The “How” – A Distraction from Your Perfection

If we keep thinking about how often we talk to our romantic interest, how fast we should be hearing back from that job interview or even how we should be speaking or thinking, we’re focusing too much on how our manifestation is developing.

And we know that’s not our job.

But have you ever wondered why we do it? It is because we think that “the how” brings us security. We think that if our manifestation starts to develop in the same way something from our past did, we would surely be able to believe in its imminent existence.

Should our desire begin to manifest the same way our friend’s did, we would just start to believe it to be possible for us as well.

“I want to be with him/her but I would believe it to be truly possible if he/she should only call me once.” Right?

Wrong. And only because it means putting the focus on how your desire should unfold, if it were to manifest at all.

Assuming that the way in which our desire is manifesting is somehow inferior to the idea we had in our mind leads to sadness and negativity.

What we think “should” be happening is usually a result of hearing other people’s opinions, stories and advice… But did you ever consider what you truly want?

Because that is the only thing that should be happening.

If you do nothing but love the result, the path will be smooth.

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