Thought of the Day

Thought of the Day

Do you know why I always say “Don’t trail the person you like on social media?”

Because if you do, you think they’re better than you are. You think they’re cooler, happier and have more power.

You assume they don’t feel the same and that you have no chance with them, all because they’re not messaging the exact moment you are indulging in your attachment.

You prioritize them when you should be prioritizing yourself.

Self-Love Equals Smooth Manifestation

Self-Love Equals Smooth Manifestation

For days, I’ve been thinking about the single most important part of effortless manifestation. Most of us wanted to know the answer to successfully avoiding negative thoughts and stopping ourselves from engaging in doubt yet we didn’t find it until we started to feel unconditionally good about ourselves.

They don’t tell us that love is the key to LoA for nothing. Some might wonder why love is such a boost and why self-love in particular means so much in this process but when you think about it, you end up realizing that self-love leads to positivity and positivity leads to relaxation, trust and letting go. A relaxed mind boosted by loving emotions leads to attracting one’s desired life without effort.

You might wonder why exactly the core of your personality makes such a difference. Continue reading “Self-Love Equals Smooth Manifestation”

The Truth Behind Changing Your Mind in Specific Manifestations

The Truth Behind Changing Your Mind in Specific Manifestations

Being specific has its ups and downs. Then again, anything does.

In life, my actions always reflected a core belief of “I want this so I am going to have it – nothing else, nothing less!” which led me to certain manifestations that looked nothing like I had imagined.

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Self-Love is Your Inner Strength, Relationship Confidence and Encompassing Personal Beauty

Self-Love is Your Inner Strength, Relationship Confidence and Encompassing Personal Beauty

It is what you believe you have a difficult time manifesting that causes attachment in you.

Changing yourself to assume the lightness of character, endless self-confidence and unwavering belief is achieved with self-love. Those who doubt this notion haven’t tried engaging in self-love just yet.

Self-love is in your best interest. Continue reading “Self-Love is Your Inner Strength, Relationship Confidence and Encompassing Personal Beauty”

Are You Comfortable With Relationships and Your Specific Person?

Are You Comfortable With Relationships and Your Specific Person?

Do you feel comfortable interacting with the person you have feelings for? With those you are generally interested in? Or, do you feel tense, nervous or just plain scared about talking to the person of your choice? Are you afraid you might get hurt or do you welcome any interaction with those you are interested in, wanting to get to know them even better?

When you think about your specific person coming for you, wanting to be in a relationship with you, do you feel excited or scared? Do you feel ready for it or not?

The answers to these questions will decide whether an interaction with the person you are interested in presents a happy or an exhausting event for you.

If an interaction with the person you are interested in or have feelings for presents conflicting feelings for you, you are not alone. Many have had questions about removing the fear of interacting with someone with enjoyment instead of fearing what could go wrong (which they do due to a lack of comfort).

How can good courtship advice translate into good LoA advice?

Firstly you must know that comfort in receiving a relationship you have asked for makes manifestation happen. Feeling comfortable about living your desire removes resistance.

On the other hand…

If you feel uneasy at the thought of receiving and living your desire now, a part of you is preventing manifestation and thinking of paranoid scenarios instead of letting go to receive. This is a problem when manifesting relationships with the people you feel at least partially negatively about –  exes usually fall into this category. This might also happen with new people you don’t know that much about but you should assume the best about them.

If you feel good about the person you want, you can see yourself with them; if you feel uneasy about them for any reason, tendency to fall into negative thoughts with little to no basis in reality might take over. If you aren’t entirely comfortable around the person you want to manifest a relationship with, you might become slightly negative and entertain paranoid thoughts. 

Once you become comfortable with yourself, your qualities and everything you have to offer, you will be comfortable at the thought of being with your specific person. You will be excited instead of nervous!


Good relationship tips are based on good self confidence tips, just like anything else. Self confidence leads to self comfort which makes you comfortable with manifesting and living your desires. Comfort means no resistance, right?

Self love plays into all of that perfectly as it increases self confidence as well as self comfort.

When becoming interested in a man, I want to get to know him even better. However, others have told me they fear getting to know the people they’re interested in, in fear of learning something they might dislike; this mindset probably comes from loneliness and wanting to finally manifest something with someone instead of “having to give up” yet again.

Beware – feeling lonely while wanting to manifest a relationship throws off your intention so give into the feeling of living your relationship 100%! Don’t be afraid. Loneliness makes focusing on your desired reality difficult and puts pressure on your interactions with the people you are interested in while you fear that you might ruin everything and continue to go through life alone.

To some, relationship happiness and safety are foreign. Occasionally, they visualize and actually feel happiness in the relationship they want to manifest but are not used to feeling satisfaction from a happy relationship. To some, this makes it difficult to visualize a happy relationship; to those who are determined and ready to use their imagination as well as connect to their natural manifesting abilities, nothing is a problem. The latter group is ready to do whatever it takes to manifest their desires.

I have observed that both men and women are largely uncomfortable with the prospect of relationships. More than ever, many assume that the person they are interested in would fail to reciprocate, at least fully. Some others struggle with other issues, such as not being excited about relationships in general.

In truth, a lack of relationship excitement has to do with one’s inner self, not relationships. We produce the circumstances we feel so if one isn’t excited about relationships, one has to resolve their own limiting beliefs and inner obstacles.

Do You Trust Your Specific Person and/or Yourself?

Do You Trust Your Specific Person and/or Yourself?

When manifesting a relationship, it is always with a specific man I chose. When there is one I want to be with, I see us together and I easily visualize the situations in which we are together, as I want our relationship to be. If I imagine something I want to live, it makes me feel good.

Sounds simple, right?

If you want to manifest a specific relationship, do you feel good when imagining the two of you together? If you don’t, why don’t you?

Is it because you think a relationship should happen a certain way? If that’s the case, either accept that you can change things or if you don’t want to, you can always find someone else who will give you an even better feeling. You must believe that you can have what you want with the person you want in order to manifest it.

Is your mutual past still bothering you? Or your past with someone else which you fear repeating? Get over it and move on. This is not criticism, just a suggestion. Get over it because you deserve to. You don’t deserve to be an emotional slave to someone else or worse, yourself because you choose to hold onto the hurt from the past. The person who hurt you is not better than you – more importantly, they are someone you will be happier staying away from so it’s good that they keep their distance from you, right? After all, you choose to feel hurt by someone else’s actions or, not. No one can hurt you if you refuse to allow it and if you ever did, change that today. You deserve to be happy instead.

Are you afraid of getting involved with this person? Maybe you don’t trust them or just don’t trust that they could make you happy. You must feel good about this person in order to believe that you could actually be with them which means appreciating what you do about them and accepting the rest.

These are just a few examples but you see what I mean.

You don’t have to be or feel perfect – just positive. Happy. Happiness is all you need. Happiness is everything.

Why I Love to Manifest

Why I Love to Manifest

When it comes to LoA, I know that some fear it, don’t believe in it, find it too difficult or simply don’t believe in themselves. I am positive that most individuals realize that there are ways of making their dreams a reality but don’t believe the process can be easy; I am sure that some of those individuals believe LoA to be real but resist using it for various reasons.

Every time I attract things many don’t believe to be possible within hours, days or weeks, I realize how much I love to manifest all over again. I love it when I receive the exact work gigs I wanted. I love it when I manifest living somewhere I wanted to live. I love being offered even greater professional fees than I had imagined. I love manifesting contact from anyone I wanted to talk to. And, I love the feeling of immense excitement and gratitude every time I manifest intentionally.

Today, I loved manifesting one of my closest friends coming to visit me just weeks after I had taken a trip to see her. We’ve been close for twelve years and never failed to visit each other wherever we lived after college, the first day of which we had met. We spent a week together in June and wanted that to continue; we’d been talking about another week together since parting and today, an hour after I expressed gratitude for her coming to visit me, she informed me that she had booked her tickets.

In moments like these, my love for intentional manifestation seems to be the greatest whenever I do something to make both myself and others happy. When it comes to friendships and loves, we manifest mutual love and adoration. When it comes to manifesting the happiness, prosperity and well-being of others, we also manifest mutual love that is both ours for directing happy feelings at another and theirs for receiving the abundance of all sorts. If you wish someone well, their life will get even better.

Always wish others well – it will come back to you tenfold. Always manifest loving friendships and relationships, and cherish all those amazing individuals in your life. Always be convinced of your personal power and your ability to make others happy, and you will have the most amazing friendships and relationships in your life; your friends will support your relationships and your friendships will be even richer in love and value.