Big Announcement!

Hello everyone! I am so happy to tell you that my coaching services are now ready to resume! With my move last year and the pandemic of COVID-19 closing government offices and delaying administrative necessities, it has been eleven months since I was able to work so I am excited to announce and commence my … Continue reading Big Announcement!


This is a non-profit blog. Hello from quarantine - we're still here but it's okay. When I think it's all truly okay regardless, I feel good. I feel that way because we're still here, talking to our loved ones, pushed to relax and given the opportunity to self-reflect. If you think about it, this is … Continue reading HOW TO USE QUARANTINE TO START YOUR INNER WORK

Reminder of the Day

Any relationship can improve once you drop the negativity towards it for good. For someone to feel good about you, you must feel good about them. You can decide to stop being angry at anyone and genuinely want to get along with them.

When it Comes to Love and Commitment, Are You Giving What You Want to Receive?

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You might be familiar with this situation - you want to attract a relationship with a specific person only to find yourself diving into negative thoughts instead of planning the relationship you say you want to have. First of all, engaging in negative thoughts is always a choice - they can come unexpectedly but we … Continue reading When it Comes to Love and Commitment, Are You Giving What You Want to Receive?

Thought of the Day 

If you express yourself calmly and eloquently, you will be able to believe that everyone can understand you simply because your thoughts are so clear and in order. And they will.

Thought of the Day

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If instead of your true heart's desire you accept one deemed easier to manifest, it isn't fair to anyone involved. If you should accept any goal you consider easier to manifest than your true heart's desire, this isn't fair to you or anyone else. What we want wants us back. The Universe wants to give … Continue reading Thought of the Day

Thought of the Day

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When it comes to manifestation, you might be closer to your goal than you realize. You might think you have no money only to discover that your bank account balance increased while you weren't looking. You might deem it impossible to imagine living the life you want only to find yourself indulging in related visualizations … Continue reading Thought of the Day