Thought of the Day

You’re not putting effort into change because it’s easier to remain the person you are used to being.


Thought of the Day

As you love yourself more and more, you come to realize that you don’t want to be emotional to the point where it makes you uncomfortable.

Thought of the Day

Here’s a question – do we manifest what we truly want or are we usually lazy and only manifest what we absolutely need but not more?


Do you manifest abundance and joy or just survival? Do you have more than you need or just the necessity? Think about it. And please share your thoughts!Β 

What do you believe you deserve?

We should be comfortable having more than just the needed.Β 


Adapt the manifestation process to yourself. If you’re a go-getter, say to yourself that it’s yours and once you’ve convinced yourself of it, make the moves to make it happen.

If you prefer the things you love to just come to you, be sure that what you want is coming, then sit back and relax. Visualize it coming in the way that makes you feel so grateful and more love for life and the world than you can imagine.

If you’re a combination of both, mix and match.

You don’t have to be anyone other than yourself to make your dreams come true.

You deserve to have what you want.