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Hope you’re having a great Sunday, everyone! It’s time to start our question-answering portion of the blog, and here’s an interesting inquiry to start with.

I’m writing this letter in order to get some advice from you. I’m relatively new in this Law of Attraction thing, and I would like to share with you my story. I want to know if it is really working and if I’m doing the things well.
All this little adventure began at the end of the last year. In the middle of this pandemic. I am living abroad, so I am not with my family at this moment. I wasn’t really interested in spirituality and I even knew nothing about Law of Attraction, beyond The Secret documentary. 
I saw a public figure doing his job. At the very beginning, I wasn’t really interested but I wanted something to entertain myself while I was dealing with this struggle. I found him very attractive, but nothing more than that. Like, you know. This person is objectively handsome, but I need something more than a pretty face to be *interested* in.
But then I was surfing in YouTube when I found by chance an interview of him. Thanks to that, I was able to see how funny and energetic he is. I felt very comfortable just watching him. And it was even contagious! Like, just watching at him I thought I would be able to run over the whole city hahaha It was very weird because that never happened to me with anyone. Not even with ex partners. It was weird, but I felt *good*. In the middle of this pandemic situation, that was like if I had found a treasure.
Nothing more weird happened after that. But then (again by chance), I found out a very good YouTube channel where the girl approaches the Law of Attraction in a very deep way. Almost intelectual. I’m curious by nature, so I kept watching and everything sounds very interesting to me. This YouTube channel was teaching *how* you can feel better living in your time present and using the Law of Attraction. So I suddenly asked myself: why if I try all of this methods and tools to be able to talk with that celebrity? You know. Get to contact him from any social media, and just meet him? You know, to try to be friends and then see what happens? Well, if I didn’t try, I won’t know it! Sounded pretty good for me, like a funny test game. And if it didn’t work it, at least I was developing myself in a healthy way. In fact, I feel much better and I’m more conscious of myself than never.
So this little game started, and I was wondering: How can I catch the eye of a person with millions of followers? That was the first step! Make him to know that I exist in the world. I was trying to solve this issue WHEN completely BY CHANCE (again) a friend of me sent to me a “fake video” of this person. It was pretty funny, and I was like: what if I upload this video and see what happens? I was shocked because I didn’t tell to no one that I want to make contact with this person, so it was a completely surprised that my friend suddenly sent me that funny video. I must say I didn’t make any LOA method, just visualisations. 
Well, when I upload the video the results where AMAZING. This person saw the video: he posted a comment, he shared it on his Stories and I was just feeling like if I was in a dream. Sounds pretty cliché but it’s the truth. To be fair, he is very kind and he always tries to pay attention to all of his fans. But still, it was amazing because to be honest I felt it very special.
So, I kept uploading these fake videos and editing funny pictures for him. And he keeps sharing them and sometimes he posts me some replies. One time he even replied to me sharing one of his likes, because we have the same favorite movie.
I know this is one of these big manifestations and it requires time until he sent to me a message or follow me. I just wanted to share my story just to know if I’m working in the “right direction” or if I’m doing something wrong. And to get any advice. I must say that I always talk to him in my posts like if he were a friend. Because I think that is better to show that we are equal, just two people.
Thank you for reading this whole letter. Cranberrie

Dear Cranberrie,

You are certainly moving in the right direction. Your positive feelings – the feelings of curiosity which deeply correspond to who you are – urged you to create videos, which made you feel good! You followed your natural instincts, such as engaging in the said curiosity, and manifested these things just by being yourself! You already possess a level of self-comfort and growing self-confidence necessary to manifest, and follow your natural instincts with complete confidence for this exact reason.

I often talk about self-confidence and comfort in my LoA teachings. They often come down to very simple actions, such as these natural behaviors you described in your letter. (Especially posting the first video just because you wanted to, and because it made you happy to; you kept a light energy of being okay with whatever the momentary result while knowing that you would make contact with this person soon enough anyway, even if it wasn’t through that first post, and yet it happened through it, instantly, as a result.)

We should do the things that make us happy in our current reality and only focus on our end goal, the big picture, but not micromanage our manifestation day to day. You didn’t do that. You knew he made you happy and that you would make contact eventually but tried something in the current reality out of pure joy. You did that entirely correctly. You are also correct in seeing yourself as his equal, which is another testament to your confidence as well as a mindset that makes it easier to believe that this can all happen easily – if you saw him as someone you put on a pedestal, it would be hard to imagine him in your life.

This is a piece of advice I want everyone currently reading or coaching with me to be reminded of all over again – putting the person you want in your life on a pedestal impairs your ability to visualize your togetherness.

You said you used visualization, and that is enough. You can affirm or visualize, or do nothing – LoA has no rules, as long as positive feelings about your desire are there. Feeling good is the only rule, and you felt good just watching him. Those feelings allowed your mind to come up with positive actions, such as sharing the first video which brought results.

We have to follow our natural expression and visualize our special person loving us for it. This makes LoA even easier! You seem to feel good seeing yourself as an easygoing person who shares many things in common with the man in question, and this is my assumption from you casually sharing that video because it was funny. I, on the other hand, feel good seeing myself as someone admired by the man I choose, which pushes me to habitually do my best. I visualize the man I want to attract seeing me in the way I always want to see and feel about myself! The way in which it matters to me to live and be seen. What are your defining traits and lifestyle? You should visualize him loving the things that you value in your character and lifestyle.

Your friend sending you that video without you ever mentioning him to anyone is proof that with positive thought, current reality starts changing seemingly out of thin air. You just enjoyed thinking about him, putting the current reality out of your mind at first, and then turning those thoughts of the current reality into a positive thing – sort of a “I don’t know him now but I want to meet him and I will” kind of mindset. In both of those scenarios you felt positive about the current reality, consciously or not. It is when we feel negativity about our past or the current reality that we prevent manifestation, and you didn’t do that.

Even your fun game test was thinking and feeling positive about the current reality! You approached it lightly, and that’s what visualization does. Visualization produces belief and lightness. Visualization only leads to good things! You expressed many positive manifestation-inducing energies in several ways so I am sure you will agree with that.

I would advise that you continue in this direction, minus assuming that it will neccesarily take a long time to manifest. Imagine that it’s yours already and visualize what you want to be doing together. Don’t even think about the time but imagine the two of you in situations that could suggest either friendship or dating – enjoying dinner, a table for two in a wine bar, a movie night. Only visualize when you feel like it, just like so far. Remember that this relationship, romantic or friendly, is yours already. In your life, simply do what makes you happy. Intentionally choose to do what you would enjoy doing every day, without guilt and with courage, like you do so far; whatever makes you happy, whether it’s related to him or completely unrelated and not even entailing any thoughts of him. Just go with those happy feelings.

In addition, nurture your confidence by knowing that your natural expression shows what a unique individual you are with every word you say. When you exchange social media messages, tell yourself that he’s coming into your life even sooner than you thought – that intention will go out into the Universe. Tell yourself that he wants to be in your life and sees how special and great you are, because we will set that intention in such a way as well. Tell yourself that he thinks you’re amazing just the way you are. And then, know that you are amazing, being exactly that! When you visualize, always think about you two being physically together and seeing how much he enjoys your company in his facial expressions, gestures etc.. You deserve to first feel about yourself the way you want any man to feel about you because then, it’ll be easy to imagine receiving the same from anyone. This will boost your confidence even more.

Right now, it seems like this might take a long time because of life’s circumstances and the lifelong social conditioning of certain people being out of reach. But if you continue to believe and have appreciation for him as well as yourself, you will be able to picture and feel natural about being with him sooner than you think!

Why You Attract the Wrong People and How to Stop

You have to feel good about yourself to attract someone who makes you feel good.
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Do you keep attracting and dating the kind of people who never make you happy? Are you in a relationship that never seems to improve, and you don’t know how to improve it? Do you want to attract the perfect person but somehow end up settling for the imperfect ones that come along sooner?

Do this instead and you’ll see a change. Tweaking your energy will lead to your effortless use of the Law of Attraction to manifest what you want this time.


You might have defined some ideal traits of your ideal partner but not all, which isn’t a guarantee you’ll attract someone you like enough. He/She might be a number of things you love but also possess the kind of traits that make you dislike them – this is not the way to achieve enough chemistry together.

You might start off specific about the way you want to be treated but then start settling for less as your manifestation progresses – this won’t work either. And why did you start settling for less? Was it because you finally wanted a relationship and didn’t want to be alone anymore, thinking that making concessions would speed up your manifestation?

Neither of these options will make you happy in the long run. You don’t have to accept the first offer. Someone who happens to show interest in you before your ideal person comes along is not the Universe telling you this lesser option is the best you can do. Don’t engage and stay focused on your goal. Don’t veer off track!


This is also why you keep settling for lesser options. You may feel great about your creativity or business sense but not about yourself in relationships. You may feel confident in your abilities to express yourself, help others or be a great friend, and somehow not believe that you would make a great partner.

You might feel great about yourself in other settings but as soon as you’re on a date, you feel nervous, uncomfortable and insecure, having trouble expressing yourself.

You should make a conscious decision to stop viewing the presence of your partner as something that requires a perfect performance from you. You may feel free to be your amazing self, since your partner isn’t perfect either. Nobody is!

Decide to be as relaxed on a date as you are everywhere else. Decide to be as relaxed talking to your specific person as you are everywhere else. You are amazing, and that’s enough. All of us are, and with entirely different qualities from one person to the next. We don’t have to be perfect – we just have to be aware of how amazing we already are.


We all live and learn. We all age. We all face disappointments and pick ourselves up from them.

When you recount your life experiences to a current or potential partner, tell them what you learned. Take a confident view of the story around your experiences and the unique lessons they taught you. If it’s easier, pick your favorite lesson and center the story around it. Always take a positive approach.

You aren’t owning your age and allowing yourself to feel even sexier with it. There’s no glow without inner glow, and self-comfort leads to an opportunity emit the most powerful kind of beauty. Inner beauty makes you beautiful on the outside – this is LoA at work! Have you ever seen someone whose beauty was more like an aura, transcending the physical? Like they were kissed by sunlight? This is inner beauty making them even more beautiful on the outside.

Disappointments stop being described as such when we know we can still manifest what we want and just didn’t at this time. From then on, you just see experiences and stop believing in mistakes altogether. Imagine feeling empowered to that extent!


These simple mindsets will change your awareness.

How to Love Unconditionally When Your Specific Person is Difficult

Unconditional love and acceptance, masked as not caring about what a person does or simply loving them for everything they are, allow us to manifest relationships rapidly. However, when forgiveness for the past or the present is involved, hurt feelings can get in the way of appreciating someone unconditionally.

It’s easy for us to accept the people we don’t care about or don’t perceive as important to our lives. On the other hand, those important to us are those we expect certain behaviors from and if our preferred behaviors are not immediately present, we can develop resentment or fear that our relationship is simply “not working out.”

The trick is to accept the person for who they are because then, we are able to imagine them treating us exactly the way we want to be treated. But if we don’t accept them to start, we won’t be able to imagine them being even better because we will continue to focus on their flaws and nothing else.

An dip into negative feelings can happen when we project our needs to the other person and expect them to fulfil those needs – in this case, we must ask ourselves if we are projecting onto them the needs we can only fulfil ourselves.

We don’t feel good when we are needy and this neediness often translates into wanting to receive more communication from the person. However, the way to achieve that is to imagine receiving this communication in the way that makes you feel good! You simply must give into good, positive feelings to make the Law of Attraction work – you want to imagine happily living your life with this person and being treated the way you want to be.

If you simply focus on them not doing what you want and not fulfilling your needs, you will lower your vibration and think permanently negatively of them as a result…and that will hurt your manifestation. Thinking poorly of someone translates into you seeing them not fulfilling your needs and not doing what you want, and your impression of the relationship growing in negativity.

Now is the time to ask yourself if you are asking your specific person to fulfil both sides of the equation – their own needs and your own? Because this doesn’t work. You have to do your part if you expect them to do theirs. Everything we give back, we receive in return.

When you love and accept a specific person unconditionally, they give the same to you.

On the other hand, when you are upset with a person’s behavior, they fail to give you the love and attention you desire and a relationship doesn’t manifest.

We must assume and visualize everything we wish to receive from a specific person while calling our negative thoughts false and paranoid. We simply must tell ourselves to think positive because only then can we assume the best of ourselves and everyone else.

We must only imagine the scenarios that make us the happiest.

Have You Earned a Great Relationship?

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I continuously encounter individuals who believe a great relationship is something they are entitled to.

A great relationship is something everyone deserves, just like any other blessing in life. Everyone deserves to experience happiness but those that receive it have in fact earned it with their positive mindsets, respect for others and gratitude for their lives.

Everyone deserves it but a positive individual earns it, allowing a happy relationship to come into one’s reality.

On the other hand, those projecting negative energy (be it frustration, desperation, negative self-image, impatience, rudeness or general dissatisfaction) are continuously preventing what they deserve, a great relationship in this case, to appear in their lives.

You get what you give; genuine appreciation for life, your own and those of others, ensures you will receive an abundance of goodness in return. You merely need to find that appreciation.

The idea of an amazing relationship being earned holds truth but requires explanation; stating this idea as simply as it looks in writing may evoke negative reactions instead of positive. One becomes worthy of a great relationship by viewing oneself in a positive light, focusing on everything they enjoy in life, respecting one’s unique qualities as well as the qualities of others and having personal integrity that ensures standing by one’s personal beliefs.

Many believe they must earn a great relationship by fulfilling requirements such as career success, a larger-than-life personality, financial wealth or being classically good looking. However, basic creation principles state that one’s beliefs create one’s awareness; for example, individuals who deeply believe they cannot earn a great relationship until they have a great job will encounter specific experiences reflecting those beliefs.

The truth is, the relationship you desire has nothing to do with your social status unless you decide to believe it. Those who stick to beliefs such as “Once I get a good job, I will have inner peace and be ready for a relationship” will most likely find that the job, the relationship and the inner peace continue to elude them. Postponing those experiences by masking them as future goals will ensure they remain distant goals, making it impossible to catch up to that “perfect future.”

Now, I am not saying your desires are irrelevant but for as long as you think “I’ll be confident once I have this,” you are creating a future goal that will always remain in the future. In reality, you must be feel deserving of your goals now, feeling confident in yourself before you can obtain them.


Contrary to popular belief, relationships have nothing to do with your social status, level of wealth, professional success or your looks. When it comes to relationships, you merely need to be confident in the person you are. You need to draw your confidence from internal factors instead of external. You need to recognize your personal qualities, the beauty of your physical traits, your intelligence and gratitude for everything you have in life.

One of the best ways to earn a great relationship rests in developing self-confidence, self-comfort and self-acceptance.

Amplifying those character traits with a positive mindset will allow you to focus on everything you love in life instead of everything you are currently missing. If you focus on your positive traits, you will effortlessly focus on your (potential) partner’s positive traits, enjoying your relationship immensely and solving problems in it easily. Suddenly, you will come to realize relationships were intended to be easy and enjoyable instead of being a constant ego battle between opposing sides. If you have an eye on a potential partner, you will be encouraged to communicate with them as you have recognized your own qualities while appreciating them for theirs. You will realize how much there is to be liked about you!

If you believe your looks are insufficient to evoke attraction in another, you will project an unhappy demeanor, tension and insecurity. The best part is, you can decide to focus on the aspects of your appearance you like instead. You can appreciate your beauty instead of focusing on the reasons it is less than perfect. This positive energy will evoke even more of the same, allowing you to feel increasingly great about yourself.

Ultimately, is there a real reason you should feel negatively about your appearance? Everyone holds a different idea of what beauty means. More importantly, we all respond to each other’s energy much stronger than any physical attributes – every time you were attracted someone who wasn’t your “type” proves that.

Do you compare yourself to others? This is another mistake which can prevent you from receiving life’s goods. Do you believe you must match an ideal another specific person represents to you while considering anything “less” to be insufficient? This mindset only states your lack of appreciation for yourself, as you feel undeserving of love. Even if you think your (potential) partner only wants the ideal you have imagined he/she must, it doesn’t mean you’re right.

We all know the story – one perceives their desired partner to be “too good for me.” “He/She is out of my league,” they imagine, never making a move or deeming themselves worthy instead. This thought process is perpetuated until the object of their affection meets someone else.

There are plenty of similar examples. However, it all comes down to the following.

Searching for the reasons to postpone living a happy relationship only shows that you doubt your own value. If recognizing the said value undoubtedly ensures finding a great relationship, what is the point of feeling inadequate?

Showing Interest in Someone Makes Them Interested in You

Men and women are often being told that showing interest in a prospective partner makes them look needy, desperate or pushy, and that those who don’t care are the ones who get the girl/guy instead.

Those giving and taking or worrying about such advice take an important ingredient out of it – the Law of Attraction which says that your beliefs and intentions translate into who you are, meaning that only what you see possible for yourself can manifest into your reality.

Only those open to relationships can actually find themselves in one. What we believe is possible for us is what we’re open to in our lives. If we believe that something else is impossible for us on the other hand, we are automatically closed off to receiving it.

If you find something impossible, how can you be open to it happening? Belief is what creates the openness to receiving.

Those who seem not to care about relationships are not indifferent to them – they only see relationships as something normal, natural and possible for themselves therefore they don’t need to worry about them.

If you’re open to relationships, you easily see yourselves in them. If you want to become open to them, you will affirm gratitude, look forward to them and believe in yourself while knowing that love is meant for you, sticking to this attitude until manifestation occurs.

If you’re closed off to people, saying there are no good ones out there, you are not open to believing that love is possible therefore love cannot appear in your life. You’re the one blocking its way in. You’re the one keeping it out.

If you are closed off to relationships, you obviously believe they’re not possible for you, finding yourself single as a result.

You must look forward to relationships and actually like people, especially the one you fancy, to manifest a loving relationship with them. Focusing on your specific person’s faults and a lack of faith or fear will close you off to receiving love, as fear and love cannot coexist.

I had gone through a phase in my life when I didn’t like anyone. I was completely closed off from appreciating the male gender. Whoever was interested, I immediately knew I wasn’t at first glance, effectively killing their interest as a result. I was being asked why I didn’t have a boyfriend and knew the answer all too well.

The truth is that I genuinely didn’t want to be with anyone that moment. However, I didn’t expect them to want to be with me either after sensing my lack of interest. I advised my friends to actually show interest in their own specific people – having realized that the best way to spark someone’s interest is to show your own interest in them, I was aware that happiness and openness are magnetic qualities that attract other people into our lives. This is what boosts your magnetism. Happiness and true confidence prompt openness to others which is very attractive to all while a closed off mindset attracts no one except maybe those who think they don’t deserve any better. People who advise being careful and closed off are effectively telling you how to kill your own attractiveness.

Now, being careful has nothing to do with boundaries; in fact, creating personal boundaries has everything to do with self-love, self-confidence and a personal sense of value. You know what you deserve and the more self-love you engage in, the more you believe you deserve. And, you do because you give as much as you know you deserve. You respect others and demand the same in return. This is a concept many tend to mistake for being closed off.

If you love yourself, you love and see the best in others. You also begin to immediately distinguish those worth your time from others that aren’t; you can tell apart a heart driven individual from one that isn’t so.

Now, the following is what makes the world of difference.

When you are a heart-driven individual yourself, you become attracted to those with their own sense of self-love, confidence, strong personal identity, focus and value. Yet if you live your life fearing disappointment, brooding on your past perceptions of failure or expecting the worst from your desired person and relationship, you will attract the behaviour or the people you will find it difficult to believe in and feel good about.

If you want to be with someone, you must believe in them whether you met them yesterday or share a painful past together.

Those you share a painful past with will treat you differently once you treat yourself differently.

Everyone will treat you the way you treat yourself and come to value you as much as you value yourself sooner or later.

Happy and confident interest in someone spells out quality. They will admire and be attracted to you as a result.

If you care about a specific person, enjoy talking to them. Don’t think about anything you are not “getting” from them. Visualize them happily being in your life and appreciate them even if you don’t vocalize it – that invisible energy is what attracts someone to you, whether or not you speak to them. This is LoA.

But if you do, speak to them with interest and positivity. Appreciate them and value yourself.

How to Handle Social Media in Your Relationship Manifestation

Social media collage selfie interesting different photography style

Over the past months, I have been hearing about social media causing annoyance in relationships and their manifestations; at the same time, many are aware of its lack of meaning and relevance while others have been irritated by it in the past only to come to realize its lack of actual power in the present.

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Relationship Advice – How to Attract a Relationship Despite Discomfort around a Specific Person

What do you do if the person you are not yourself around is the person you want to attract a relationship with?

We have all known someone like that, usually in a romantic sense. We have all been involved with a person who has upset or hurt us, resulting in our future interactions being filled with reactions from confusion and a damaged sense of pride when all we wanted to do was relax and be our best selves. We have all been involved with the people who had this effect on us but whether or not we chose to stay in those involvements was entirely up to us.

Choosing to stick around someone who makes you feel this way or use all your strength to walk away from them is a reflection of your personality, awareness, and, most importantly, your level of self-confidence. You might think you don’t deserve better or that the other person does so you feel the need to stick around until you figure out how to give them what you believe they deserve. You think that giving them what you feel they should have would make you happy but the flaw to this plan rests in the idea of putting them ahead of yourself.

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Self-Love Equals Smooth Manifestation

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For days, I’ve been thinking about the single most important part of effortless manifestation. Most of us wanted to know the answer to successfully avoiding negative thoughts and stopping ourselves from engaging in doubt yet we didn’t find it until we started to feel unconditionally good about ourselves.

They don’t tell us that love is the key to LoA for nothing. Some might wonder why love is such a boost and why self-love in particular means so much in this process but when you think about it, you end up realizing that self-love leads to positivity and positivity leads to relaxation, trust and letting go. A relaxed mind boosted by loving emotions leads to attracting one’s desired life without effort.

You might wonder why exactly the core of your personality makes such a difference. Continue reading