Feel Positive About Your Person – The Practical Steps Leading to Manifestation

As you can tell, so much of this is about changing your perspective and clearing your thoughts so that your relationship could change as a result.

The “How” – A Distraction from Your Perfection

If we keep thinking about how often we talk to our romantic interest, how fast we should be hearing back from that job interview or even how we should be speaking or thinking, we're focusing too much on how our manifestation is developing. And we know that's not our job. But have you ever wondered … Continue reading The “How” – A Distraction from Your Perfection


As I have said before, the first opportunity won’t always be the one when manifesting a specific goal.

Resisting an Easy Life? Then You’re Going Against the Universe.

Making sense of the current reality is challenging enough but what can happen in a manifestation process is noticing the absence of a desire becoming one's entire point of focus on the current reality. This never happens intentionally. I mean, who would actually want to notice the absence of their desired manifestation?! No one. However, … Continue reading Resisting an Easy Life? Then You’re Going Against the Universe.

Thought of the Day

It doesn't matter why you want it - it only matters that you do. Let the thought of having it make you happy. Visualize having it in the way that would make you too happy to think or even speak. Sound impossible? It won't after you allow yourself to imagine this kind of happiness.

Thought of the Day

Say it calmly. Make your negative thoughts feel like...nothing.  When you express gratitude for your relationship and your mind says "You don't have it," you say, "We're together" like it's the most normal thing, and move on. You say, "Yes I do, it's mine," and move on. When you are reminded that you don't have … Continue reading Thought of the Day

Thought of the Day

Irish Whiskey Museum in Dublin, Ireland

You must visualize having it now so that you could have it, now!  See yourself living it now so you could allow yourself to receive it, now! Seeing it in the now removes resistance. If you worry about not seeing it too clearly, you create resistance! But if you keep believing, affirming and visualizing, it … Continue reading Thought of the Day