How to Practice Unconditionally Consistent Positivity

The more I think about it, the more I believe we sometimes don’t feel comfortable with living smooth and easy lives due to the guilt over so many other people’s difficulties.

They don’t all realize the power of their thoughts and might not know how easily they could change their lives but by inspiring others unconditionally when you get a chance to, you’re doing your part.

In the meantime, you must be consciously thinking positive thoughts every waking hour. If you think that this is exhausting, I will let you in on a little secret.

You can think positive thoughts and still feel whatever you feel that moment, as long as you acknowledge that it will pass and things will get better if what you are thinking that moment is painful or negative.

You can say, “I am heartbroken,” while choosing to be positive about the next step, adding that “It will pass and I will get what I want.” With a little consistent repetition, you will soon begin to see that since you will get what you want so there’s nothing to be sad about. Always choose to decide and believe in a positive outcome, especially the one you want. And it will happen.

This is where affirmations come in. Stating affirmations to yourself in a neutral tone, as if saying “I’m going to make dinner,” and saying it once or just several times, as many as you feel like, is the easiest and the fastest way to change your mindset.

Affirm something once and choose to believe it. Say it and be convinced that it’s happening unstoppably because what you believe indeed will.

Belief is the main ingredient of life because it creates. Yet we are the ones who create the belief itself. Being unconditionally positive leads to becoming ready to experience everything we want fast and with that, manifesting rapidly.

And once you’ve mastered it, you can spread the message and inspire others. The more you believe, the faster you’ll master. The more positive you choose to be, the more profound of an effect you will have on everyone else.

5 thoughts on “How to Practice Unconditionally Consistent Positivity

  1. Being unconditionally positive also means that we can be happier sooner because we aren’t waiting for something to happen in order for us to be happy. And therefore, we will spend more time being in a better mood by being more positive on a consistent basis. It’s not easy but as long as we are conscious of our mood and thoughts, we’ll have better control over our outcomes.

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  2. Hi Nina
    last week i learned we have to protect our dreams i used to expose my dreams to my close friends but in the long run a few said i fantasized too much, well gosh i never said i wish to grow wings and fly or become a mermaid LOL my dreams are realistic dreams. So we must protect them from those who have different beliefs than us.


    1. If they lower our vibration and are being negative, we are better off spending time with those who support our dreams. Also, we could practice not caring what people think but of course you will want to simply not talk about some things with those who make you feel bad about it. So, you’re not wrong. ❤ You want positivity and love.


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