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How to Think Positive When You’re Exhausted

For the past few days, I haven’t been focusing on myself emotionally. I needed a reminder to actually focus on myself and not other things and people.

Yet right before that, I had been doing great! I was feeling great. Like myself. What was different?

What I had done right was having recently spent a week not thinking and just doing. I was happy. I would stop myself from thinking about anything beyond affirming it or spending five minutes on it at most. I was, completely effortlessly, living in the moment.

I was doing what I loved but then stopped engaging in new things, new ways of thinking, and then…I got bored. So I started focusing on anything and anyone except for myself. See how it works?

It’s a strange state to be in. You might have found yourself in it as a result of temporarily feeling too tired to try new things. So what do you do, in that case?

When too tired to act, start thinking about what you will be doing once you’ve rested.

Want to get a motorcycle license but are not in the place to enroll today? Think about how it will be once you do! Imagine doing it.

Want to travel to Bali but not today? Think about what it will be like. Imagine yourself there right now. Visualization combined with a clear desire to experience it will attract all these things to you even sooner than you think.

How, you might ask?

One of the ways is by planting the seed of motivation back in your life. Once you’ve regained it, you will start taking energetic or active steps towards realizing your goals.

Not a bad start, right?

Nice and easy.

Your mind is a beautiful energy source. And so are the people who remind you that you should focus on yourself.

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