When Energy Rearranges Fast…

When Energy Rearranges Fast…

Just like every time I manifest a life change, my current reality seemingly starts to fall apart; there’s beauty in that because that makes it easier to leave.

In order to manifest a new reality, you must be prepared to give up the current, even in a single aspect. If you want a relationship, you must be ready to give up being single, especially if it has become your comfort zone. If you want wealth, you must be ready to deal with having money from now on – taxes, an accountant and banking might be take up a little more of your time from now on. If you want a job, you must be ready to work and want to spend your days doing so. You must want to wake up and go to work.

I believe I have found the way of ignoring my current reality every time I want to manifest a new and better one. This is also a way of turning the negative into the positive.

I always say one must be happy in their current reality in order to manifest a better one. Our minds keep us away from what we believe is negative for us.


Every time I start to manifest a new reality, I am grateful that my current one is hectic in a very particular way because that means I’m leaving soon.

I have also manifested desired change when I felt perfectly happy and satisfied in my current reality. Both ways work because they both mean no resistance which allows letting go.

When my current reality isn’t enough, I seek happiness elsewhere. I visualize and soon manifest the current reality I truly desire. When focusing on my new reality, I find it OK to be in my current because current boredom makes it easy for me to see a happier one. We naturally gravitate toward happiness.

There are several desires I have been entertaining thoughts about and for the past few days, I have been increasingly happier about them. Yesterday, that happiness escalated, leaving me to feel super calm and loving about those desires while prompting my current reality to start to fall apart.

The following occurred yesterday and it shows exactly why living my life happens to be the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me. While we manifest our new realities, our personal energies rearrange and make room for the new by weeding out the old – sometimes, this turns into chaos. A chaotic rearrangement might confuse some, making them think that their life is falling apart but in truth, it is actually coming together to become what they want it to be.

My hairdresser called me at noon to come in at one. On the way out, I ran through a pavement cleaning project, muddying it slightly. Even though I hoped to make the bus to my destination because it practically leaves me at its door, I tried to do some banking beforehand, missed the bus and had to cab it. Somewhere on the way, a man slipped me his phone number which I forwarded into the paper recycling container in the street. My hairdresser had a scheduling conflict but having plenty of time, I backed out of my appointment and asked if I could have another attempt at the bank while she took care of business. No one else was at that bank so I was done in a minute but on the way back, one of my sandals completely fell apart in the middle of the street and I had to walk back to the salon completely barefoot. There was no supermarket nearby to even buy an emergency pair of flip flops in. My hairdresser gave me cleaning wipes and lent me a pair of shoes while my mother, whose appointment was booked later on, brought me another pair to wear home, as I had to throw out my entirely broken platforms which I’d owned for five years. I tend to love to wear my shoes until they break but this was the first time they ever broke on me. While I was in the hairdresser’s chair, drinking coffee and getting my hair done, I got a sudden case of violent cough. And I never get sick, not even when I’m tired. Everyone knows that! From the chair next to mine, I heard a sign of one of my current desires which I had even seen coming and immediately knew it was coming true. I like to think that a lesser woman would have been worried if her desires would still want her in this state but I refused to be rattled.

If you want to see the sexy pair of shoes I had to wear home, scroll down to my Instagram shots. The good part was that they were ridiculously comfortable. After getting my hair done, I had to pick something up at the mall with several passers-by staring at my shoes.

Paying zero attention to the current reality means being OK without my desire until it manifests. For me, letting go is all that comes with accepting the current reality.

For as long as my current reality is filled with good stories, I stop paying attention to “improving” it. I like a dynamic reality and eventful day-to-days. There is no comfort zone here.

My feet still ache from the hot concrete pavement I had the pleasure of feeling yesterday. The featured photos are of me yesterday evening, tired but safe at home.

Warning of the Day

Warning of the Day

When the Universe gives you a sign that your desire is manifesting, take it!!

Without debate, worry or engaging in negativity, take it. It means your desire is yours already.

Don’t miss a single opportunity to be grateful for your desire manifesting. At the same time, know that just a single sign is beyond enough.



No amount of checking social media profiles and looking for clues that your desire is manifesting will help unless your desire is strong enough.

If you doubt, you would continue to doubt even after you have received. You would anticipate problems, practically searching for them.

It is your lack of certainty that is causing your anxiety – not the absence of clues.

The Meaning of Dreams (In Short)

The Meaning of Dreams (In Short)

I rarely think about this aspect of life but last night’s odd dreams I experienced prompted me to say a few words.

I know some who live by their dreams in many ways, taking them seriously and often as a compass. I never do – I merely allow my subconscious mind show me the thoughts I’m unaware of when having them. I rarely experience my dreams in detail but they tend to make themselves clear during the transitional periods of my life. Dreams are indicators of our where our subconscious minds are, allowing our limiting thoughts to surface and therefore, be resolved.

Dreaming is not a manifestation time – at most, it is the time during which signs can appear.

As a sign of an upcoming manifestation, one could ask for their dreams to reflect their desires. However, this still doesn’t mean that dreams decide in which direction a life will go – that is up to you and your state of awareness.

Dreams can be very useful in allowing limiting beliefs to appear and therefore, be resolved once we know where exactly the problem lies.

When dreams reflect one’s limiting beliefs, this is an indication that they’ve been given power with the help of one’s feelings. This is nothing to be alarmed about, as it is only a reminder to change one’s thoughts.

There are those who take their dreams too seriously – they tend to believe that everything seen during their sleep is to be taken as literal prophecy. This idea goes back to our dreams not being a deterministic reflection of our faith but alerting us to our undesirable thoughts instead. Thoughts can change any second, allowing less than desirable ones to leave and be replaced by the positive.

To be continued.

My Own Private Synchronicities

My Own Private Synchronicities

Recently, I read two articles describing the most common synchronicity one tends to experience when in the flow, aligned with one’s desires on the way to manifesting them. These common signs such as number patterns (1111, 222 or 333, usually on the clock), flowing easily through traffic, predicting the songs to start playing on the radio or having someone cross your mind and hearing from them almost instantly indicate that one is in the perfect flow, their energy clear and receptive.

When I’m in the flow, I experience the following.

1. Predicting the songs to come on the radio, music video channels or hearing songs related to my desire everywhere I go. 

My entire life, I’ve had a deep connection with music and I relate it to everything I’m going through – I believe this is the case for many individuals. When I attach a specific song to a desire I have, I hear it several times a day! I could find myself shopping and hear it playing in the store, then hear it playing when I meet my friends for a drink that same night. In the meantime, I could hear it on the radio in my car. I could have a video music channel on at home and the video for the song would play. Sometimes, it seems never-ending, and it is always followed by my desires manifesting fast.

2. Experiencing chills or goosebumps for no apparent reason.

For years, I didn’t understand this sign or why it happened; at times, experiencing this level of positive emotion made me feel conflicted. Sometimes, we have to accept that we do deserve everything we desire. Now, experiencing this sign makes me happy and grateful, with my heart open fully to the love and magic I have attracted into my life.

3. Flowing through traffic even when it’s clogged all around me. 

I could drive up to a line of cars seemingly refusing to move and suddenly, it clears away. My lane could clear while others remain busy. This happens frequently and over time, I learned that it was a sign.

4. Even stronger intuition. 

My favorite part of this is consisted of feeling my desire manifesting one step at a time as well as seeing people as clearly and accurately as I do. My intuition also manifests in the way that, when I am presented with an opportunity, I immediately know what kind of interest it will hold for me and for how long. My strong intuition allows me to know myself, what I genuinely desire and why. At the same time, it shows me I can change my reality any way I wish but never allows me to escape my deepest desires, knowing that unless I live them, I will never be truly happy.

5. Positive attention.

When others are vying to help me, do things for me and are throwing many compliments my way, I accept that I deserve them and feel grateful for them while my positivity continues to affect everyone around me. Happiness spreads fast and the desire to give it to others ensure receiving even more of it in return. Those who see themselves in a positive light provide the same to others.

Manifesting, Signs or Manifesting Signs?

Manifesting, Signs or Manifesting Signs?

A friend of mine has been using the Law of Attraction to transform their life, accurately pointing out personal strengths, weaknesses and areas to be improved. Their goal is to truly feel better and while wishing to take things one step at a time, they have chosen to take the actions which make them feel good as well as choose the signs reminding them that their manifestations are coming to life.

One of their chosen signs is a specific song.

This particular song follows them, playing everywhere they go. Since I know about this sign, I let them know every time I hear it which occasionally happens several times a day! Every time they hear this story or hear the song, they’re thrilled. Why? Their answer was, “I love signs.” And then, it hit me.

I explained to them that because they love signs, it’s the signs that continue to appear. Their awareness isn’t in their manifestation but in the signs that this manifestation is happening, keeping them in an in-between awareness. My friend is aware that things “are happening slowly,” not that they have already happened. Thoughts become things.

Should my friend allow themselves to love their desired reality more while only noticing the signs along the way and using them to remember how grateful they are for living their dreams now, everything would happen faster. Thoughts become things.

However, this could also be a good thing. I had decided for them that it was a good thing. (#unsolicitedmanifestation)

The reason why it’s a good thing is that my friend moves at a comfortable, one-step-at-a-time pace until they desire significant change so badly that they make a significant move towards it. At the same time, I believe that practicing comfort with their desired reality would change their awareness rapidly and therefore allow for this manifestation to occur.

The choice is theirs, as it is yours.

It isn’t in the interest of the Universe to keep any of us waiting – it wants to give us what we desire now. However, for as long as we’re not 100% comfortable with our desired realities and try to postpone them, we will perpetuate this state. On the other hand, if you are using the time postponing your desire to truly reconsider if your heart is in it, that is a positive self-search, as long as you are honest with yourself without fear or doubt attached. If you need help making a decision, be honest about it. Consult with others if you wish. Do some research. See how it resonates with you. If the only thing left to do is the work on your self-confidence, do it – you will only create what you desire when you know you can.