My Take on Positive Thinking

I wanted to share some personal and practical steps for positive thinking.

Sometimes, we simply don’t know what to do; we don’t know how to actually put positivity into practice.

  1. Be honest with yourself about what you need. Don’t ever tell yourself that you desire is too much to manifest – I’ve seen this happen. Nothing is too much. You deserve to have what you want but you must believe that you’re the right person for it and that it is the right thing for you.
  2. Be honest with others about what you want. If, at times, you don’t want to share your wants with someone who isn’t a part of them or a part of your ideal life, you can choose not to share…but be honest with yourself about why you aren’t sharing it with them. Do you believe they’ll mock you and does it bother you that they do? Do you secretly don’t believe that you can manifest your desire and are afraid they’ll reiterate this thought?
  3. If you truly are secretly scared that you can’t have what you want, take the time to convince yourself otherwise. Funny as it may sound, the Law of Attraction responds to what we decide and convince ourselves of. So you want to be affirming that you get everything you want easily. You want to affirm that everything you want is yours and visualize yourself having it. Before you know it, you will receive it.
  4. Start seeing yourself living the life you want and being a natural at it. This is how you should visualize – you being in it, you being great at it, you being happy and everyone impressed. If you can’t be bothered to do that yet, you are simply preparing for it or have decided to explore a different kind of life last minute (trust me, I’ve explored about fifty different kinds of lives and would change my way of thinking and experiencing it from one day to the next but the variety and the experience were completely worth it).

Start with these. Combined with telling yourself that you are beautiful and observing yourself become increasingly beautiful as a result as well as praising your amazing mind and watching it flourish while attracting you admiration, these steps will help you feel good about who you are. And there is nothing more important than that, in happiness or manifestation. One can only manifest an authentic life if they live one already.

If you want to have a specific job or be with a particular person, that is who you are. You don’t have to be embarrassed of it. If you want to be famous, that is who you are. You are allowed to want what you want!

If you praise your amazing mind, being confident in your decision making and loving your intelligence, that mind will start to bring you admiration from the people whose lives you impacted in a positive way. As others revere your accomplishments and decision making, you will have already known your worth because you had decided on your mind’s power even before results appeared! This is how we must live and it’s what positive thinking was designed for.

13 thoughts on “My Take on Positive Thinking

  1. Hi Nina,
    When I see my best friends or even class mates travelling, socializing, dating, etc on social media, I start feeling really down. It also happens when I see people in relationships. I really want to manifest more freedom (as in like freedom to go out with whoever I want,

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  2. Sorry I accidentally hit enter before I finished what I had to say. Anyhow, I really want to manifest my mom giving me more freedom to go out with whom ever I want whenever I want and give me more privacy. I also want to manifest an ex back into my life but there’s a problem. I met my ex gf on a game like 5-6 years ago and we started talking to each other on there and then started talking on Skype after that (just messaging, no video calls) and after a while she said that she wants to see me and tried video calling me but I kept declining because I wasn’t allowed to date so talking to her on video call while people are at home was not possible, plus I didn’t have a phone so I couldn’t go anywhere and secretly talk to her (I was using my laptop) so after almost a month together she blocked me out of the blue. I deleted my Skype account and made a new one and I think she deactivated her’s too but yeah I want to manifest her talking to me again, I want to fix our relationship and have a happy, loving relationship with her but idk, if we’ve deleted our accounts and the fact that we’ve never seen each other then is it still possible to manifest her back into my life?

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    1. Hi!! Anything we would truly love having is possible to manifest, and all because of that love. By imagining the people you adore with you already and treating others with the gratitude of having them, as if they’re behaving towards you the way you are manifesting them to behave already, all the while affirming that what you want is a done deal (“Thank you that we’re together!”), you will attract it all!

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      1. Thank you so much and btw all your posts are amazing! I was curious, how would I manifest my ex unblocking me and messaging me again even if I’ve never seen her on video call or anything?

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      2. Thank you very much 😀 You just visualize you talking every day. If you visualize the unblocking itself, that’s like manifesting just that one circumstance but we should always focus on what comes AFTER. So in order to manifest the unblocking, you imagine talking because communication always follows the unblocking.


      3. Would it be fine if I imagine a message from Nina (her name is Nina too haha) that says “I miss you so much Tirth” or something like that? Also idk why but I can’t seem to visualize anything, like I can’t see a picture of anything I want when I close my eyes (this could be a limiting belief but idk) so then how do I make it work? Is it possible to manifest without visualizing? Btw thank you very much for helping me out. I feel like the universe led me to your website because like a few weeks ago I was crying a lot because I missed her and I was guilty that I accidentally hurt her. Then a few days later or something I came across one of your posts and I saw that your name was Nina too so that made me feel as though the universe is leading me right to her


      4. Great name! It’s all about creating the feeling of being happy about having this desire in your life so visualization isn’t necessary – it’s only a tool. You can also just affirm 😀 I know you’re gonna do this!! Sorry for the delay, it was an exceptionally busy month xx


      5. It’s a relief a relief to know that visualization isn’t necessary to manifest. Also I was wondering like if I want a message from her saying “I miss you” (or something similar) on Skype then how would I affirm hat? Like what would the affirmations look like? And thank you for the encouragement! 😊


      6. Affirmations are the things you tell yourself about the relationship and then, you let the Universe produce them. Express gratitude to the Universe for you two being together and happy!


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