Feeling and Visualizing Relationships – Examples from My Own Life

The Law of Attraction can bring any two people together because it allows us to connect with the universal concept of living in love for another person.

We just need to make living in a happy relationship with them and them loving us back a priority in our lives, feelings and visualizations. We must believe that this is fate and that our desired result is an unavoidable result.

I always chose romantic partners whose mere existence made me happy because I adored them so much; the next step was that I wanted to make them happy so I would always imagine a relationship in which they were filled with love just by the joy of spending time together. I imagined relationships in which we felt so much love just by being together that we didn’t need anything else in those moments.

I genuinely hope that the above paragraph inspires you. It would always inspire me to visualize the kind of relationships I wanted.

Eventually, I learned the value of loving the kind of person who loved his job and friends profoundly, just like he did me. This is what makes a person attractive – the joy they feel for their own life. Some people have “a lot,” by the standards of many others, yet they are not as attractive due to not seeking joy in new ventures of life but accepting what they have instead, even though it doesn’t make them happy.

Why did I find being happy with the life a man has created for himself attractive? Because many just accept the hand they were dealt. They say, “This is how it is for me, I don’t know how to change it,” and they refuse to even try and believe. Yet if they don’t, how will anything change?

And more importantly, can you relate to those who are experiencing trouble with their own belief in any kind of change?

If the belief in the change starts with us and we just have to start trying in order for new opportunities to open up, maybe the only hiccup for many is that they simply aren’t aware of how even a little belief builds more of it. Maybe they aren’t aware that even a little faith leads to the positive thinking getting easier and easier every day. Maybe they don’t know that we must only think about our desire instead of the current reality, and doors will open.

I suggest we train ourselves to divert from thinking about how to achieve our goals.

Just because you don’t know how exactly you will do it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t believe. You will receive it because a way of it happening will be revealed; but if you think that you can’t believe simply because you can’t see how it could happen, you will only manifest the same experiences over and over again.

Give your mind the gift of limitless belief – it’s much happier that way. And that is where positive thinking starts.

6 thoughts on “Feeling and Visualizing Relationships – Examples from My Own Life

  1. Hi Nina. I trust that you are well. I have a big problem on my hands. The guy that I’m with is very abusive. He hit me so bad the last time, he nearly killed me. It’s not the first time he hit me. He spends my money and doesn’t give me any. And he is verbally abusive as well. How do I help better the situation using the law of attraction?


    1. Hi dear. I just read this. First, I would suggest that you take some distance and in peace, consider if this is the right person for you. Physically hurting someone else is against the law so this should be reported. Same with stealing. I can’t tell you what to do but distancing yourself from someone who puts your life in danger and creating a safe environment for yourself is imperative. Your life has to be important enough to you to do that.


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