When You Love People, This is How They Love You Back

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Whenever I think about how much I love people, I get the most wonderful things in return.

When I recently visited this stir fry place great for a casual lunch, I was given a free drink and told I was a lovely regular. Later that same day, I was invited to skip the line at a bank.

Yesterday, I received shopping points on my loyalty card from the purchase made by customers ahead of me – they weren’t program members so the cashier scanned my card and said, “We can put those points on yours!” It was actually amazing, and she looked as happy as I felt.

Happy people attract other happy individuals.

When you choose to be happy by deciding what you love, life becomes much easier. These manifestations lead to you seeing even the desires people tend to deem “bigger” as normal to your life, attracted to you as easily as free drinks.

Decide that you love people, your specific romantic interest included, and you will attract the best out of everyone you meet. Your faith in others will skyrocket, and you will only have yourself to thank.

Also, I still remember receiving a load of gifts from this vegan cosmetics company that usually doesn’t give them out. I felt very honored and grateful.

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