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How to Manifest When You Miss Them

You know you want to be with him/her. You know that you aren’t together yet. You want to manifest a relationship but it upsets you to be apart, and potentially see or think of them with someone else.

You may or may not already know that accepting the current reality is essential to manifest the ideal. You want to be unfazed by whatever you’re seeing and only visualize the ideal…and it’s hard. It’s hard to disconnect from everything in front of you in order to connect with everything you want. It’s difficult to not be sad, especially when missing someone.

There is sadness in the missing and happiness in togetherness. However, perception is something that keeps us inside an awareness. We either think about being with our specific person and start picturing it or we dwell on being apart. If you look at it logically, these are the only two options.

Fortunately, energy works by attracting to us what we spend our time thinking about.

It isn’t that you receive something first, and then believe it can be yours – it works the other way around.

Yet when noticing an absence of something we aren’t used to having, we can forget that affirming and visualizing can make us feel like we have it already, and change our reality.


So you can choose to think about your ideal life and see change happen.

People manifest what they are used to, at least on autopilot. Unintentionally, we tend to attract what we are used to having over and over. Someone who sees their financial wealth as the basis of their life will continue to manifest a life in which that wealth remains on their comfort level. Someone whose perception is being a single person will continue to attract and engage in situations that support it.

Our habitual perceptions must be changed in order for our life to change. These changes are achieved with affirming, visualizing and knowing that the Universe is manifesting them into our realities. Knowing that the Universe has already created them and is placing them into our lives right now. Our only job is to be open to that change, to be accepting of it. To be ready for it now; a.k.a., to be sure it’s about to show up, to be looking forward to it, to be excited about it.

Because if you know your desire is cemented into the path of your fate, you have nothing to worry about.


Here are the practical steps on what to do if knowing that your desire isn’t here yet is causing you sadness.

  1. Remember that you aren’t together yet, so you have time to prepare. That’s a good thing! If you feel uncomfortable or not ready for your manifestation just yet, don’t you want to get ready? Get comfortable? You will be in a much more of a receiving mode if you are comfortable, which means your desire will manifest faster. (When we have fears, we block our manifestation. Whether it’s about getting hurt or wondering what kind of partner you are going to make, fear will continue to keep your manifestation from you and make you feel unworthy. And you don’t want that.)
  2. Sadness is a sign of focusing on not having what you want – you must affirm and/or visualize to lighten your energy. If what you want is missing from your life, Our energy is light when we either know that what we want is ours, or feel that we would be okay either way. Work on the knowing and you will be able to focus on other things, allowing your desire the space to manifest.
  3. You are winning your person over with positive thinking and love. You aren’t making them come to you/come back but because of the love you feel, they’re choosing to come to you/come back! Stay positive not just for yourself but for them as well. You will be much more attractive to your person and, energetically, to your goals, if you create a wonderful mood for them. If you’re happy and sure, you attract faster; the happier we are, the more powerfully we entice our miracle. And the person we want will be attracted to a happy individual. You won’t find attractive those who don’t enjoy life either.

Remember, you are an amazing person. You are someone who knows happiness and wants it back. To make that happen faster, you want to choose to believe that your goals are a done deal. Don’t think that they’re still so far and have to come much closer. Believe that they’re close already, even if you can’t see it. Because we manifest everything we deeply believe.

Start here.

6 thoughts on “How to Manifest When You Miss Them

  1. Thanks again!

    My SP tells me he needs to concentrate on his painting since he hasn’t sold a painting in 8 months and that’s scary to him. I completely understand that. This year in any case has not been easy for anyone. So he wants to focus on that

    I dont know whether that means he just doesn’t want to meet at all or communicate – I have not asked because I didn’t think it right because it might just add to pressure. He always responds to my text even though he very rarely initiates a text. When we meet the conversation is great and we both enjoy each other’s company. That I know.

    I’m visualizing him doing well… selling paintings and him being happy ( i hope that’s the right thing to do – feels right for sure) that makes me smile as well so that’s good

    But disappointment does creep in… it hasn’t been too long since I met him but I do like him and would like for us to have a chance. So while I read what you said we should do in this time while waiting, I keep asking for signs and maybe that’s not a good thing?



    1. Your visualization of his success is great – as we are happy about the success of others, we also attract it to ourselves! Don’t ask for signs because the way you’re thinking about it keeps you in the mindset of waiting. Just visualize you together and be grateful for your relationship!


  2. Thank you as always Nina

    Every time I doubt what I’m doing or start to lose faith I come back to your blog and it has never failed to give me solace and a boost.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hello, I just came across your blog and this article,
    Me and my ex seperated after years of love . I know him since 2011 so we basically grew together and know everything about eachother, our families got involved too and everything was serious. the past 2 years I started changing and becoming a different person, I still don’t know the exact reason why I became like this but I learned alot from this breakup. I changed in a very bad way, I started nagging on him, being negative towards him, cussing him without any particular reason, I became agressive towards him, he was being patient with me for 2 years every now and then he gave me warnings to stop being like that and change otherwise our relationship wouldn’t work but I never listened to him, when I started making progress it was for about two weeks and then I go back to the bad habits again.
    On March 17th, my life has basically turned around, we got into a fight for no reason (because of me) and I started cussing him. I wouldn’t understand why I’m being like that because I really love him and care for him and I wanted to be with him for the rest of my life, he was always so loving, so patient, so good with me but I took him for granted. he broke up with me later that night and I didn’t know that he actually was serious this time. he kept the contact for about a week and when I started begging and pleading him for another chance he blocked me on every social media and blocked my number so that he never receives my calls, I got into a very bad depression as I lost appetite , I became pale and physically weak. I tried to reach out to him many time , he replied sometimes but he said he doesn’t want me anymore and that the love is lost, he lost feelings. he told me to move on and focus on myself, I couldn’t see a life without him so I insisted and then came a time when he started being rude, it was the first time in the 9 years since I know him that he was rude to me, I let him go for two weeks and decided to give him his space, not gonna lie I was feeling death everyday away from him. it was getting worse. the two weeks have passed when it was finally my birthday, he didn’t contact me and it was the worst birthday of my life. I called him after that with a different number, he replied , I begged him to listen to me until I was shocked to the fact that he cussed me . he really cussed le for the first time since I know him ,he said fuck off two times. He was so gentle, so calm, so well manered, I never expected something like that from him. He never behaved like that. in the beginning I thought to myself well at least he game a reason to move on, but days after that, I started missing him all over again and I ‘m going through really hard times away from him.
    it’s been two weeks now since I last heard his voice and a month since he broke up with me. what makes it harder for me is the fact that I was the one who hurt him and the reason why he left me.
    Could he ever calm down and start to miss me again? after all the years, the memories and the chemistry we had together? this man really loved me and he made me feel it. I couldn’t love him right…


    1. Hello dear. I’m sorry that this happened but you can absolutely turn it around. It starts with reframing your self-image and confidence; you will first have to let go of the guilt and promise to yourself that you will never do it again. Then, rebuilding self-love will allow you to believe you deserve a miracle because you can make your ex happy like never before. Imagine doing so, and a chance for you to do it will manifest.


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