Facing Negative Past to Manifest a Positive Present

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We must think of ourselves not only of having this but of being the person who has it. and feel and act accordingly.

Thought of the Day

If you can't seem to forgive something that happened to you in the past, you must admit to yourself that you're struggling to forgive yourself for allowing it to happen. You are struggling to forgive yourself for not doing better, afraid of having delayed your desired manifestation as a result. You haven't. You can get … Continue reading Thought of the Day

Thought of the Day

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When it comes to manifestation, you might be closer to your goal than you realize. You might think you have no money only to discover that your bank account balance increased while you weren't looking. You might deem it impossible to imagine living the life you want only to find yourself indulging in related visualizations … Continue reading Thought of the Day

A “Big Deal” Manifestation – Has it Ever Happened to You?

This often happens with relationships but can also be experienced with any desire one considers to be a gigantic life change or the answer to all their problems, the ultimate escape from their current reality. Some simply see their desire as a big deal that would make them happy beyond their wildest dreams and change their life forever. Even … Continue reading A “Big Deal” Manifestation – Has it Ever Happened to You?


No amount of checking social media profiles and looking for clues that your desire is manifesting will help unless your desire is strong enough. If you doubt, you would continue to doubt even after you have received. You would anticipate problems, practically searching for them. It is your lack of certainty that is causing your … Continue reading THOUGHT OF THE DAY