Feeling Good is What Gets You Hooked – Both in Exercise and Positive Thinking!

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Today is the first day after a few that I am not waking up to go and do some kind of exercising. Rollerblading, swimming or cycling, or walking around for hours (in heels), it’s all creating the best kind of dependency and making me want to go back into the gym. It’s also making me want to return to dancing, the activity that had dominated my life for years. But dancing I could never lose or miss – it’s always been a natural expression to me.

Right now, I am in bed with two dogs, a cup of coffee and Netflix. Yet I am tempted to get into my car and drive out to the lake for more rollerblading.

This is also how positive thinking works – what makes you feel good gets you hooked.

When you think about living your dream, you feel good. And then, you want to do more of it. When you exercise, you feel good, and you only want even more exercise, creating the opportunity to do so during each day. Whether you take this opportunity or not doesn’t even matter – as long as you think about exercising, you will create the opportunity for it.

See what I mean?

I mean, same goes for creating the opportunities to manifest what you want.

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