What do you think?

It’s good to offer more and more examples of how the Law of Attraction translates into real life.

This is an essential part.

Unless we dare to believe, we stop ourselves from receiving.

6 thoughts on “What do you think?

  1. Dear Nina, What do you do when you have unwanted beliefs about something? I have beliefs about my partner that continue to show in a real world as manifestations. I think of him as someone who is emotionally unavailable and he confirms it with his behavior. I started imagining his dark side as a black cloud that goes out into the sky and disappears. I have no problem imagining him being with me and this actually manifested but all this problems occasionally reemerge as I probably expect it. Do you have any advice?

    many thanks as always


    1. Hi! This keeps manifesting because when those thoughts upset you, you subconsciously tend to believe they’re true. However, we need to know that what we want is our regardless of those thoughts and that they are false; that way, we will stay focused on what we want and manifest it instead.


  2. Hi Nina,

    Your blog has helped me understand the equation of humans and law of attraction . It has strengthened my beliefs that it is possible and easy to manifest love, a SP, a lover or a sotuation with a person.

    Although I have not read anything categorically about signs here, I have a question regarding a sign and I want to decode it so i can understand what it means for me. This is entirely an inspired action to ask on your blog. It means Uni is guiding me.

    Sign: I have been seeing number 69 everywhere. And I know that i see it specially when i am thinking of a particular case which is currently active in my life.

    I am a huge believer of signs and i ham lucky to have been guided bu Uni through signs. But this is one sign that i am unable to decode.

    Looking forward!



    1. What does the number remind you of, regarding this case? Do you see it whenever you’re momentarily confused about the case, for example? Or happy, sad…?


      1. I think when i am contemplating what is in hold related to this case, When I am confused how it should be!

        I am mostly confused which way i should go, i should leave it or pursue it.

        There are two major intentions at the moment- 1. Move to Australia 2. This case is in my favour. That I have answers for ny questions.


      2. I think the new blog post will help review on how you can relax. This can also be discussed in a session as it’s a detailed matter but it all comes down to saying to yourself that it will happen and choosing to relax.


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