Reaching Personality Goals Doesn’t Have to Be Long, Painful or Difficult

Not knowing what we want makes is too easy to invite undesirable situations but this is not an ultimate problem - nothing is - as anything can be reversed with Law of Attraction.

Thought of the Day

We tend to become addicted to temporary highs, power or other people while the light, calm and unburdened feeling of happiness is the only thing we should be addicted to.

How To Put Our Goal Preventing Issues Behind Us

We often forget that relationship focus and coaching exist beyond simply manifesting the relationship you want. Once it's manifested, you must keep it, and you will do so by dealing with your deepest issues which every one of your relationship problems came from in the past. If you deal with those, Law of Attraction will … Continue reading How To Put Our Goal Preventing Issues Behind Us

Thought of the Day – Attract Love by Being Yourself

I suggest you celebrate yourself and your life. Wondering how? You have to play the lead role in your own reality instead of putting the person you want to manifest a relationship with first. You can prioritize them but imagine the relationship and your love as you want it and as it makes you happy! … Continue reading Thought of the Day – Attract Love by Being Yourself

Thought of the Day

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We respond to those that respond to us. If you want someone to like you, make sure you genuinely like them (by focusing on their qualities and accepting their imperfections), and show it! You can do this - simply feel confident about posessing plenty of qualities, all of which are enough to attract the person … Continue reading Thought of the Day

Choose First, Achieve Second, Without Fear?

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When we want something truly and deeply, a blend of this desire with our existing fears can lead to worrying about losing it as soon as we manifest it. If you worry about losing what you wish to manifest, it means there are fears in you caused by past events that you haven't dealt with. … Continue reading Choose First, Achieve Second, Without Fear?