The Relationship Confidence of Speaking Your Mind

Could you imagine the following? You are manifesting a relationship with a specific person and contacting them whenever you desire, for any reason. You contact them just because it makes you happy. You don't expect anything in return because you know that your relationship is manifesting without a problem. No matter where the current reality … Continue reading The Relationship Confidence of Speaking Your Mind

Embracing New Beginnings Boosts Your Manifestation Powers!

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If every new manifestation we bring into our lives equals starting over in one way or another, even if it's just in that one area of life, why be afraid of new beginnings?

Where Do Positive Feelings About Our Desires Come From?

Admitting that we become upset with others because we are dissatisfied with ourselves isn't easy.

Manifesting the Person You Are!

Can you see a clear manifestation path, an obvious course of events from now until your desire comes true? If you can't, create one! Today, I want to talk about knowing and loving who you are. A change of priorities can be stressful to a conscious manifestation practitioner. And if you have ever felt that … Continue reading Manifesting the Person You Are!

If You Think Law of Attraction is Fiction…

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I used to write poetry and fiction, became a published author in my preteens and eventually, decided that I preferred writing about real life. Fiction can never be as powerful as real life, no matter how much it is based on it. Some people have asked me whether Law of Attraction was fiction or not. … Continue reading If You Think Law of Attraction is Fiction…

Thought of the Day

We are only afraid to let go of what we are afraid to receive. Maybe we feel inadequate or undeserving. Maybe we fear loss even before experiencing the gain. Or maybe we are afraid of facing our own feelings. Either way, if you fear it, you will learn from it. Let it happen - it … Continue reading Thought of the Day

Not Giving Up on Them – What Does it Mean?

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Should I start referring to myself as a “positivity coach?” “Life and positivity coach?” I don’t know yet but I’ve been playing around with that term today. A client of mine recently introduced me to the following quote: “A person who truly loves you will never stop believing in you and will never let you … Continue reading Not Giving Up on Them – What Does it Mean?

Why Being Complete Within Ourselves Translates to Relationship Happiness

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Every relationship conflict starts with an internal conflict of not knowing what one wants, doubting one's self-worth or the fear of being alone. No one has ever entered a relationship feeling amazing about themselves and ending up in a miserable situation out of nowhere - this just doesn't happen. One brings one's own issues into … Continue reading Why Being Complete Within Ourselves Translates to Relationship Happiness