Thought of the Day

If you don’t know what you want, you are always presented with two options.

1. Discover what you want in the most enjoyable way. Depending on the kind of lifestyle that you enjoy, either have fun in life by doing everything that makes you happy, trusting that the answer to everything will come and you will find your purpose, or look for the answers yourself if searching is something that you genuinely enjoy. The point is that you choose the way of going about it evoking happiness and confidence. Start like this and you will find it through yet another moment of happiness.

2. Discover what you want in a way you don’t particularly enjoy. Do it in the way others tell you that you should, even if you hate it. If they tell you to look for it, do it even if you don’t want to and would rather have the answer just come to you through a happy existence. If they tell you to let go yet you enjoy seeking out things in life, you can choose to let go and deprive yourself of your own authentic joy.

These are your choices.


Go with the first. Going with an option you genuinely don’t enjoy just because you think it’s what you should do will inevitably make you unhappy and will not increase your sense of security in life. When we do what “worked for others,” we don’t manifest because there’s no joy but at the same time wonder why it worked for somebody else but not for us – this is how the mindset of “What’s wrong with me?” happens.

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