Did You Know That Negativity Makes Us Forget All About Our Desires?

Did You Know That Negativity Makes Us Forget All About Our Desires?

Sometimes, it’s almost like we forget what we want and therefore forget to stay focused on it.

Think about it – if you stay focused on what you want for several minutes at a time but then refocus on something else and later forget what it is you wanted while allowing your negative thoughts to take over? If this happens, it means you didn’t put enough positive feeling into the idea of having what you want.

When you think about having what you want, how do you truly feel? Are you happy? Because if you are, even a little bit, you won’t be able to convince yourself of not being where you want to be even if you tried!

We have to remember what it is we want as much as we have to remember that it’s ours already. More often than not, it’s as if one forgets what they want and simply start thinking about what they don’t want.

This revelation came completely unexpectedly but it makes perfect sense. If the Universe knows what we want, why would we ever engage in what we don’t? The Universe knows but we have to put our faith in it in order to receive!

There are multiple desires we have which make us happy. I love to think about a world that treats all animals lovingly – this goal fills me with love. It feels like the most important goal in the world. This is why I also encourage nothing but positive thoughts and treatment of others. Fair enough, I haven’t always nurtured positive thoughts about others but I know how unhappy it made me; then, I realized that I and my obvious, well-deserved happiness are the only important factors whereas those I dislike are simply insignificant to me. Let them find their own company that likes them. We must earn our likeability by being a good person and feeling good about ourselves because no one likes the negative, the arrogant or the empty. Nothing impresses me less than the people who contribute nothing to the world, and the only thing one needs to contribute is their self-love. That’s right, self-love, because those who have it also love others and actually change other people’s lives.

A positive person can change someone’s life with just one encounter.

When you’re happy and positive, it’s easier to stay focused on your desires; when you’re negative, it’s easy to forget them altogether.

Thought of the Day

Thought of the Day

It doesn’t matter why you want it – it only matters that you do.

Let the thought of having it make you happy. Visualize having it in the way that would make you too happy to think or even speak.

Sound impossible? It won’t after you allow yourself to imagine this kind of happiness.

Manifesting a State of Mind

Manifesting a State of Mind

Over the past year, I have asked the Universe to put me in the state of mind where I am able to either let go in order to manifest, reach the Highest Energy State or simply, relax.

By stating what I wanted to feel, I set out an intention of feeling good, knowing it was all I needed in order to manifest my desires. The next step meant allowing myself to relax.

There were times when the state of mind I wished to reach was a failed manifestation attempt, as I held onto my desire too tightly. Other times, I managed to relax without effort. There were times when I reached the desired state of mind or heart but was interrupted by someone. Other times, I remained in the desired state for long periods of time.

Eventually, I managed to relax easily once I realized the problem – I had lost the grasp of what it was that made me happy.

Sometimes, we take specific actions or nurture specific ways of spending our time not because we enjoy them but simply because we have gotten used to them. Habit does not always equal happiness and most of the time, it turns into the very opposite. Knowing what truly makes us happy means knowing ourselves. This is one of many reasons and explanations why we attract what we are and why it is necessary to make what we wish to receive a part of who we are.

Something as simple as the right piece of music can raise the level of our happiness, bringing everything we love to us.

Asking the Universe to help me relax was my way of asking for guidance. Personally, I avoid asking for specific guidance on which action to take – I know what to do when I feel it. I know the right action to take when my heart tells me to because once we learn to listen to our hearts, we are on the way to unfolding a new reality with manifestations that are magical beyond our belief.

Once we begin to see the magic manifesting in our lives, our state of mind and heart has already changed to better and for good.

The Highest State of Energy – Part II

The Highest State of Energy – Part II

I am hoping to explain how the feelings of love amplify visualizations and therefore, change the course of events.

The Highest Energy State, as explained in the previous article, produces an almost transcending physical experience in some of its cases but a high level of contentment and calm while feeling an avalanche of love has the exact same effect and we should hold on to that feeling for as long as possible.

Aligning a desired manifestation, whatever it may be, with the sensation of the Highest Energy State can be done with just a little practice leading up to it.

The first step is to dare to imagine things as you wish them to be. Your dreams, those dreams you deeply wish to live, can be experienced as long as you are able to visualize them. Then, as you visualize, the overwhelming feeling of love and fulfilment as well as the feeling of living a miracle will translate into the manifestation of the imagined event in your life.

When so much love is put into a specific visualization, chances are we will be able to “let it go,” allowing it to manifest as rapidly as anything else in life. After experiencing life’s magic, we are happy and grateful for it while being increasingly motivated to continue living in happiness. That same magic can be created and manifested with the help of visualization. In life, once an event is experienced in our reality, we do not question it ever being experienced; the same kind of sensation is followed by visualization in the Highest Energy State when done so strongly and completely that the return to our physical world is almost shocking.

The only question is, what is it that truly makes us happy?

What do we wish to experience?

Are we prepared to find out?

The after effect of the minutes or hours spent in the Highest Energy State is going to be witnessing the forming of a new world around you one step at a time.

While in the Highest Energy State, one is able to detach themselves from the result and draw their desires to them by visualizing so realistically that they experience results on the spot.

While being in this state, I have manifested events down to the exact words being said, the exact places in which they occurred and the exact songs playing in the background. Even if a thought of questioning anything in this particular state comes, the feeling of love is so strong that it simply does not allow significance to any other frequency. Love is the highest frequency of all.

Neville Goddard wrote,

“In order to intelligently operate the law of consciousness, it is necessary to understand the relationship between the conscious and the subconscious. The conscious is personal and selective; the subconscious is impersonal and non-selective. The conscious is the realm of effect; the subconscious is the realm of cause. These two aspects are the male and female divisions of consciousness. The conscious is male; the subconscious is female. The conscious generates ideas and impresses these ideas on the subconscious; the subconscious receives ideas and gives form and expression to them. By this law – first conceiving an idea and then impressing the idea conceived on the subconscious – all things evolve out of consciousness; and without this sequence, there is not anything made that is made.”

This passage explains that the subconscious mind reacts to what the conscious dictates – but it does not know the difference between the real and the imagined. When a visualization is so strong that it feels like an event is actually taking place, it is only a matter of time before the body goes where the mind went. This concept works without fail and it is the reason our thoughts draw all of our experiences into our lives, yet we are able to control our visualizations and focus them only on what we wish to experience. This is a gift we need to use.

Energy creates reality. Nothing is solid – everything is consisted of moving particles. When energy is so strong while visualizing an event that it feels as if that event is happening in the reality we know, the event will translate into it shortly.

The Highest State of Energy

The Highest State of Energy

This particular sensation is one I constantly describe to others as it enables me to manifest instantly and with results even more magnificent than anticipated.

I call it the Highest Energy State; it is the state of nothing but love and happiness so intense that it almost takes me to another world. It can practically alter one’s physical senses, allowing an entire being to succumb to the energy passing through it while understanding that feelings, energy of the mind and energy of the heart are the creators of the reality that physical bodies experience.

This state enables us to put all our trust into the Law of Attraction and completely and utterly surrender to its power.

This state is the ultimate proof that Law of Attraction is real.

When in this state, I simultaneously feel excitement and calmness, knowing that my dreams are manifesting with every passing second. I can feel the energy flowing through my heart, my limbs, my bones, my hair, my eyes and my fingertips. This sensation is so strong and feels so amazing that I have dedicated my time to finding the best ways of inducing it on the spot. So far, I have discovered several ways of doing so:

1. Recalling one of the events that has put me in this energy state in the past;

2. Imagining how a desired event would feel and therefore, put me in this state;

3. Analysing the ways in which I would reach and stay in this energy state.

They all work.

The list of my manifestations emerging from this state is endless. Unexpected but massive opportunities and circumstances, job offers, a new laptop, beautiful jewellery, gifts, some of the most amazing days of my life, cash, love relationships, specific interactions, text messages from specific people, rapid weight loss, meeting people I had been wishing to meet, all within the span of minutes up to several days at most.

Looking at it from a scientific point of view, there is much discussion and many resources explaining the workings of the Law of Attraction through energy, vibration, frequencies and the energy of the mind. While reading them, I come to understand them; while trying to explain them, they contain wider knowledge of physics than I can interpret. Einstein’s explanations of physics and matching the frequency of the desired reality leading to receiving that reality was enough for me. Ultimately, I do not need to understand how all things in the Universe work – simply knowing that they do is enough.

The path to reaching this state is caused by happiness so strong, it is almost scary, and heart energy so powerful that it overpowers everything else in a physical body. All that is left to do is surrender and once we do, we experience an otherwise unknown sensation, being at one with everything we know.