How to Decide and Believe in Your Desires

And if something is going to happen, does it matter if it's now or later?

Where Do Positive Feelings About Our Desires Come From?

Admitting that we become upset with others because we are dissatisfied with ourselves isn't easy.


As I have said before, the first opportunity won’t always be the one when manifesting a specific goal.

Thought of the Day

We tend to become addicted to temporary highs, power or other people while the light, calm and unburdened feeling of happiness is the only thing we should be addicted to.

Thought of the Day

Whenever you think about your desire, tell yourself you have it. Tell yourself that it's yours.

Thought of the Day

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We respond to those that respond to us. If you want someone to like you, make sure you genuinely like them (by focusing on their qualities and accepting their imperfections), and show it! You can do this - simply feel confident about posessing plenty of qualities, all of which are enough to attract the person … Continue reading Thought of the Day

Thought of the Day

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You must visualize having it now so that you could have it, now!  See yourself living it now so you could allow yourself to receive it, now! Seeing it in the now removes resistance. If you worry about not seeing it too clearly, you create resistance! But if you keep believing, affirming and visualizing, it … Continue reading Thought of the Day