My Brand of Living Life

I wanted to share my entire brand of living life.

I believe the way I practice the Law of Attraction and live my life is adaptable to anyone. There is not a person in the world that couldn’t allow the thoughts of what they desire to flow just as easily as the thoughts of everything they’re used to. That’s what it’s all about – telling yourself that what you want is yours, easily and drama free, just like your favorite takeout or a glass of wine you don’t question the possibility of having whenever you want. Just like wanting to write something down and not questioning the possibility of finding a pen to write with or having a smartphone to type in – imagining what you want as yours, yourself as living it and seeing it manifest into your life as a result can be equally stress and resistance-free.


When thinking about our desired life, we want to enjoy vivid visualizations of living it. These visualizations should not be even a little involved with the ideas of where we are or how we’re going to make them happen – they should be entirely unbound, both energetically and imaginatively, unless we want to keep manifesting more of our current life’s circumstances which is exactly what happens when we bring the idea of what’s “possible or not” into the equation. (See what I mean here?)

Take a look at some wonderful client feedback I’ve received. After our coaching session, this individual applied the concept of zero process after our coaching session, desire already being a done deal.

“I have to say, it’s been so nice just understanding the meaning behind saying “it is done”, which is a big part of what’s made me relax a lot. Nina, I am even seeing him in a different light, one that I feel comfortable seeing him in, a more tender way, kind of like how I used to see him when we first met.”

Client testimonial.

This individual began to think of their partner as if their desired relationship outcome happened already. They didn’t think about what to do to “get there” and life simply caught up. That’s how we reach our goals. That’s how we make the right choices that lead us to those goals.

We often make things in life more difficult than they have to be, manifestation included. So what’s the answer?

The client in today’s testimonial told themselves that worry is simply not mandatory. It is self-imposed. Then, they told themselves that listening to the ever imposing negative thoughts was simply not a part of their life anymore. They outgrew it and were ready for a positive change in their relationship.

Are you?

Because to achieve positive change, we need to abandon several of our usual thought patterns. Let me tell you how I applied the whole “relax and it will happen” awareness during the pandemic.

I hadn’t done pretty much anything travel-wise or socially in the height of the pandemic. I wanted to be as responsible as I thought everyone should be. Without my current work permit at the time, nothing was requiring me to venture outside (unlike many people with jobs who still had to go out, risking their health) so I stayed in and sat tight. I missed people and called them when I did. I would think of us spending time together. Living in the greater area of the most affected city in the world came with serious restrictions. Hard as it was at times, I only told myself that my patience was the right decision. And guess what? This very attitude helped me relax. I decided to visualize travel and feel joy now! I went through the necessities of my day by finding their upsides. I was grateful for the positive people in my life. Taking the time to keep the apartment clean helped me create additional appreciation for my home. I realized that time at home and time off is to be appreciated for many reasons, especially when the world needed safety. So I also saved the public places for those who absolutely needed to be there and it all made me accept the current reality, knowing that things would change. And now? I am able to travel and go to my favorite city, as the epicenter of the pandemic has moved. My country of birth is welcoming travelers from my country of residence, currently being the only EU one to do so for the purposes of tourism alone. These things alone are amazing but as I stay relaxed, my social life and travel continue to increase.

I could have worried, staying still and unemployed, yet I knew that no matter what, everything had to turn out fine. No matter what the news outlets said or what anyone thought – their beliefs are their business.

In addition, my day-to-day life continues to produce positive outcomes.

The other day, I responded to an Instagram challenge of women supporting women. Upon receiving a nomination, you must pass the message of empowerment on to twenty women and post a black and white photo of yourself in celebration of all of us. Giving a shout out to fellow women and sharing the love while celebrating our collective beauty made this challenge the first I ever responded to on the platform. It felt celebratory but artistic, black and white photos a back-to-basics of beauty. What was absolutely delightful – the great majority of the women I tagged responded and posted themselves. I knew these women were amazing but such widespread response made me very happy. It made me feel that there is a shared love among all people, and that love alone is the energy connecting all of us. It is the energy they tell us about when explaining the power of the Universe, the flow of manifestation, the heart energy we can use to touch anyone, anywhere.

Energy is a reflection of life. The deepest roots of our thoughts beget our lives’ events.

It was all a reflection of life and LoA.

So, a reflection of life.

5 thoughts on “My Brand of Living Life

  1. Hello love your blog, is it possible to create an archive list for your blog I want to read your blog from the beginning and having to scroll back takes so long! I bought your book loving every second of it

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi nina,
    I love your blog it has really helped me thank you x
    I just have a question on letting go
    Do you think it is a good or bad idea to delete chat history with someone so you are not tempted to check if they are online or not ?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi!! Thank you so much for telling me that. 😃❤ Here’s the thing – how do you think it would make you feel to delete it? Do you think it would make you feel liberated, like a weight has been lifted? Then, by all means, go for it. If you don’t think it would make a difference, you don’t have to delete it. You could email yourself the chat history first and then delete it from your phone if you wanted to as well. You want to feel good about this decision. 😃 It’s about your daily habits in the end – if you dwell on the relationship with this person, you will be thinking about it whether or not the chat history is there. So, you want to affirm that this relationship is yours, a done deal, so that you convince yourself it’s happening 100% and you don’t have to worry about anything at all – THIS will make you not want to look at those old texts anymore. 😃


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