The Truth Behind Changing Your Mind in Specific Manifestations

The Truth Behind Changing Your Mind in Specific Manifestations

Being specific has its ups and downs. Then again, anything does.

In life, my actions always reflected a core belief of “I want this so I am going to have it – nothing else, nothing less!” which led me to certain manifestations that looked nothing like I had imagined.

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Where Does Intuition Come In?

Where Does Intuition Come In?

Lately, I received many questions about intuition (and after recognizing this pattern, even more questions by default – LoA, right?) so I decided to think about how and when I recognize it in my own life or observe it in the lives of others.

Those who talk about and attempt to recognize intuition do so to find answers or the right path to their desired manifestation; these individuals want to know they’re doing well and make the right moves towards manifesting their desire.

When a reader suggested I write this post, I started to think about what intuition meant and which exact parts of it I focus on. I hadn’t written a post dealing with intuition exclusively in over a year. Intuition exists and tells us many things but what have I been listening to? How do I respond to intuition?

The Difference of Thoughts

You must distinguish intuition from your negative thoughts and resistance – this, I believe, is key.


Some attempt to connect to their intuition in the moments of impatience which is when connecting to one’s intuition is difficult as impatience is an unnatural and an uncomfortable state of mind. In this state, even more resistance is created.

The rush to find the answers leads to an even bigger need to rush, as rush in itself is the need to escape the present and move into the future but in order to manifest, you must believe your desire belongs to you already. If you do, there is no rushing it because it’s already here, right?

My intuition is most useful to me when letting me know whether a specific desire could truly make me happy. This is when I rely on it the most. When my intuition indicates that I know I want something, it’s mine. There’s no question about it.

If you put your intuition to work in this way, you would benefit from it greatly.

I rarely ever think about how any desire might manifest because I truly don’t care. No one should. If my intuition is meant to tell me that in any way, it tells me in moments.

Knowing you are powerful and that your desire is going to manifest in the most amazing way is enough. This idea is always reflected in our thought patterns.

It makes me feel good to know that my desire belongs to me already. I should have it because I use it to create even more happiness in the world and for everyone involved. Then, my intuition might tell me how my desire might manifest, what to do and what not to do but I will receive those answers in moments of relaxation and gratitude.

The opposite of intuition is some sort of fear. If you know that your desire is one thing but you trying to manifest it in a specific way is another entirely, pushing for that “way” of bringing it to life is making you feel rotten. That is how you distinguish between those two things – how is a specific thought making you feel?

Being relaxed and comfortable with yourself leads to being relaxed and comfortable with your desire and in that state, you will connect to your intuition greatly. You will stop trying to rush yourself and stop feeling bad about yourself, both of which block connecting with your intuition.

I believe many experience frustration with their intuition due to the failure to connect with it. They want the answers but cannot find them, feeling empty and in need of guidance. However, impatience must first be removed for intuition to be free to speak.

Don’t obsess about the details around your desire or your intuition speaking to you and when – life is easier when you have fewer details to worry about.

To recap,

  1. Your intuition will speak to you after you relax! Only after relaxing when it comes to thinking about your desire will your intuition guide you. A tense body and mind won’t lead you to answer but to even more resistance instead. Relaxing is key, especially when thinking about living your specific desire.
  2. Your intuition will tell you when and what to do if you let it. Sometimes, your intuition will just tell you that your desire belongs to you and that’ll be enough. Even if you know what to do and what not to do at any given moment, stay open to all options – your intuition will inform you if the path to your manifestation is about to be cut short at any moment by taking action different than what you had expected (or, it may tell you to just stay relaxed). You may feel the nudge to do an inexplicable thing in a moment which will lead to your desire or the next step towards it. Even if your desire will unfold before you without you having to make any palpable moves, stay open and stay confident.
  3. You know why you want to take specific action. Just look at the reasons for wanting to take specific action – is it because you feel that you have your desire already or because you feel that you don’t and want to bring it to life as soon as possible? One comes from intuition and the other from fear. Avoid any fear-driven action because that is not your intuition speaking! That is you trying to convince yourself that if you only made this one move, you could manifest your desire; however, that very need comes from the awareness of not having your desire already.
  4. Your intuition is most valuable to you and you are the one living your desires. Intuition is yet another reason why your desires and LoA are about you and not what you’re trying to manifest. Your intuition exists to speak to you about what would make you happy.

My post on intuition vs. paranoid thoughts is right here for additional examples.

Intuition or Paranoia?

Intuition or Paranoia?

I have been wanting (and preparing) to write about this topic for a long time.

When manifesting, many are hit over the head with the thoughts of what could go wrong, fears of everything falling to pieces or the dread of never even manifesting their desired realities in the first place. (Or, if you’re similar to who I used to be, fear of manifesting and realizing that yet again, what you asked for and received is something you’re already bored with… Again.) They may start to suffer from their minds going haywire, thinking of absurd scenarios of what could go wrong, what could be happening at any given moment and fearing those thoughts at the same time, because what if they actually end up manifesting!?

On the other hand, one may experience freaky predictions of specific, amazing events that are about to happen whenever a manifestation is flowing smoothly. They may predict the events which they seemingly had nothing to do with.

I attribute all of the above to knowing the difference between intuition and paranoia.

Intuition, in my opinion, lies in reading energy – this sounds very vague (or redefining) but let me explain. To me, intuition can mean reading someone’s energy, observing it from the outside, without trying to direct it towards yourself. Intuition can be fun for practicing the power of perception without tampering with someone’s energy, seeing others for who they are or at least, who they think they are. When it comes to yourself, intuition can mean knowing what you want or what you might want later on but also knowing what could possibly change your mind. It means having that feeling of the specific action you wish to take, feeling that a specific person could make you happy, knowing what you want or knowing what you wish to experience. Sometimes, it means being courageous enough to listen to your inner feeling telling you what you’re attracting right now, without sugarcoating, so that you could reassess what you wish to experience.

Have you ever known exactly what to say to friend in order to help them, your perfect piece of advice worked flawlessly and they were beyond grateful to you for saying the right thing? You knew exactly what would reach them. That is intuition!

A strong intuition comes from knowing yourself.

We bring all paranoia upon ourselves. Thinking of what could go wrong, fearing an unhappy future, drowning in feelings of inadequacy, falling victim to the influence of the media or fearing that the past is about to repeat itself may lead to creating an outrageous scenario in one’s mind, completely blocking them from manifesting their desires. Paranoia easily happens when one holds focus on the external world rather than their internal one from which their reality is constantly being created. Allowing the external to melt with the internal will still create one’s life from their internal feelings, with no one but themselves to blame after manifesting a jumbled up reality or simply standing still in the existing one. I believe that more individuals end up standing still in their existing reality rather than manifesting something new and undesired, as our habits tend to powerfully dictate our feelings.

When paranoia happens, our bodies are tense. We know that our way of thinking is making us unhappy yet we continue to entertain it. Many times, we even know that this is paranoia, as our deepest feelings dictate the direction of the Law of Attraction in our lives yet we still continue to entertain them! Or, at least, we feel that we can do nothing to stop them yet become desperate to. However, that desperation creates even more desperation, even if the events envisioned are truly only happening in our minds. We know that the only way is to simply stop paying attention to those negative thoughts whenever they appear yet we allow them to emotionally rattle us. This concept reads absolutely ridiculous – why would anyone want to do that to themselves? – yet achieving an emotionless state about any negative thought can be easier said than done.

Experiencing paranoia automatically means one isn’t open to receiving their desired reality. Entertaining their minds by attaching feelings to their paranoid thoughts means one is choosing resistance over happiness. And what for? To keep things just as they are in life? Then, why consciously manifest something new? Deciding to be open to receiving your desire is the first step. Yes, deciding. Deciding that your conscious thoughts are your new creation center is the second. With love, focus and persistence, one can change their beliefs. Why be a victim to your own mind? It’s supposed to be serving you and even following your heart. So, why allow it to be the leading force in your life?

Harnessing the amazing energy of the Universe is only worth it in order to manifest your desired reality. Open your heart to it, to the world and to receiving it. Open your heart to yourself, your mind and to already being the person you wish to be. Nothing can derail your focus unless you choose to allow it.

All the power you need is in your hands and all the love you need is already in your heart.