When Something You’re Not Takes Over Who You Are

Having a strong grasp on the person we have decided on being is more important for our happiness than anything else.

I know that when I lose sight of who I am, some things in my life end up suffering.

Losing sight of who we are is particularly noticeable when we focus on someone else (or other people in general) more than we do on ourselves. In those moments, we might as well have fallen into some strange persona that feels awful but we don’t know how to pry ourselves away.

Anyone’s alternate persona straight out of a nightmare is one that doesn’t believe in having everything it wants in life, thinking there are obstacles in the way – this is the persona we all try to escape from and don’t recognize ourselves in even when it encroaches on our moments of weakness. This is who we never recognize ourselves in because it’s not what any of us are ever supposed to feel like.

When we don’t feel like we can have what we want, the reason why it feels awful is because humans are not designed to be pessimistic. We were meant to be happy and that is why perceived limitations feel unnatural to us.

Isn’t it time we stopped living in fear?

Fears paralyze. Fears have developed within us due to the ideas pushed onto us by either those who worry (about us) too much or those who try and keep others down. Nothing should scare us in the pursuit of everything that will benefit us. We deserve all the good in life.

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