Why Does Positive Thinking Go With Every Personality Type?

Because we all have thoughts.

So, why not choose the ones that reflect what we want?

No matter which personality type we are, we can either choose to entertain having what we want or not. These options are universal, and they are represented in our thoughts.

Moreover, they are represented in our self-perception.

This is what I wanted to focus on today – what do you feel should tip the scale and make you as positive about your area of insecurity as you are about other things in life?

Let’s say you struggle with manifesting money but are good at manifesting many other aspects of life. What would have to happen to make you believe that from now on, you are just as good with money as you are with everything else?

Some say, a miracle. Others, a life event. And others say, weight loss, a better job and a general array of things that actually have nothing to do with our relationships. Without realizing, we want to use those things to gain some confidence and feel worthy of manifesting our desire.

But we don’t need to achieve those things to gain confidence. That’s not where confidence is.

Is it possible that this factor lies not with a life event but within you?

If we achieved a miracle, weight loss or a better job but still lacked confidence, we wouldn’t have that confidence even after receiving our desires. Instead, we would just be wondering if we truly deserved them, just like now. And then, we would lose them all over again.

Confidence equals positive thinking in this scenario. Appreciating what you want to have as if you received it already will manifest the said desire into your life. Engaging in frustration about what we don’t have – not just having occasional fears but spending time in frustration instead appreciation and building your belief in miracles – will manifest more of that desire’s absence.

Everyone wants to believe their dreams are possible; many don’t know their belief is a choice, and don’t notice that they’re focusing on the missing of their desire instead of thinking about what life would be like with it.

That miracle? You can attract it! Just believe that no matter what you see in front of you, what you want is yours already.

And soon, as you consistently live in such belief, what you see in front of you will change.

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