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From Self-Love to the Love You Want – Do You Know the Way?

What has happened when one suddenly has much to share about one’s life, wanting to shout it from the rooftops? At the same time, this thing one is simply dying to share also requires nurturing and privacy, for certain aspects of it were meant to be cherished behind closed doors?

You might have guessed it – one has fallen in love.

The question of how one becomes aware of being in love is obsolete – when we know, we just know. If we doubt, it isn’t what we wanted it to be, even if it is some form of love. And when we do know that what we wanted has been found, all inferior forms of love from our past simply fade away. We are unemotionally aware of their former existence, knowing they might have happened yet deeming them nothing but fragments of our memory or even imagination.

The phenomenon of self-love to romantic love continues to fascinate me. As I have always said that we must love ourselves before we love others, I am fascinated by love’s pilgrimage from our hearts and souls through our insecurities and doubts to the heights of our happiness, to the hearts of our soul mates.

Have you ever wondered what exactly made you want to use the Law of Attraction to create love with an individual of your choice? What is it that makes you love another person and allow yourself to believe your mutual love is possible? What aspects of yourself have attracted specific aspects of that person?

Me, I always wanted a soul mate. A soul mate is a person you have a connection with and you both know it. It is a person you want every day, one whom you want to be best friends with as well as be romantic and intimate with. It is your mutual alignment consisted of similarities and contradictions, of fulfilment and completions, that offers everything you need to feel a desire to be together. My idea of falling in love included a man who finally understood me, one who accepted and wanted to love me but never ceased to ask questions in order to understand who I was as deeply as he could; at the same time, I always imagined that the man who wanted to know everything about me would open up to me just as easily because I would want to know everything about him and would ask him questions to show it.

And you? What have you always wanted to find? What have you wanted to understand and experience being understood about yourself? Answering these questions allows you to visualize and create a specific relationship with a specific person.

If you are a loving person to the core, you will love the one you love and other things and people in your life. Everything might be an expression of self-love as well as the love for another person – this kind of force can hold as much power inside us as self-love. I truly believe we can love another person as much as we love ourselves and the power of our feelings can make it seem like we actually love that person more than ourselves and our own life but this is difficult to achieve without self-love to begin with. When love is that strong, we can all relate. We have all felt it which shows we’re all capable of even more love than we realize. 

If we feel love, we can create anything we want with it. If we can feel fulfilment based on trust alone, we can attract anything we want.

Everything comes from within. You can’t give what you don’t possess and possessing love within ensures giving and evoking it in others. Think of the most loving person you know – they are such because they feel love. Love can work miracles if you allow it.

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Self-Love Equals Smooth Manifestation

For days, I’ve been thinking about the single most important part of effortless manifestation. Most of us wanted to know the answer to successfully avoiding negative thoughts and stopping ourselves from engaging in doubt yet we didn’t find it until we started to feel unconditionally good about ourselves.

They don’t tell us that love is the key to LoA for nothing. Some might wonder why love is such a boost and why self-love in particular means so much in this process but when you think about it, you end up realizing that self-love leads to positivity and positivity leads to relaxation, trust and letting go. A relaxed mind boosted by loving emotions leads to attracting one’s desired life without effort.

You might wonder why exactly the core of your personality makes such a difference. Wouldn’t just imagining living your desired life be enough to lead you down the path of making it happen? Although this part is true, being truly in love with yourself while imagining living your desired life helps the process go faster and smoothly, ensuring fast and smooth manifestation. If you can’t see it, how can you manifest it? And if you love yourself, you can see and manifest.

Even though very short, this definition is all you need – it is the key to LoA. Think about it – you manifest what you feel deserving of and if you love yourself, you feel deserving of your desires, right? You feel that you were meant to have them. You know they’re possible for you.

Maybe this blog post was meant to serve as a simple reminder. I’ve been incredibly happy lately yet it makes perfect sense that I would be in the said situation not only because I wanted to be in it but because I have the most loving feelings in and all around it. It is where I want to be and my life hasn’t been the same since. If you love yourself, you will also be able to imagine yourself exactly where you want to be.

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Self-Love is Your Inner Strength, Relationship Confidence and Encompassing Personal Beauty

It is what you believe you have a difficult time manifesting that causes attachment in you.

Changing yourself to assume the lightness of character, endless self-confidence and unwavering belief is achieved with self-love. Those who doubt this notion haven’t tried engaging in self-love just yet.

And when it comes to manifesting love with somebody else, self-love is your starting point. Self-love is what makes you believe that you can live the kind of love you want and deserve with somebody else (or a specific person you have fallen in love with and want to be spending your life with).

In my life, I quickly got used to following my positive feelings while keeping my freedom; at the same time, I hadn’t always sought out love as much as I sought out fun. I was confusing love with attachment and thought that engaging in love meant that I would inevitably end up feeling trapped. This was my learning period and now that I read it, it sounds very juvenile. I was always just as honest with myself about my fears of boredom or anything else and knew I would open up to love when I decided to. I had made the mistake of thinking that love inevitably leads to boredom instead of deciding that I would be experiencing the kind of love I wanted immediately. That was a (very) quick overview of my former relationship outlook.

I genuinely thought, “What is so special about making a life goal out of getting married and having children? Anyone can do it! And when it turns into a goal, one runs the risk of lowering their criteria just to find someone to marry and reproduce with as soon as possible. Marriage and children should be a part of life, not the ultimate goal because what do you do after you’ve had them?”

See what I mean?

That is not to say I haven’t given love a chance with various types of men. I just knew it wouldn’t last but wanted to enjoy it while it did. In an odd way, this was also positive – I wanted to be in a happy relationship with someone I was mesmerised with, even if I knew my fascination with his goodness wouldn’t last. Eventually, the fascination ended and all that was left was appreciation (or a lack thereof) but it was appreciation sufficient for a friendship, not a loving relationship.

My need for freedom was caused by previous relationships in which I had felt suffocated and I needed to get over that. For as long as I confused love for suffocation, I would be trying to escape it instead of enjoy it.

The truth is that we are all free – love lasts for as long as it does and even if we cannot choose how long we will love somebody for, we can choose to always treat them with honesty and respect. You get what you give. Staying with someone if you don’t want to isn’t fair but being honest with them and allowing the both of you to move on with your lives is. You don’t have to be perfect.

You just have to stand by your decisions, have integrity and have the strength to follow up, no matter how difficult it is for you. A decision is always one way – you can’t have it both ways and expect to be respected, by yourself or others.

I took a lot of heat for ending some of my relationships but knew it was the right thing to do. I just wasn’t feeling it anymore and nobody was changing my mind. However, I didn’t take it personally. It didn’t matter who disagreed with me – I only relied on my own approval.

Self-love allows you to follow your heart because making the right love-based decision for yourself means making the best decision for everyone involved. If you know something is right for you, eventually it will have proven to be so for everyone involved, maybe even sooner rather than later. 

All these personal attitudes were formed either prior to or as a result of my starting to look at relationships as something easy and natural – I’m not sure what order it went in but it doesn’t matter. One of these factors inevitably leads to another as a happy and healthy outlook is formed. After all, relationships can only work when fuelled by love, no matter how or when it happens.

Those who fear relationships and break-ups see them as difficult parts of life, causing their minds and hearts to close off to them and prevent them from manifesting.

If you see something as difficult, causing you sadness or simply impossible, you are preventing yourself from manifesting it. Emotional openness, positivity and feelings of fulfilment are the energy that attracts your desires while difficulty and sadness cause you to close yourself off from having what you want. 

Difficulty leads to noticing that your desire has not manifested yet which leads to attachment. Instead, adopt an attitude of your desires being easy to manifest! Decide that this easy manifesting is to start this second and allow your life to finally change.

Using the Law of Attraction truly shows us that everything is connected. Now, we must use this connection to attract what we love into our lives by creating the most amazing environment for it to thrive in with our own feelings and expressions of love. 

Love or Attention – Which Do You Truly Want?

This is going to be quite a self-help-type blog post.

I’ve been thinking about obsession, manipulation and the need to attract attention (and, attraction) from the person one wants to manifest a relationship with rather than focusing on love. Sometimes, the need to be with someone and make a relationship happen with them can stand in the way of one’s ability to distinguish love from need which results in frustration over not achieving one’s goal of being with the person they desire. It can lead to one’s incessant questioning of themselves instead of self-belief.

Diving into relationships and knowing how to make the other person feel attached while I wasn’t was something I practised on a regular basis. I knew how to dazzle anyone I wanted to – that was me at my most immature. At one point, I was unsure where the manipulation ended and the love began even though my goal was always to reel someone in and simply run away after I was done with them.

That was me perceived by several exes I had broken up with.

The following is the truth.

I entered every relationship with the best intentions. I was loving and tolerant for as long as I was happy; I was loved up, mesmerized by the qualities of the man in question, including him in my life and ready to compromise when needed. I wanted to be mesmerized and I wanted for the other person to give as much as I did. They did for the most part but after they stopped (or, we both had), I knew it was because I wasn’t feeling it anymore. I knew what I had attracted. That lack of feelings was caused by our differences which had ultimately become a bigger deal to me than our love and that was when I would walk away. I just wanted to be happy as I always do but hadn’t found that special person to love entirely in any of those men. I wanted a man with qualities so amazing that I would focus on them and love him for them, his imperfections still included but nowhere near as strong as those qualities. I wanted someone special and none of those men were it. I would only stay with them for as long as I was happy.

Ultimately, isn’t that the goal? Finding the one that makes you happy and being happy with them? But when hurt feelings and a bruised ego get in the way, perceptions are ruled and fuelled by fears instead of conscious creation using positive feelings.

Have you noticed that many of your currently negative feelings rest in the current lack of attention you are experiencing from the person you want to manifest a relationship with?

How many times have you confused wanting to manifest love with a desire to actually manifest some temporary attention? 

You know what I mean.

Attention is a quick fix. We’ve all thought it would help us and make us happier at one point or another; however, riding on a high from attention received ultimately leads to a temporary low after that attention is gone once again, even if just for a day. It’s an addiction. It isn’t love.

Love is permanent. When you focus on love instead of “how” someone should act to convince you they’re actually in love (a.k.a. shower you with the amount of attention you have imagined to be necessary), ideas and visualizations of a love-filled life come to you.

The exes who had called me all sorts of manipulative hadn’t focused on love at that point – they were obsessed with the amount of attention given and received which at that point was insufficient from both sides. However, I acknowledged there were always two sides to every problem, starting with my own – they acknowledged mainly my side of the problem, even when accepting their own, but according to them, it was somehow my responsibility to take care of both my feelings and their own damaged confidence.

I learned that I have no desire to build up someone’s confidence if they don’t want to do it for themselves to begin with. People make excuses for their insecurities all the time. If someone’s insecurities are getting the best of them and their actual qualities, it is not my job to remove those insecurities for them. Those who let their insecurities get in the way of their qualities just because they think that feelings should be expressed exactly as they think make for exhausting companions. These are the companions who want validation before or instead of love, and they want it to come from you instead of their inner peace.

Not to mention that the individuals who think about how things “should” go feel uncomfortable with the concept of a happy relationship and tend to find some strange comfort in unhappiness because that is what they are used to. It’s familiar to them. It’s easier. These are not bad or incompetent individuals, mind you. These are simply individuals who keep happy relationships from manifesting into their lives because they feel uncomfortable with them. They might feel undeserving of happiness or they might have just chosen a person who makes them feel uncomfortable but are not ready to admit it to themselves; either way, everyone who wants to be in a happy relationship must begin to feel entirely comfortable with the concept of having one.

There is a difference between lovingly imagining your relationship with the person you are crazy about and thinking about what they “should” be doing to show you how they feel; the former creates your desired reality while the latter causes frustration in your current (which is mainly the lack of the desired in the eye of the beholder).

If you are currently obsessed with a lack of attention received from the person you want to be with, focusing on your current reality or the attention is not love. You are not appreciating your life now, before your relationship manifests. You are also not appreciating your desired reality since you feel that you might not receive it. You are not appreciating yourself and everything you deserve.

Most importantly, you are not appreciating your current reality because you are not getting the attention, not love, you want as of this moment. You must begin to love yourself and give yourself the attention you deserve. Once you finally start to love yourself and realize that you don’t need someone else’s approval and attention to feel good, you will emit as much love as you feel and attract the people you want to you. 

If some cleverly aimed attention weren’t enough to reel another person in, we wouldn’t be talking about it. How many times did you consider someone simply because they knew how to give attention, to make you interested? Well, interest is different than love and so are the types of attention that come with each concept.

Stop looking for current attention and temporary proof and focus on feeling love for yourself, your desired partner and your desired relationship instead. The right kind of attention will come from your free and undemanding feelings of love for another person; it will come when you start to love another for who they are and allow them to be themselves. Believe me.

A Cruelty Free Lifestyle That Fills Me With Love

For the past few days, I have been increasingly dedicated to sharing my passions and sources of happiness on Instagram. One of the ways I give love to the world is through nurturing a cruelty free lifestyle, diet and beauty standards.

I love animals and many things in my life reflect that very love. I haven’t eaten meat in twelve years. I donate to animal charities and am dedicated to using only cruelty free cosmetics and spending money on cruelty free fashion. It makes me feel good and the thought of freedom and safety for all animals fills me with love.


Just like anything else in life, giving love ensures both love and many happy benefits in return. My nutritional practices and organic, vegan beauty products I choose keep me fit, healthy and looking young. I have received various gifts from my favorite organic cosmetics brands. The thought of eating fish, which many consider a loophole of vegetarianism or use for health reasons, doesn’t make me happy. Soy milk, which I don’t want to live without, benefits me more than I can describe. My comfort food of choice is rice and breaded vegetable sticks. I’m crazy for quinoa, fruits, raw vegetables and I like tofu very much, not to mention that I feel full but light after each meal.

Except for the direct benefits, love for all animals that fills me with love reflects on other things in my life. Caring for animals reminds me that love is the most important thing in life. Love must be self-directed, expressed to others and when acting as our beacon in life, it guides us through the great moments and saves us through the difficult ones.

Caring for animals makes me feel love on a daily basis, without any effort. To me, there is nothing easier than loving animals as they give unconditional love to those who care about them. This is an amazing LoA lesson, among other things.

Love or Need? Solve it with Self Love!

When you feel desperation for your manifestation to happen and the need to have it because you don’t just yet, all you see is emptiness from the direction of your desire. You develop borderline paranoia because you are governed by need, not love.

This is why you must ask for your desire, love it and assume it is yours already – nothing less, nothing else.

Imagine you want to manifest your dream job. You applied for it but got no results. You continue to wait. You keep drowning in the reasons why the job might not be yours. You tried to control the process in your mind by attempting to figure out how your dream job should manifest if it were to truly be yours but that just makes you feel like your desire is slipping away.

You might also be manifesting something you feel badly about but keep trying to feel good about it instead of just feeling good. If you have negative beliefs about your desire, you know that you need to resolve them or decide they’re false and ignore them; either way, engaging in the need to escape them will prolong that state of neediness.

You must realize whether you are currently governed by need or love – which of those two has taken over your awareness?

I have occasionally wondered if the human need for love always means the need for love first and love from a specific person second. I sometimes think that even when projected on a specific person, the need to manifest a relationship with them comes from the overall need for love, the hurt from loneliness or something similar.

If a relationship is what you desire, give love to yourself first. A myriad of reasons why self-love melts away all manifestation roadblocks continues here.

My Beloved Readers…

Thank you for helping and supporting each other – it’s wonderfully inspiring to read your comments and see that you want the best for one another (not to mention continuously attracting love into your own lives by expressing it to others).

I’m very grateful for you.

If You Love You, Do So Unconditionally!

This is one of the most important posts I have ever written.

I often stress the importance of directing feelings of love and appreciation towards oneself regardless of one’s current life circumstances, physical appearance, social or financial status. Some may think they need specific external validation in order to achieve their desired self-confidence, a notion entirely untrue.

Six years ago, I manifested weight loss of about 20 lbs. I thought it would make me as confident as I always wanted to be. However, I felt exactly the same and was shocked over that very fact. My awareness and with it, my self-confidence, never changed until I faced my limiting beliefs.

Every time I manifested a relationship I desired, I felt the same after I’d received it. I wasn’t permanently happier – I was only more excited. After the excitement wore off, I was the same person. Each time, I was expecting that the relationship would bring out an even better side of me, forgetting that I and I alone had the capability of doing so. My absolute best always rested in me, not in my relationship.

I’m only thirty years old and back then, I was in my mid twenties. I hadn’t learned everything I needed to just yet.

If you think your life circumstances, current job, physical appearance or financial status stand in the way of being the person you desire to be, this is the person you never were. An amazing person is amazing regardless of what is happening around them. Energy movement ensures that once you are capable of being the person you desire to be, you will manifest all your desires. You have to believe before receiving – the essence of LoA.

Directing feelings of love and happiness towards oneself expands one’s self-confidence, which is an essential element of effortless manifestation.

If you love who you are, never criticize yourself for your negative thoughts. Learn to love your appearance just as it is, knowing that you can change it whenever you want. If you hate your job, do you want to be the person who embraces the misery or one who changed their circumstances? Once you opt for the latter, use LoA. Decide that your dream job is yours now and never abandon that resolve. Every time you encounter a negative thought, simply replace it with a positive one.

You might think you would approach the person you love if you were more attractive or wealthier. You might think that these external attributes would offer you a needed confidence kick but in reality, they would only distract you from dealing with your deep-seeded issues.

And, you know it.

Being the person you desire to be requires strong resolve. 

When you feel like you’re drowning in your negative thoughts, say to yourself,

“My dream life is mine right now. Thank you.”

Your happiness and focus will change effortlessly. LoA is a way of living and your awareness will change as a result of evoking happiness within.

When you encounter an undesirable thought, say to yourself,

“I forgive myself for those thoughts. I am manifesting my dream life right now. My desires are a done deal.”

As soon as you say it, you will feel warmth around your heart. Your happiness will change your awareness and you will let your desire go effortlessly, allowing it to manifest.

Be happy forgiving yourself for your negative thoughts and be happy that your dream life belongs to you. Feeling this much happiness excludes all resistance, allowing you to allow your desires to come to you in the most natural flow imaginable. 

If you encounter an undesirable circumstance, say to yourself,

“I am grateful because there is an even better way for my desire to manifest than this would have been.”

Believe it and then, let it go.

The essence of your life lies in your love for the person you are. You are capable of effortlessly being everything you desire to be. Directing love towards yourself when you feel your best, your worst, your happiest, your most hopeless is going to take you there. 

Questions to Your Specific Relationship

Have you ever focused on a specific person so much that you felt them looking for you, too?

This is a common experience with a relationship manifestation, whether or not you are aware of it. When holding specific feelings for another, loving them as well as the said feelings, you are going to evoke the same in them.

When any of us realizes we like someone new, there is little thinking as to why. Things either seem to have perfectly aligned or taken us completely by surprise – either way, we know what we want when we want it without much thought put towards why we want it.

Whenever I was fascinated with a man, he was with me, too. Whenever I rendered him insufficient, he didn’t feel entirely comfortable with me either, regardless of the specific reasons. There is no room for ego when it comes to energy flow – what we give equals everything we receive.

If this concept reads confusing to you, let me explain. Feeling that someone is perfect yet being desperate to be with them means you are aware that a relationship with them is missing from your life. However, if you feel that another is perfect for you and are genuinely happy about it, excited for the current phase of your life without them to end and a new one with them to begin, happily making space for them in your home or taking any other action you relate to your relationship, you are aware that this relationship is the right life path for you.

Are you ready to abandon the current phase of your life without your specific person and be their partner from now on? Are you ready to include them into various aspects of your life?

Several times, I knew that the relationship with someone I had chosen to be with was happening unstoppably but since I had failed to feel 100% comfortable with it every time, I would leave all these relationships fast. I knew I had them but I also knew I didn’t want to keep them. Do you see the difference?

What are some of the reasons one might feel negatively about their specific person?

Do you truly believe you can make your specific person happy? If experiencing feelings of guilt, ask yourself why. Do you believe your person can make you happy but aren’t sure if you can provide the same to them?

Do you have any history left to forgive?

What we focus on is what we continue to receive. The way in which we view another will perpetuate until our point of view is transformed.

When you know that a specific relationship is yours, you are able to let it go effortlessly in order to manifest and feel nothing but happiness.

My Favorite Love Quotes…

“Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone – we find it with another.”

Thomas Merton