Making peace with one’s past rarely means making peace with others in it; it was who you were that caused your life to happen. Your decisions, your convictions, your reactions to others.

Making peace with your past self is the answer. With that you, the one you had to be in order to become who you are today.



Do you truly believe in anything being possible for you?

We create what we believe ourselves to be capable of creating and likely of having.

When creating something new, some resistance will come up.

When fears appear, say “Thank you,” as they are a nudge from the Universe to overcome your false thoughts and become your most confident self.


Why can refusing to react to our negative thoughts be a difficult task to accomplish?

Beyond our histories and our old, limiting beliefs, I believe a strong force of habit is responsible for our reactions to paranoia, fears and false ideas causing doubts.

Maybe the Universe is simply telling us we need to develop new habits.


Those who only say they wish to change ask “How?” and after failing to receive an answer, give up because it’s easier that way.

Those who truly desire to change start looking for ways to do so, trying out various options until reaching the right one which they always knew they would find.

Those who truly believe in their desires are happy about having them already, loving them and being fascinated by them.

Those who truly believe their desires to belong to them are patient – they know they have created them regardless of outer appearances.