Attention From Others Comes After the Attention From You

We have to be the ones to validate ourselves – there’s no other way around it.

We like to think that the attention from another person would bring the validation we would otherwise have to provide to and for ourselves but the validation simply always comes first and attention from others second.

If life was such that the validation always had to come from somebody else, other people would always determine our value in life – and living that way would be just awful.

Now that we reviewed it, let’s go to practical examples.

Let’s start with the topic of relationships, the most popular one in life. We’ve all had that person in our past whose phone calls simply made life happier but if we looked close, it was only because we were tired and bored with other aspects of it that moment and therefore thought this romance would not only bring happiness but fix everything else as well.

And that’s not in the job description of a romance.

You may simply want to ask yourself…

“Is there something truly wrong with this courtship or anything else in my life?”

You might just be displeased, therefore not giving yourself the proper validation and love but placing the blame on the perceived lack of affection from another person.

And now that we’ve reviewed this, let’s talk about something I find very interesting which is not validating yourself enough when it comes to attracting money.

Where does the validation of having enough money come from? Knowing that you’re worth it, no matter what. Knowing that you’re worth it because you deserve joy. Knowing that you’re worth it because you spend on good causes. Because you deserve to purchase things and experiences that make you happy. Because you love being generous. Your talent deserving of all rewards. Do I need to go on?

So many successful, charming people who are absolutely aware of their qualities still see themselves as not very financially stable. They will tell you they can do it all but just don’t get as many opportunities to because they work in a tough industry. Or they might love their job but it hadn’t paid well when they first started so these individuals simply got used to this without ever practising a different financial awareness. Everyone who has ever said “I don’t make a lot of money but…” holds an awareness of incomplete financial satisfaction, even when trying to tell themselves that money doesn’t matter all that much. But it’s no shame. We’ve all been there.

Money brings us a lot of benefits so we should definitely want it to come into our lives. Wanting generous amounts of money instead of thinking that loving it makes you a “shallow person” is useful in making our own lives easier. There’s no shame in making money, in wanting to attract it. Just like everything else, money is energy and you deserve to live in its height.

I certainly needed to make sure I was making enough money in life to be able to afford my own water bill, being nuts about bubble baths and all. Let alone my travels with all the delicious vegan food and adventures involved! But I also think about the way money fits into who I am and the standard and quality of life I want for myself.

It’s not our current circumstances that define us but the desire of who we want to be and what we decide that we deserve.

As soon as you decide what you deserve, others will begin to treat you differently.

We all decide who we’re going to end up being.

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