know it must be great and I try to feel when I watch romantic movies or when I see couples and I visualize me with my specific person it helps but I just wish I knew what it’s like so that I can feel it all the time do you have any advice for me?

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    1. Hi dear! Right now, it’s important to relax and believe that things will turn around. If you believe that, decide and trust it because that is how the Universe works, you will be able to relax. You can do this!


  2. This was exactly what I needed to hear today! Thank you so much for your insight, as usual. It’s an amazing perspective and I’ll be implementing this into my thoughts right away.

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    1. It’s been amazing! We’re agreed to taking it slow and it’s been incredibly positive. Lately there’s been less talking that I would like due to the situation and being busy, so I was getting a little discouraged and allowed myself to doubt things, but this post was such a boost. Things are still happening, the positive stuff that was there before is still here, I just need to keep my mind in the right place. 🙂

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