Should You Only Want Unique Beauty or Can You Also Want Guilt-Free Luxury?

Should You Only Want Unique Beauty or Can You Also Want Guilt-Free Luxury?

We simply must know what kind of life(style) we want because knowing what would truly make us happy is the key to manifesting it. Unless we know, we have to settle for letting the Universe provide it but then what do you do in the meantime? Isn’t it better to discover what would make you happy on your own and then visualize it while knowing it’s yours already?

If it isn’t better to do it this way, you can always ask the Universe to show you your true happiness and stay patient while allowing it to happen. But if you want to discover it yourself, you will live a life of trying different things and having fun with them until you find your ultimate bliss.

One of the things I always, always, always (!!!) wanted to have as part of my lifestyle was traveling. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know I started manifesting not just traveling but living in various countries on various continents when I was fourteen. Continue reading “Should You Only Want Unique Beauty or Can You Also Want Guilt-Free Luxury?”

Bring Out the Best by Giving Your Best

Bring Out the Best by Giving Your Best

Weeks ago, I experienced a problem with a business associate. A slip had happened and finances suffered. At first, I barely reacted and just said, “It’ll all be resolved.” Easily obtaining the money to patch up the financial end of the story, I then got into a slight disagreement with the said associate over the entire situation. I openly expressed my disapproval to them and they reacted accordingly.

Then, I stopped to reassess.

I genuinely liked working with this person and I knew they meant well but had gotten upset because I blamed them for the problem. However, studying energy reminded me it was me who had attracted those problems in the first place and I knew exactly how. I also knew that this entire event was happening due to a raise in vibration I had been experiencing and would only make room for something even better in my life.

Over the next few days, I was able to calm down about everything. After a week or so, I emailed my associate and we spoke as if nothing happened. Prior to that, I had asked the Universe for our relationship to bounce back and become positive again. We continued to talk as if nothing happened whenever we had something to discuss. Then, I did something that mattered to me because I care about who I am as well as my own integrity and happiness. I apologized to my associate for my reaction to the entire thing and decided to put it behind us. After all, there are more important things in life than disagreements, in my opinion. The only thing that mattered was whether or not I wanted this to change our relationship.

I hadn’t gotten an apology in return but let the whole thing go anyway. I worked with my associate as if nothing happened, fully moving on or starting over (depending on how you see it). Over the next few weeks, up until yesterday, my associate surprised me in the ways I never thought were possible. They arranged for the entire situation to be fully resolved through new contacts, making all the effort to solve it for good. They handled all the paperwork and the story ended yesterday when I found out that I would be reimbursed for all the charges that had been made.

I never asked for this but received even more miracles than I had asked for. All I did was accept the situation, apologized for the bad and saw the good in my associate. I had decided that the entire situation was irrelevant because I did my part in attracting it into my life and could then move on, deciding that I didn’t want my professional relationship to suffer as a result.

After the final meeting I had taken yesterday to resolve the issue for good, I went for breakfast with my mother. Then, we did a little shopping (buying things we’d both been thinking about for weeks) and I headed home, making an appointment for a beauty treatment several hours later. In the meantime and after my visit to the beauty salon, I got work done. Everything aligned perfectly, showing me all over again that Law of Attraction is a way of life.

This story provided several valuable lessons.

Appreciating another person just as they are and focusing on the good in them comes back to you tenfold. When you give love, appreciation or acceptance, you always receive even more of it in return.


Feel good about yourself. Be convinced that you bring quality into everyone’s reality and every situation. Feel deserving of the good things in life.

I was convinced I brought something amazing into the situation by apologizing. I felt good about myself due to this particular approach.

Always do what makes you feel good. Follow your heart. Make the decisions you will stand by.

Because ultimately…

Giving your best to another makes them want to do their best for you.

The Fun Times of Energy Rearrangement

The Fun Times of Energy Rearrangement

Two days ago, an interesting occurrence prompted my contemplation of energy rearrangement and attaching meaning to events.

Being an independent Communications professional as well as writer and creation coach, I employ an accountant to handle my finances. Months ago, my then accountant was promoted to a management position in her firm, becoming in charge of employees and business instead of the firm’s clients. Instead of taking her offer to be reassigned to a different accountant, as all her now former clients had to be, I decided to employ a new one. Out of curiosity, I’d already taken a meeting with another accountant after receiving a recommendation and we agreed on everything effortlessly, so I decided to give this new cooperation a go.

My former accountant and I had agreed on her completing our last mutual piece of business, a report due in June, before my departure. However, I had forgotten to cancel this deal with her after signing with my current accountant. My former accountant kept her end of the deal, submitting the report on my behalf and sending me the bill.

Upon receiving the bill yesterday, my initial reaction was disbelief at my state of utter remiss, causing two different accountants to submit the same report on my behalf. In addition to paying my current accountant her monthly fee, I now had to pay my former one for the completion of the said form. Even though the amount of money involved is small, I had to laugh at myself.

After a good laugh, I had an epiphany.

In a second, I became ready to live an even bigger lifestyle. I immediately desired even more success, wealth and happiness. I have even manifested some new cash since. This occurrence made me think about my life – am I in the place where I wish to deal with such small potatoes or do I desire more?

Recently, I told another to turn every situation into something beneficial for them and work with the Law of Attraction in this way. My upcoming post about clearing my self-imposed, momentary blocks will offer further information on this subject.

Lessons learned:

1. Everyone makes mistakes.

I never understood those who beat themselves up over the tiniest details. I was grateful for this occurrence – it had motivated me to attract even more wealth into my life, which I can then enjoy and share with others.

If I ever judged others, I did so for their personal beliefs I’d considered to be closed-minded, unnecessarily critical of others or their choices. When it comes to the Law of Attraction, one can easily believe that details such as my double booking are indicators that something is going wrong, the undesired being created. I am here to tell you that this is merely a sign of energy rearrangement, allowing new beliefs and new miracles to come into my reality.

2. Energy rearrangement is fun! 

Any Law of Attraction process can be fun if you love it; however, this idea takes lightness of energy and confidence to manifest – and you can obtain it.

When your vibration is rising, you find the answers you seek and have the money you need to cover unforeseen costs. However, if you have complete faith in the magic of the process, events such as these can even be avoided. Just think that the process is magical and leave it at that.

If this sounds impossible to you, try it for one day. You’ll feel lighter than you have in years.

I sincerely hope I made the tax office laugh when my company report came in from two different accounting firms.