Those who only say they wish to change ask “How?” and after failing to receive an answer, give up because it’s easier that way.

Those who truly desire to change start looking for ways to do so, trying out various options until reaching the right one which they always knew they would find.

Those who truly believe in their desires are happy about having them already, loving them and being fascinated by them.

Those who truly believe their desires to belong to them are patient – they know they have created them regardless of outer appearances.



Some find it difficult to manifest specific people because they feel disconnected from them.


We are all connected – this is why attracting other individuals becomes easy once you allow it.

Feel connected to those you wish to be with every day.


What specific behaviors do I tend to adopt having achieved the feeling of the wish fulfilled?

One naturally starts to manifest new desires while being entirely calm and comfortable about having the last one already. When I know it’s mine, I can move onto something else, letting go in order to manifest.

Have you ever experienced this?


Don’t know where to start when it comes to the Law of Attraction?

Start by believing that anything is possible.

This belief will be necessary for you to adapt anyway, so why not start now?

In addition, this belief is a great reminder of your manifesting power if you ever find yourself in a rut; a sheer reminder of the fascinating energy that connects us is enough to bring us into alignment with our desires.


Kindness is a fantastic way to raise your vibration. Making yourself and others happy, you have allowed yourself to float in an endlessly loving energy.

Today, I helped an elderly woman by carrying her heavy bag of groceries. She was wonderfully grateful while I was happy and full of appreciation for my life. All I could feel was happiness for everything and everyone around me.

You may consider any act of kindness to be small but this is a false perception. Kindness is great and your helping hand can make someone’s day much happier and easier.

Just like we can never hurt others without hurting ourselves, we cannot make another happy without attracting happiness into our own lives as well.

For all these reasons, acts of kindness benefit everyone involved.


The history repeating itself is what I’m resisting.

This thought, once had in these exact words, made me stop resisting that particular fear.

What are you resisting? What do you fear? When admitting it to yourself, you will have faced the fear and it will leave your life forever.


How is one to deal with any upsetting behavior coming from the person they are wishing to manifest? By forgiving and accepting. A wise one is aware that they don’t always know why another is behaving a certain way; however, they may choose to still want this person or let them go if they don’t. Everyone’s hearts and souls are filled with goodness and everyone is simply trying to be happy. At the same time, everyone wants love. Everyone wants to feel the love beyond their comprehension but the wise ones know that they can generate it and direct it towards the person of their choice. The only question is, who will you choose?

Rumi said, “What you seek is seeking you.” The love you seek is also seeking you. It is already a part of you, waiting to be brought into your reality. Allow it to render you fearless, knowing your dreams are just around the corner. Be excited about it and it will appear even faster.

Do whatever it takes to feel good every day – your dream will become your reality in the blink of an eye.