Your Life is Too Important to Not Manifest Your Dreams

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I want you to have the desire to get your life exactly where you deserve for it to be.

To manifest the things that are important to you.

When we know what we truly want and we decide to be there now, we engange in a strong desire to get our lives in order.

Don’t compromise on what you want – instead, decide what that is in every area. Whatever’s important to you, it has to be manifested.

Looks? A job? Wealth? Love?

It all matters.

Do you, for any reason, think that you aren’t good enough to have what you want? Do you think that someone would look down on you and choose to refuse to give you what you want?

Are you embarrassed by your past? People have gone through worse and bounced back.

Do you think that your experiences alienate you from other people? Rise above them and they won’t. Everyone has struggled in one way or another at some point. The very people you think your life experience alienates you from also experienced nightmares that you never have.

Nobody’s life was always perfect.

Don’t judge and others will come to not judging you either. Be persistent in positive thinking and the calmness that will inevitably transcend onto those around you. Being calm and positive awakens the same in others.

And these are the character traits of a positive awareness.

What I want from you is to relax. You can state your intention but then choose to believe that it is yours…and then, relax.

When you affirm and know that something is yours because you believe in the power of manifestation, relaxing is the natural next step.

But please, only entertain the option of having what you want. In no scenario should you seriously consider that it might not happen. If any negative thoughts emerge, don’t give them meaning – dismiss them as insignificant and go back to getting your desired reality in order using your feelings and thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Your Life is Too Important to Not Manifest Your Dreams

  1. Hi Nina
    this was sensational your positivity and love for others emerges from your writing and i feel the good vibes coming from you. Next week i will be declaring my love to a man i have been secretly in love with for 2 years i feel good about my fears are gone and i feel positive about it. i never done this before but i made my decision to take action and trust that I’m in for a wonderful surprise.

    Liked by 1 person

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