Why It’s Hard to Power Through the Current Pain to Eventually Manifest

Every relationship begins with the way YOU want to feel in it.

Post-Holiday Coaching Sessions Are Officially Open!

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Hi everyone! After spending the holidays in Europe and celebrating my 36th birthday two days ago, I just wanted to remind you that my coaching sessions are fully open and, for those who took a holiday with me, ready to resume. See you soon and happy 2021! Nina

A Limited Time Offer on Coaching Sessions!

From right now until November 15, I'm making a special offer! I want to give back and give out some free sessions which will allow you to see the value of practicing manifestation and positive thinking. My four-for-three coaching sessions deal will do just that. For a package purchase of three coaching calls, you will … Continue reading A Limited Time Offer on Coaching Sessions!

Big Announcement!

Hello everyone! I am so happy to tell you that my coaching services are now ready to resume! With my move last year and the pandemic of COVID-19 closing government offices and delaying administrative necessities, it has been eleven months since I was able to work so I am excited to announce and commence my … Continue reading Big Announcement!

Where Do Positive Feelings About Our Desires Come From?

Admitting that we become upset with others because we are dissatisfied with ourselves isn't easy.


Is there a person in your life or relationship that makes you feel inadequate or like you're always coming second? And are your feelings continuously being made worse by your partner who seems to pay more attention to this person and their feelings than you in a variety of ways? If you have answered yes … Continue reading ARE YOU COMPETING WITH ANOTHER PERSON? HERE’S WHAT TO DO.

No Pain From the Past Should Make the Present Difficult

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The Law of Attraction is not about making your life seem perfect or pretending that it is. It is about knowing that your positivity, happiness, choices and desires make you who you are, not a difficult day or circumstance that simply comes and goes. Nearly every time anyone asked me if I had faced a … Continue reading No Pain From the Past Should Make the Present Difficult

Thought of the Day

It doesn't matter why you want it - it only matters that you do. Let the thought of having it make you happy. Visualize having it in the way that would make you too happy to think or even speak. Sound impossible? It won't after you allow yourself to imagine this kind of happiness.

Why We Should Only Think About Where We Want to Be

Recently, I have been asked why my personal manifestation methods are so relaxed that they don't actually involve much "doing." All they involve is living and visualizing. Every time I try to manifest but felt tense or dissatisfied with what I was thinking about (usually due to certain dislikes in my current reality), I manifested … Continue reading Why We Should Only Think About Where We Want to Be