A Limited Time Offer on Coaching Sessions!

From right now until November 15, I'm making a special offer! I want to give back and give out some free sessions which will allow you to see the value of practicing manifestation and positive thinking. My four-for-three coaching sessions deal will do just that. For a package purchase of three coaching calls, you will … Continue reading A Limited Time Offer on Coaching Sessions!

The Truth Behind Changing Your Mind in Specific Manifestations

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Being specific has its ups and downs. Then again, anything does. In life, my actions always reflected a core belief of “I want this so I am going to have it – nothing else, nothing less!” which led me to certain manifestations that looked nothing like I had imagined. Once upon a time in college, … Continue reading The Truth Behind Changing Your Mind in Specific Manifestations

Where Does Intuition Come In?

Lately, I received many questions about intuition (and after recognizing this pattern, even more questions by default – LoA, right?) so I decided to think about how and when I recognize it in my own life or observe it in the lives of others. Those who talk about and attempt to recognize intuition do so to … Continue reading Where Does Intuition Come In?

Intuition or Paranoia?

I have been wanting (and preparing) to write about this topic for a long time. When manifesting, many are hit over the head with the thoughts of what could go wrong, fears of everything falling to pieces or the dread of never even manifesting their desired realities in the first place. (Or, if you're similar to … Continue reading Intuition or Paranoia?