Who We Want to Be in Order to Manifest Easily

Let me start by saying this – this post is not about you changing your personality. It is not about saying that who you are is insufficient to you manifesting your dream life. It is not about saying you aren’t good enough. We needed to be clear on that first. 

I believe there is a number of traits we can all adopt to our unique personality that make life and manifestation easier. Traits that respond to anyone’s personality, welcoming to change and positive thinking. Welcoming to the progress of life and manifesting your desires in every way.

Let’s introduce these traits, the traits I believe we all carry within us deep down, in the form of affirmations.

  1. “I am fearless.” Being fearless means acting even when you’re afraid – it doesn’t mean having zero fears. At the same time, your fears will begin to fade as you acknowledge your fearlessness.
  2. “I am now the person things always work out for.” You attract miracles. You manifest miracles because you’re in the flow of miracles being a normal recurrence in your life.
  3. “I am a positive thinker so only positive things happen to me. I reach all my goals.” What we’re focused on and believe we can have, we always reach. As they say, never quit before your miracle happens. (Who said that anyway? I forgot.)
  4. “I want to be happy.” When you know this, you will choose the thoughts that complement this sentiment. You will choose to be positive because it feels good and leads to manifestation.

You want to be and have to be convinced that your choices are the right thing to do. You have to be convinced that your choices are what you truly want. You must ignore the guilt because it works against you and prevents you from reaching all these goals. But you knew this already, useful as it was to revise.

If you want this life, you have to do what feels good.

The way to know that the life you say you want is one you truly want is to affirm everything you love about it and be ready to manifest what you love in it in every area.

Want the life you want but are afraid of what it might bring in some aspects? Be ready to manifest the circumstances you love in every aspect! Nothing “has to go this or that way” or “goes this-or-that way.” Everything goes the way you decide it will go for you.

The way to get rid of the guilt is to affirm and practice being a good person already; then, you will never wonder if your choices are something you deserve – you will know they are.

Walk through life trusting that the Universe will always give you what you desire. If you’re wondering how, even a little faith that you will get what you want and not quitting before your miracle happens is enough.

Happy manifesting!

4 thoughts on “Who We Want to Be in Order to Manifest Easily

  1. hi Nina
    is so true a little faith can go a long way i must remember this all the time i tend to loose faith from time to time, i like this “never quit before your miracle happens.”

    Liked by 1 person

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