Why It’s Hard to Power Through the Current Pain to Eventually Manifest

Every relationship begins with the way YOU want to feel in it.

Inner Peace vs. Inner Turmoil and How to Choose Between Them

"Dream come true lives only" used to be the tagline of this blog. A client recently told me this tagline was inspirational, exactly the way life should be. I agreed. Here's a testimonial from another client. I was so worried about everything I didn’t like about the current reality, about the things in the past … Continue reading Inner Peace vs. Inner Turmoil and How to Choose Between Them

Where Do Positive Feelings About Our Desires Come From?

Admitting that we become upset with others because we are dissatisfied with ourselves isn't easy.

How to Love Your Desire to the Fullest and Achieve Results

I realized something about myself today. I am addicted to results. Some of my friends (and my first ever coaching clients) have told me they enjoy the process of manifestation more than the result itself. Others have told me they don't practice conscious manifestation in life due to "loving the element of surprise too much." … Continue reading How to Love Your Desire to the Fullest and Achieve Results

Manifestation Epidemic – “Can I Handle This?”

I've noticed another manifestation epidemic - one might fear their desire to be too much for them to handle, fearing their own inadequacy in the face of true happiness. If you have ever felt this way, you probably questioned your ability to handle everything that comes with attracting your desire. The idea of your dreams … Continue reading Manifestation Epidemic – “Can I Handle This?”

Choose First, Achieve Second, Without Fear?

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When we want something truly and deeply, a blend of this desire with our existing fears can lead to worrying about losing it as soon as we manifest it. If you worry about losing what you wish to manifest, it means there are fears in you caused by past events that you haven't dealt with. … Continue reading Choose First, Achieve Second, Without Fear?

Thought of the Day

If you say you've decided to manifest your desire but then engage in self-doubt, you haven't truly decided.  Making a decision means placing all your belief into that decision.

Thought of the Day

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If instead of your true heart's desire you accept one deemed easier to manifest, it isn't fair to anyone involved. If you should accept any goal you consider easier to manifest than your true heart's desire, this isn't fair to you or anyone else. What we want wants us back. The Universe wants to give … Continue reading Thought of the Day