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How to Feel the Way You Want To – Knowing You’re Special Manifests A Special Life

Disclaimer: This is a non-profit blog, for me and everyone involved.

Hello again, everyone!

I recently moved, as planned, and even though I am not yet able to return to coaching, I have created several new ways of sharing free content and inspiration with you.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I am happy to announce that this blog is back!

Several things have changed since the last time I wrote.

  1. This is a non-profit blog. I don’t feature ads nor collect revenue from my articles but simply offer free content, happiness, advice and inspiration for you to enjoy! This is all out of love.
  2. I have created a new Instagram profile, dedicated solely to Law of Attraction daily inspiration, advice and this blog, and you can find it linked below! My Facebook page for this blog, which you can also find in my footer menu, will remain active as usual. None of my social media features paid ads.
  3. Since I moved countries once again, I am excited to share all the ways of using LoA in my new life and reality. In the past two months, I have learned so many new lessons, dealt with change in all kinds of new ways and certainly gained an abundance of fresh perspective. I am so excited to share all this with you!
  4. I have closed my European based communications company to move. I do not own a business nor am I associated with one. This is my personal blog, independent from any business organization. This is my hobby.

You have no idea how many fun, new manifestations I have to share. There are always certain things that move slower than we’d like but the reason for it lies in our thoughts. It is our own perception of how life tends to work for us, a perception based on our past and usually our dissatisfaction about some of the negative things that have happened in our lives. And, guess what? All those situations can be changed or sped up, as soon as we change our perception of them (and ourselves), and start affirming their better development while trusting our own words.

Sometimes, the only problem is that one doesn’t believe in one’s power to create. This is a small hiccup that can be taken very seriously, causing deeply set beliefs about one’s own inadequacy.

I struggled with this part myself when I once started to feel ordinary. I have built my entire life and manifestation on believing that anyone is special, myself included, and this was the belief that allowed me to create my life in a fast and magical way. It wasn’t that I felt no one else was special but me – it is that I know everyone in the world is special, and I have always created positive relationships with people through this specific appreciation.

Inspire others and let the goodness you receive from them inspire you.

When we believe we’re special, we suddenly grow comfortable with the changes of life, enabling ourselves to invite all kinds of miracles into ours.

When we believe we’re special, we suddenly become aware of how deserving we are.

So, you can imagine the way in which losing this feeling for a time affected my self-perception.

Hurt feelings have once caused me to not feel special anymore. No one told me I wasn’t – I began to think that had I been in touch with my uniqueness as usual, what happened wouldn’t have happened in that case. At the time, my feelings were hurt by a man I was dating but then realized that feeling unappreciated didn’t mean I was no longer special.

It only meant that I attracted something out of negative feelings, and that my feelings for him were not positive enough to begin with. When we feel negativity towards certain aspects of somebody’s personality, it can be hard to believe in them. When we feel this type of negativity, it’s very easy to focus on it, especially if we feel unappreciated as a result of its existence.

A person you adore(d) might have made a mistake of treating you inadequately once; if this incident hurt your feelings, it might have also made you wonder what you did to deserve it. It might have made you feel like you don’t deserve any better, prompting you to focus on your perceived flaws as a result. Well, let me give you the following – there are few things as empowering as knowing you aren’t less, that you deserve the best anyone possibly could and most importantly, that we all have “flaws,” even though I only see them as unique touches to one’s individuality.

Do you know what makes you special? It’s not perfection.

It’s the love and acceptance for every single part of yourself, and knowing they’re all beautifully appealing.

Feeling special is not connected to being someone you’re not; the trick is not to be someone different than yourself because you think it would make you special but to know that you are special just the way you are.

Feeling special is something I have always encouraged in everyone, plus it brings fantastic results with the Law of Attraction.

Take the following practical approach in getting started with this awareness – choose just one or two things about yourself that have always made you stand out. Everyone has them. What is it that makes you stand out?

Someone once told me that celebrities are special. However, is every single celebrity you know truly a seemingly special person? Of course not. So, is it the celebrity status that makes a person special or is it their vibe? Is it how they seem to feel all the time? Is it their happiness, their smile, their perceived positive attitude? I think we know the answer.

I chose to address this topic today because I wanted to remind everyone that a period of struggle doesn’t have to create a permanent problem. Even if it happened in the past, your future can bring a completely different attitude towards these moments…and random moments is all they need to be.

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