Why You Attract the Wrong People and How to Stop

Image: Joanna Malinowska for freestocks.org

Do you keep attracting and dating the kind of people who never make you happy? Are you in a relationship that never seems to improve, and you don’t know how to improve it? Do you want to attract the perfect person but somehow end up settling for the imperfect ones that come along sooner?

Do this instead and you’ll see a change. Tweaking your energy will lead to your effortless use of the Law of Attraction to manifest what you want this time.


You might have defined some ideal traits of your ideal partner but not all, which isn’t a guarantee you’ll attract someone you like enough. He/She might be a number of things you love but also possess the kind of traits that make you dislike them – this is not the way to achieve enough chemistry together.

You might start off specific about the way you want to be treated but then start settling for less as your manifestation progresses – this won’t work either. And why did you start settling for less? Was it because you finally wanted a relationship and didn’t want to be alone anymore, thinking that making concessions would speed up your manifestation?

Neither of these options will make you happy in the long run. You don’t have to accept the first offer. Someone who happens to show interest in you before your ideal person comes along is not the Universe telling you this lesser option is the best you can do. Don’t engage and stay focused on your goal. Don’t veer off track!


This is also why you keep settling for lesser options. You may feel great about your creativity or business sense but not about yourself in relationships. You may feel confident in your abilities to express yourself, help others or be a great friend, and somehow not believe that you would make a great partner.

You might feel great about yourself in other settings but as soon as you’re on a date, you feel nervous, uncomfortable and insecure, having trouble expressing yourself.

You should make a conscious decision to stop viewing the presence of your partner as something that requires a perfect performance from you. You may feel free to be your amazing self, since your partner isn’t perfect either. Nobody is!

Decide to be as relaxed on a date as you are everywhere else. Decide to be as relaxed talking to your specific person as you are everywhere else. You are amazing, and that’s enough. All of us are, and with entirely different qualities from one person to the next. We don’t have to be perfect – we just have to be aware of how amazing we already are.


We all live and learn. We all age. We all face disappointments and pick ourselves up from them.

When you recount your life experiences to a current or potential partner, tell them what you learned. Take a confident view of the story around your experiences and the unique lessons they taught you. If it’s easier, pick your favorite lesson and center the story around it. Always take a positive approach.

You aren’t owning your age and allowing yourself to feel even sexier with it. There’s no glow without inner glow, and self-comfort leads to an opportunity emit the most powerful kind of beauty. Inner beauty makes you beautiful on the outside – this is LoA at work! Have you ever seen someone whose beauty was more like an aura, transcending the physical? Like they were kissed by sunlight? This is inner beauty making them even more beautiful on the outside.

Disappointments stop being described as such when we know we can still manifest what we want and just didn’t at this time. From then on, you just see experiences and stop believing in mistakes altogether. Imagine feeling empowered to that extent!


These simple mindsets will change your awareness.

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