Thought of the Day

There was an interesting period in my life when I wanted to change but didn't know who the new me wanted to be. Equally, I didn't know who I wanted the new me to be. That's what makes us lonely - not knowing who we are. And when we attach an idea of who we … Continue reading Thought of the Day

Thought of the Day – Attract Love by Being Yourself

I suggest you celebrate yourself and your life. Wondering how? You have to play the lead role in your own reality instead of putting the person you want to manifest a relationship with first. You can prioritize them but imagine the relationship and your love as you want it and as it makes you happy! … Continue reading Thought of the Day – Attract Love by Being Yourself

Quotes, As Promised!

I recently promised to share some of my favorite LoA quotes with you. My favorite quotes are those that have spoken to me most powerfully. They state the meaning of love and self-belief. They also come from only three people - Thomas Merton, Henry Ford and Rumi. They're all life lessons and therefore, LoA quotes. In life, I … Continue reading Quotes, As Promised!