Thought of the Day

You don’t have any unmet “goals” to achieve – all your desires are already fulfilled and you are living in abundance.

Visualize your life this way and it will transform.


Thought of the Day

When I imagine myself living the life I want, not only do I imagine what I would love to happen but know that it is.

Not that it will – that it is. It already is.

Many steer clear from imagining their desired realities because it makes them too emotionally stirred up. They are afraid to feel. However, you shouldn’t be.

Remember a time when you got what you wanted in life – you felt it was yours and you just knew. Even when it made you nervous, you knew.

Don’t be afraid to feel – feelings produce rapid manifestations.

Thought of the Day

Reinvent yourself life quote

With conscious repetition of the desired, you can change your core beliefs to match your desired reality.

Choose what you change them into.

Choose love and abundance.

Manifesting Situation 

I manifested two new trips last week just because I had been visualizing that I was on an airplane. I’m not sure why but the thought of being on a plane just felt good; it always does but I think it was peaceful because of the idea of traveling somewhere specific, knowing where I’m going, reaching a destination. Deciding on a goal just brings a sense of peace. 

We like to know where we’re going and that is why deciding on a specific goal leads to rapid manifestation of one’s desire. 

garden in the sun

Thought of the Day 

For every desired manifestation, I only need to find the right affirmation.

With me, it’s not just about words – it’s about the right words.

The right affirmation triggers my being into most amazing visualizations, into the right visualizations.

How do I know they’re right? Because they reflect exactly what I wanted.

They make me feel the way I wanted to feel.

Thought of the Day

If you could pay attention to nothing about your current reality, only enjoying the positive emotion of your visualizations instead, you could change realities seamlessly. 

You would never again think about when exactly to let go and would never again have to think about practically putting your desire out of your mind to manifest – you’d simply do it. 

This might sound too creative but it is absolutely possible. 

I’ve done it before but am going to try it again for several days and report back. 

My Love of Visualization

There can never be too much discussion on visualization, if you ask me. My favorite manifestation tool, visualization is easy, natural and allows your desire to come to life.

When it comes to visualization, I don’t discuss so much as give praise. I absolutely love visualization and all the benefits I get from it.

However, I have been asked what to do in the moments of feeling poorly, simply in a bad mood and incapable of visualizing.

Visualization works best when one is feeling good. Simple, right? However, I find that the quickest way to bring the mood back up is to simply remember that your desire belongs to you already, just because you have asked for it. When you remember that, you can visualize again. Soon, your empty, negative thoughts will be silenced by the profound knowing that your desire is to be yours because that is what you asked for.

Visualization easily follows positive thoughts. When you feel good about yourself and anything else, you can easily see yourself having what you want.

Many times, it isn’t that you don’t feel good about your desire – you simply don’t feel good about yourself. If you are unhappy, you cannot find happiness in any manifestation! That is why inner peace must come first.

Visualization allows your desire to manifest. When you feel good and see yourself having what you want, you attract it to you. However, you must also be happy in the moments you are not directly living your desire in order to keep the good(s) coming into your life.

See what I mean?

Visualization allows you to become the person you want to be. By seeing yourself being the person you want to be, you become it. As that person, you can have and live anything you want.