Thought of the Day

As long as you choose to believe, the "how" part will suggest itself.

Did You Know That Negativity Makes Us Forget All About Our Desires?

Chinese Crested dog

A positive person can change someone's life with just one encounter. 

Thought of the Day

It doesn't matter why you want it - it only matters that you do. Let the thought of having it make you happy. Visualize having it in the way that would make you too happy to think or even speak. Sound impossible? It won't after you allow yourself to imagine this kind of happiness.

Manifesting a State of Mind

Over the past year, I have asked the Universe to put me in the state of mind where I am able to either let go in order to manifest, reach the Highest Energy State or simply, relax. By stating what I wanted to feel, I set out an intention of feeling good, knowing it was … Continue reading Manifesting a State of Mind

The Highest State of Energy – Part II

I am hoping to explain how the feelings of love amplify visualizations and therefore, change the course of events. The Highest Energy State, as explained in the previous article, produces an almost transcending physical experience in some of its cases but a high level of contentment and calm while feeling an avalanche of love has … Continue reading The Highest State of Energy – Part II

The Highest State of Energy

This particular sensation is one I constantly describe to others as it enables me to manifest instantly and with results even more magnificent than anticipated. I call it the Highest Energy State; it is the state of nothing but love and happiness so intense that it almost takes me to another world. It can practically … Continue reading The Highest State of Energy