Why Affirmations?

Because you put all your focus into the feelings you feel and the words you repeat.

When feeling what you want to feel and repeating what you want to happen, you attract it.

Affirmation of the Day

Create an affirmation for right now.

Many find themselves dissatisfied with where they are but you must be happy in order to get even happier. This affirmation can get you there if you allow it. You could remove all resistance.

My affirmation for right now is,

I get what I want, when I want it.

This affirmation is going to make you happy in the present moment by knowing that your desired future is coming. Suddenly, you will know it’s yours which will make you see just how much you already have by knowing that even more is coming.

Does Impatience Cause Resistance?


Impatience equals resistance which leads to not manifesting. Impatience causes tension in the mind and the body, causing negativity and shielding us from positive thoughts!

Patience leads to instant manifestation because it doesn’t invite resistance or a lack of satisfaction with one’s current reality. With that, patience also leads to letting go.

If you are patient and grateful for your life as it is, you will be alright living without your desire which will allow you to let go and manifest.