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Take your focus off “How long will it take to manifest?” and switch it to living life now

If you’re waiting, you aren’t living life…and that is a mistake because life is worth living. You just have to find your inspiration and make it beautiful. 

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Living in the Moment (for the Past Three Weeks)

Hello everyone! Wow, I didn’t realize how long it had been since I last posted until I just saw the date of my last article. I am so sorry but I am going to catch up with all your comments and emails very soon!

I had taken a little time off and it was good for the soul, as they say. A part of it was consisted of searching for new inspiration and another part was simply enjoying life. It takes very little time to regroup when you keep a positive attitude and allow yourself to relax.

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Should You Be a Perfect Person?

“Can you work with the Law of Attraction and still be a person? Can you like some aspects of life, dislike others and not feel bad about it? Can you still like some people and dislike others or do you have to like everyone and everything?”

I was asked these questions today.

Many fear that unless they are perfect, manifestation will never happen for them. Instead of enjoying themselves, they continuously judge both themselves and others.

Have you ever done that? If you did, it probably slowed down your manifestation process.

Law of Attraction says that giving love to ourselves means sending out love into the world and with that, receiving love back. If you focus on everything you like about yourself and your life, your perceived flaws will soon feel small. They will feel like nothing.

At the same time, you will start to see the good in others instead of the flaws you usually perceived in them.

You do not have to be a perfect person but those who are confident in themselves are good to others and make the world a better place. They spread love just by feeling good.

Many deal with their dislike for certain people most difficultly.

I like many people but also dislike some. Personally, I do everything I can to not react to the negative thoughts of my dislikes but imagine the causes of those dislikes to be changed and improved someday. Some individuals act negatively simply because their eyes and minds have not been opened or because they believe that no one ever loved them.  Others might believe that acting the way they do is the only choice they have. Maybe they never knew that they could create their desired realities and live happier lives.

All of those reasons can be causes for forgiveness. If we never forgave anyone, the world would be an even more difficult place than many already consider it to be.

Seeing flaws in the world reflects back to your awareness – you perceive yourself as flawed so you focus on the flaws in others. Change that to noticing the good about yourself and you will believe that the world could become a much more beautiful place to live.

Your Personality Type and Manifestation

Combining some light psychology and manifestation can be useful. Today, we are going to discuss your personality, preferences, habits and ways of expressing yourself that can help your manifestation play out as smoothly as possible.

Some people are extroverted and others, introverted. Some are outgoing and others are shy. Some are open and others tend to be distrusting for a variety of reasons. Some love to have booming social lives while others prefer to socialize mainly with their closest friends. Some are optimists and others are pessimists, even if they wish to be optimists instead and are currently working on achieving that goal. Some love to take risks while others like to feel comfortable. All of us love novelty in different ways.

How well do you know yourself? Knowing what kind of person you are helps you reach your full manifestation potential. What are you used to? More importantly, what would you prefer to experience?

Our strongest character traits can drive us in our lives. The things we seek and the lives we value can help us define the path in which we see our future manifestations coming together. Our personalities can help us manifest if we stay positive yet true to ourselves.

Are you upbeat? Do you like to engage in the things that keep you happy and excited? Or, do you get excited about many things without effort? Either way, you can boost your manifestation with the behaviors that are organic to you.

You probably like to enjoy the things that make you excited so try and incorporate living your desire with that. What would your desired manifestation have to entail in order for you to feel comfortable with it yet never lose yourself? If you like an adrenaline rush, take action towards your desire but only if the thought of doing so makes you happy while you expect nothing in return. In this case, you would simply be feeding your own happiness. You will feel excitement just from making a move! At the same time, always remain positive.

Are you an extremely strong person? Do you feel good but are rarely rattled, reducing your worries to problems larger than your own? If you think that nothing is a big deal (or, that many others make a big deal out of nothing), you stand a great chance at fast manifestation due to your steady mind and a resistance-free outlook on life.

Just like nothing else is a big deal, neither is your manifestation – it is just as likely to happen as anything else. Believe! You can receive your desire because it’s a regular thing in life. Something you are wishing for has already manifested for someone else before you and there will be others who will manifest the same type of thing in the future. It’s not as big of a deal as it seems.

Are you a highly positive person? Do you like to turn every situation in life into something positive or better yet, something you actually want?

You might not usually manifest many specific situations but rather have a habit of turning everything you encounter into something positive, knowing it’s going to work out for the best. Use your lack of need for specific details and focus on your end result – keep your end goal simple and you’ll succeed fast!

Are you imaginative? If you are, you can use the power of visualization effortlessly. With your eyes open or closed, focused or in passing, imagine that you have what you want, now. What are you doing with it? How do you feel? Who are you? Use the power of your imagination and live your desire as if it were reality right now!

If you like to imagine what makes you feel good, simply imagine your future.

Are you usually quiet? Then, you might prefer your desires to come to you without you “doing” anything but feeling good about yourself and allowing manifestation to happen by letting go. The steps in between will align. 

Imagine a world in which your desires have manifested. You were comfortable with manifestation and are now happy. Wasn’t it easy yet you were able to be yourself, taking all the time you needed? 

When you happily think about living in the world where you have everything you wanted, say an affirmation which reflects having your desire in your life or lovingly visualize living what you wanted. Then, just be yourself. 

Be positive and believe.


A Cruelty Free Lifestyle That Fills Me With Love

For the past few days, I have been increasingly dedicated to sharing my passions and sources of happiness on Instagram. One of the ways I give love to the world is through nurturing a cruelty free lifestyle, diet and beauty standards.

I love animals and many things in my life reflect that very love. I haven’t eaten meat in twelve years. I donate to animal charities and am dedicated to using only cruelty free cosmetics and spending money on cruelty free fashion. It makes me feel good and the thought of freedom and safety for all animals fills me with love.


Just like anything else in life, giving love ensures both love and many happy benefits in return. My nutritional practices and organic, vegan beauty products I choose keep me fit, healthy and looking young. I have received various gifts from my favorite organic cosmetics brands. The thought of eating fish, which many consider a loophole of vegetarianism or use for health reasons, doesn’t make me happy. Soy milk, which I don’t want to live without, benefits me more than I can describe. My comfort food of choice is rice and breaded vegetable sticks. I’m crazy for quinoa, fruits, raw vegetables and I like tofu very much, not to mention that I feel full but light after each meal.

Except for the direct benefits, love for all animals that fills me with love reflects on other things in my life. Caring for animals reminds me that love is the most important thing in life. Love must be self-directed, expressed to others and when acting as our beacon in life, it guides us through the great moments and saves us through the difficult ones.

Caring for animals makes me feel love on a daily basis, without any effort. To me, there is nothing easier than loving animals as they give unconditional love to those who care about them. This is an amazing LoA lesson, among other things.

The Awareness You Carry (and, Project)

It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it – this phrase is LoA.

Two people could do the same thing, one with confidence and one without. One could feel good and the other could feel poorly. Which do you think would succeed?

One could do more than the other but their actions would mean nothing unless they felt right. The other could take much less action but feel like they got what they wanted already and manifest accordingly.

See what I mean?

“Class is in you. Either everything you do is classy or nothing at all, no matter what you do. You can’t teach that,” a friend of mine once said.

Some do whatever they want and they are tolerated or praised. Even when their actions are something that could evoke judgement, it usually doesn’t. When it does, they are understood, their behavior justified or daring nature secretly admired. Others do what is “right” because they fear life going wrong. They are so focused on the right and wrong that they forget their own happiness. They put everything else before their own happiness because of some sort of guilt. They feel insufficient and hope they might be deserving of their desires if they were “a good person.”

A happy person is a good person.

Class, grace, magnetism or anything similar always starts with you! Often, projecting these qualities means being able to deal with yourself, your life and your decisions. Often, this also means self love and self comfort. Make your own decisions and stand by them; allow the ultimate you to shine.

Quotes, As Promised!

I recently promised to share some of my favorite LoA quotes with you.

My favorite quotes are those that have spoken to me most powerfully. They state the meaning of love and self-belief. They also come from only three people – Thomas Merton, Henry Ford and Rumi. They’re all life lessons and therefore, LoA quotes.

In life, I tend to like and be drawn to individuals that offer lasting quality. When it comes to life lessons, I believe these three incredible souls have said everything.

There is an abundance of beautiful LoA quotes out there but the words of these three people have moved me the most.


“Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone – we find it with another.” (Thomas Merton)

“Our job is to love others without stopping to inquire whether or not they are worthy.” (Thomas Merton)

“Love is not just something that happens to you; it is a certain special way of being alive.” (Thomas Merton)

“The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image. Otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them.” (Thomas Merton)


“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” (Henry Ford)

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” (Henry Ford)


“What matters is how quickly you do what your soul directs.” (Rumi)

“Be with those who support your being.” (Rumi)

“Let yourself be drawn by the strongest pull of that which you truly love.” (Rumi)

“Love is the bridge between you and everything.” (Rumi)


LoA and Life Over the Past Days

Here are some basic stories to serve as reminders of LoA at work.

LoA and Someone Else’s Work

My Mom wanted a change and ended up going to a convention for several days. She took a trip to a beautiful town on the coast, a famous tourist spot, where the convention is being held as we speak. A friend of hers and two other women she likes are also attending and this change, even though work related, will allow her a bit of a breather. She’s been working hard and this change will serve her well. One can find desired change at work just like anywhere else.

LoA and Weather

I lived in a country where rain was almost a daily occurrence for eleven years. I love rain and I loved living in it. However, over the past two years, I realized the sun was starting to agree with me. Having endured extremely hot summers throughout my youth, I had become fed up with it but now, I see the appeal. Even though I still love the seasons, I hoped that the weather would brighten up in my current location.

This week, three out of four days were sunny. Even the one rainy day that had come along was interrupted by outbursts of sunshine. I never asked for sun and warmth 24/7, just most of the time in the past few days. This may sound odd to some but think about it – when you are used to living in specific weather, you see even more of it. It becomes your daily environment. I believe we collectively attract weather conditions we are used to living in.

LoA is limitless.

Right now, it started to rain but tomorrow, an entirely sunny day is expected which is perfect.

LoA and Work

Last week, I wanted to manifest a new professional gig but for some reason, I wasn’t sure if I would do so as fast as I wanted to. I was tired and not thinking clearly. However, I always know that if I let go entirely, I can manifest anything right now. So, I asked and let go. I made myself let go.

I said to myself, “I can do this,” and I let it go.

I manifested two gigs, not one.

Even an iota of belief works!

LoA and Panic

Last weekend, my Mom and I met our close friends, also mother and daughter, for dinner. Driving out of the parking garage afterwards, we were caught in the middle of an emergency. The garage was suddenly being evacuated due to the carbon monoxide emission reaching toxic levels due to too many cars in a poorly ventilated public space on a Saturday night. Everyone was instructed to turn off their engine and leave the garage while the sirens were blaring away but I decided to exit instead. I drove through the garage faster than ever, realizing that the exit ramp was in full function regardless of the emergency. While opening a window to run my parking card, I told the other three to hold their breath. We got out safe for the most part – I ended up with a headache.

With an unsettling situation around me, I was calm. Everyone was startled as this was unexpected. It was nothing terrifying but it was enough to confuse the surprised drivers suddenly being asked to leave their cars. Mothers got scared and wanted to get their children out of the garage fast which we can all understand. I decided we were to get out and remained calm. My Mom wanted me to be cautious but I believed we could get out instead of leaving the car. Even while driving fast, I did so because I saw us driving out successfully and was happy to reach that point.

Now, translate this instance into any panicking situation. Even if it takes more work, one can stay focused on their end goal.

Is the Past Your Present?

It is extremely easy to continue to focus on the old, familiar experiences and recreate them in the present, either with the same people or the new ones, in similar circumstances or new ones.

Some face this particular problem when it comes to manifesting relationships – they continue to focus on past experiences even when they don’t want to, allowing their minds to run wild into the chaos of history which should have long been forgotten.

When allowing oneself to bring the mayhem of their past into their new relationship, bringing old fears into new relationships which are completely unrelated to the new person they are with, they can literally ruin their present relationship for both themselves and their partner. They can cause annoyance difficult to recover from, only because they never got entirely clear on what exactly they want from the present. Instead of putting effort into thinking what kind of relationship they want to have now, they recreate their past, unsuccessful ones.

This is why I write down the relationship I want to have at that specific time. I don’t care for a chaotic mind – it has nothing to do with the present or the other person involved. It has to do with the perception of the past as it is today, not always even the situation as it was back then.  What you perceive to be a big deal may have long been forgotten by the other person or not perceived as such at all. I say this because some of you have mentioned some unbearable past events that still cause you pain today.

Each of us is responsible in keeping focus on what we desire in order to manifest it. My continuous preaching of self-love and self-confidence provides the perfect focus on your own life instead of worrying what someone you like is thinking. When you like yourself that much, you are focused on enjoying your own life – then, many are eager to be a part of it. More importantly, you can easily see the specific people you want to get close to being a part of that life.

Today, I went out to get some face wash gel and came back home with a variety of beauty products as well as a new pair of shoes. Last night, I had an amazing night with one of my closest friends. It’s time to go out dancing with some of our friends soon. I am planning a trip to see a friend whom I hadn’t spent time with in two and a half years (!) and I am finishing my book while lecturing and advising students and professors on communication matters at a university. What is there not to like about my life? I liked it when I was in college and working. I loved it when I was doing my Master’s and was going out every night at the same time. I loved it when I was unemployed for almost a year after that but visited five different countries to see friends. Life is amazing.

Your life exists so that you give it focus. You are meant to be focusing on yourself, allowing those you want to come and share that life with you. When you appreciate yourself, you are capable of openly appreciating someone else easily.  Even if you don’t have a specific person in mind, you’ll appreciate new prospects and all your friends even more. You’ll appreciate everyone in your life even more than you do now.