Ask Me A Question, Answered!

Hope you’re having a great Sunday, everyone! It’s time to start our question-answering portion of the blog, and here’s an interesting inquiry to start with.

I’m writing this letter in order to get some advice from you. I’m relatively new in this Law of Attraction thing, and I would like to share with you my story. I want to know if it is really working and if I’m doing the things well.
All this little adventure began at the end of the last year. In the middle of this pandemic. I am living abroad, so I am not with my family at this moment. I wasn’t really interested in spirituality and I even knew nothing about Law of Attraction, beyond The Secret documentary. 
I saw a public figure doing his job. At the very beginning, I wasn’t really interested but I wanted something to entertain myself while I was dealing with this struggle. I found him very attractive, but nothing more than that. Like, you know. This person is objectively handsome, but I need something more than a pretty face to be *interested* in.
But then I was surfing in YouTube when I found by chance an interview of him. Thanks to that, I was able to see how funny and energetic he is. I felt very comfortable just watching him. And it was even contagious! Like, just watching at him I thought I would be able to run over the whole city hahaha It was very weird because that never happened to me with anyone. Not even with ex partners. It was weird, but I felt *good*. In the middle of this pandemic situation, that was like if I had found a treasure.
Nothing more weird happened after that. But then (again by chance), I found out a very good YouTube channel where the girl approaches the Law of Attraction in a very deep way. Almost intelectual. I’m curious by nature, so I kept watching and everything sounds very interesting to me. This YouTube channel was teaching *how* you can feel better living in your time present and using the Law of Attraction. So I suddenly asked myself: why if I try all of this methods and tools to be able to talk with that celebrity? You know. Get to contact him from any social media, and just meet him? You know, to try to be friends and then see what happens? Well, if I didn’t try, I won’t know it! Sounded pretty good for me, like a funny test game. And if it didn’t work it, at least I was developing myself in a healthy way. In fact, I feel much better and I’m more conscious of myself than never.
So this little game started, and I was wondering: How can I catch the eye of a person with millions of followers? That was the first step! Make him to know that I exist in the world. I was trying to solve this issue WHEN completely BY CHANCE (again) a friend of me sent to me a “fake video” of this person. It was pretty funny, and I was like: what if I upload this video and see what happens? I was shocked because I didn’t tell to no one that I want to make contact with this person, so it was a completely surprised that my friend suddenly sent me that funny video. I must say I didn’t make any LOA method, just visualisations. 
Well, when I upload the video the results where AMAZING. This person saw the video: he posted a comment, he shared it on his Stories and I was just feeling like if I was in a dream. Sounds pretty cliché but it’s the truth. To be fair, he is very kind and he always tries to pay attention to all of his fans. But still, it was amazing because to be honest I felt it very special.
So, I kept uploading these fake videos and editing funny pictures for him. And he keeps sharing them and sometimes he posts me some replies. One time he even replied to me sharing one of his likes, because we have the same favorite movie.
I know this is one of these big manifestations and it requires time until he sent to me a message or follow me. I just wanted to share my story just to know if I’m working in the “right direction” or if I’m doing something wrong. And to get any advice. I must say that I always talk to him in my posts like if he were a friend. Because I think that is better to show that we are equal, just two people.
Thank you for reading this whole letter. Cranberrie

Dear Cranberrie,

You are certainly moving in the right direction. Your positive feelings – the feelings of curiosity which deeply correspond to who you are – urged you to create videos, which made you feel good! You followed your natural instincts, such as engaging in the said curiosity, and manifested these things just by being yourself! You already possess a level of self-comfort and growing self-confidence necessary to manifest, and follow your natural instincts with complete confidence for this exact reason.

I often talk about self-confidence and comfort in my LoA teachings. They often come down to very simple actions, such as these natural behaviors you described in your letter. (Especially posting the first video just because you wanted to, and because it made you happy to; you kept a light energy of being okay with whatever the momentary result while knowing that you would make contact with this person soon enough anyway, even if it wasn’t through that first post, and yet it happened through it, instantly, as a result.)

We should do the things that make us happy in our current reality and only focus on our end goal, the big picture, but not micromanage our manifestation day to day. You didn’t do that. You knew he made you happy and that you would make contact eventually but tried something in the current reality out of pure joy. You did that entirely correctly. You are also correct in seeing yourself as his equal, which is another testament to your confidence as well as a mindset that makes it easier to believe that this can all happen easily – if you saw him as someone you put on a pedestal, it would be hard to imagine him in your life.

This is a piece of advice I want everyone currently reading or coaching with me to be reminded of all over again – putting the person you want in your life on a pedestal impairs your ability to visualize your togetherness.

You said you used visualization, and that is enough. You can affirm or visualize, or do nothing – LoA has no rules, as long as positive feelings about your desire are there. Feeling good is the only rule, and you felt good just watching him. Those feelings allowed your mind to come up with positive actions, such as sharing the first video which brought results.

We have to follow our natural expression and visualize our special person loving us for it. This makes LoA even easier! You seem to feel good seeing yourself as an easygoing person who shares many things in common with the man in question, and this is my assumption from you casually sharing that video because it was funny. I, on the other hand, feel good seeing myself as someone admired by the man I choose, which pushes me to habitually do my best. I visualize the man I want to attract seeing me in the way I always want to see and feel about myself! The way in which it matters to me to live and be seen. What are your defining traits and lifestyle? You should visualize him loving the things that you value in your character and lifestyle.

Your friend sending you that video without you ever mentioning him to anyone is proof that with positive thought, current reality starts changing seemingly out of thin air. You just enjoyed thinking about him, putting the current reality out of your mind at first, and then turning those thoughts of the current reality into a positive thing – sort of a “I don’t know him now but I want to meet him and I will” kind of mindset. In both of those scenarios you felt positive about the current reality, consciously or not. It is when we feel negativity about our past or the current reality that we prevent manifestation, and you didn’t do that.

Even your fun game test was thinking and feeling positive about the current reality! You approached it lightly, and that’s what visualization does. Visualization produces belief and lightness. Visualization only leads to good things! You expressed many positive manifestation-inducing energies in several ways so I am sure you will agree with that.

I would advise that you continue in this direction, minus assuming that it will neccesarily take a long time to manifest. Imagine that it’s yours already and visualize what you want to be doing together. Don’t even think about the time but imagine the two of you in situations that could suggest either friendship or dating – enjoying dinner, a table for two in a wine bar, a movie night. Only visualize when you feel like it, just like so far. Remember that this relationship, romantic or friendly, is yours already. In your life, simply do what makes you happy. Intentionally choose to do what you would enjoy doing every day, without guilt and with courage, like you do so far; whatever makes you happy, whether it’s related to him or completely unrelated and not even entailing any thoughts of him. Just go with those happy feelings.

In addition, nurture your confidence by knowing that your natural expression shows what a unique individual you are with every word you say. When you exchange social media messages, tell yourself that he’s coming into your life even sooner than you thought – that intention will go out into the Universe. Tell yourself that he wants to be in your life and sees how special and great you are, because we will set that intention in such a way as well. Tell yourself that he thinks you’re amazing just the way you are. And then, know that you are amazing, being exactly that! When you visualize, always think about you two being physically together and seeing how much he enjoys your company in his facial expressions, gestures etc.. You deserve to first feel about yourself the way you want any man to feel about you because then, it’ll be easy to imagine receiving the same from anyone. This will boost your confidence even more.

Right now, it seems like this might take a long time because of life’s circumstances and the lifelong social conditioning of certain people being out of reach. But if you continue to believe and have appreciation for him as well as yourself, you will be able to picture and feel natural about being with him sooner than you think!

When You Love and Value Yourself and Your Dreams

When you practice thinking that what you want is yours, a belief in miracles simply because there is no reason not to believe in them, and holding yourself accountable for your negative thoughts and daily practices while actively changing them to positive,

The day you wake up and your first instinctual thought is a positive one will happen inevitably.


Why is this going to happen?

Because you had been feeding your conscious mind positive affirmations, beliefs and practices until your subconscious one accepted a positive image of yourself. Your awareness just changed.

Suddenly, picturing yourself in your ideal life becomes natural. Believable. Miracles being a normal part of your reality. Including the miracle of this life manifesting – when you picture yourself in it, you feel like it already has. It feels real. Natural. You know it’s yours. You see it so easily that it feels like you’re there already.

You stop questioning whether or not it could ever be yours, whether or not you ever did. Now that you can see yourself there so easily, you know that it’s yours.

First, you changed your level of positive thinking and self-confidence; second, you chose to think about the things you love instead of the things that frustrate you. Third, you were able to see yourself in a great place suited for a happy person – living your dreams. You were able to see it as easily as you always see the current reality.

This life that many couldn’t even imagine themselves having? You feel it being yours already. Easily. It’s natural to you, natural that you would live in such blessings.

This is how you deserve to feel.

Manifesting Situation 

I manifested two new trips last week just because I had been visualizing that I was on an airplane. I’m not sure why but the thought of being on a plane just felt good; it always does but I think it was peaceful because of the idea of traveling somewhere specific, knowing where I’m going, reaching a destination. Deciding on a goal just brings a sense of peace. 

We like to know where we’re going and that is why deciding on a specific goal leads to rapid manifestation of one’s desire. 

My Love of Visualization

There can never be too much discussion on visualization, if you ask me. My favorite manifestation tool, visualization is easy, natural and allows your desire to come to life.

When it comes to visualization, I don’t discuss so much as give praise. I absolutely love visualization and all the benefits I get from it.

However, I have been asked what to do in the moments of feeling poorly, simply in a bad mood and incapable of visualizing.

Visualization works best when one is feeling good. Simple, right? However, I find that the quickest way to bring the mood back up is to simply remember that your desire belongs to you already, just because you have asked for it. When you remember that, you can visualize again. Soon, your empty, negative thoughts will be silenced by the profound knowing that your desire is to be yours because that is what you asked for.

Visualization easily follows positive thoughts. When you feel good about yourself and anything else, you can easily see yourself having what you want.

Many times, it isn’t that you don’t feel good about your desire – you simply don’t feel good about yourself. If you are unhappy, you cannot find happiness in any manifestation! That is why inner peace must come first.

Visualization allows your desire to manifest. When you feel good and see yourself having what you want, you attract it to you. However, you must also be happy in the moments you are not directly living your desire in order to keep the good(s) coming into your life.

See what I mean?

Visualization allows you to become the person you want to be. By seeing yourself being the person you want to be, you become it. As that person, you can have and live anything you want.

Visualize and Let Go?

I’ve noticed something I do and wanted to share it with you.

Sometimes, I just dive into entirely real visualizations of my desires. These visualizations are so lifelike that I occasionally end up confused after snapping out of them, so to speak. They make me so happy that I can easily say, “It’s going to happen,” and let go. Then, I continue to ride on the good mood from these visualizations for a long time, naturally seeking out more and more activities providing good feelings throughout the day.

Some make a mistake by focusing on how their manifestation might come about and what might be happening with it right now. I believe that these worries and ideas are nothing but a product of dissatisfaction with one’s current circumstances and unfulfilled needs.

It is only necessary to create a happy reality for oneself; filling one’s life with love, happiness, a beloved profession, pets, travel, supportive individuals and fun activities combined with self-confidence will make you realize you are the person capable of fulfilling your own needs.

The need for a specific desire to manifest is created when the said desire comes from a negative place. If the reason for the manifestation you want to experience is to escape your current reality in one way or another, you will feel the need to manifest as soon as possible. The problem is that needs create more of the same, therefore the more you try to escape and the faster you try to manifest, your need will grow and continue to prevent the said desire from manifesting in your reality.

That is why being happy now is most important. Find some appreciation for your current circumstances and little by little, you will be able to picture living the life you want.

Stop being upset with your current circumstances or your negative thoughts – they’re insignificant. You have the power to change your life this very moment.

Keeping Focus on Your Ultimate Goal

Since I mentioned this in my last few blog comments, I will elaborate on it now.

Some find themselves to be capable of keeping a limited amount of focus on their end goal while overthinking its potential development or painful past experiences in the meantime.

Several times, I’ve manifested using the following set of personally devised steps.

  1. Capture the feeling of having/living your desire now. See yourself in it. Dare to feel overwhelmed with love, having received your desire. Feel it! Then, say “Thank you.”
  2. Ask the Universe to give your desire to you and then, thank the Universe for having received it. You will end up using almost the exact same words for both. I think both of those because I know that as soon as I ask, my desired reality is created. Then, the only thing left is to receive it.
  3. Every time you feel tempted to entertain your negative thoughts (if you do at all), remember that since you asked for your desire, you must receive it.
  4. Whenever you want to (if you do), remember the feeling of having/living your desire from step one. If you would rather let go completely and forget about your desire until it manifests, you can.

This exceptionally brief series of steps often allows me to manifest within six, twelve or twenty-four hours. Other times, immediately, depending on the desire in question or how quickly I let go/am ready to receive what I had asked for.


For one, focusing on the path your desire takes to manifest into your life will only lower your vibration. You will most likely want it to manifest faster, losing grasp on the gratitude you should feel for it.

Instead, be grateful that your desire is coming to you. Be grateful for your reality of living it, which will manifest soon.

Another reason why you should stop thinking about the path of your manifestation is your awareness of not having it yet. You can playfully imagine how it might happen but not cling to any of those ways.

Focusing on the “how” part can induce a sense of fear almost effortlessly. In my case, I don’t want to know how my desire will manifest – that part holds amazing surprises so why spoil it?

Be open to the most amazing surprises of your life! Be confident in yourself because you are unique and beautiful. Admire the person you are!

All of this sounds so simple only because it is.

My Recent Visualization Methods – Specific Examples

I’ve been manifesting thicker, richer, healthier hair. Three days ago, I went to my hairdresser’s for a cut and color – no matter where I stay, work or travel to, I always return to my hairdresser of five years. She’s an artist who loves her job and runs her business impeccably. One of her associates saw me in February and informed me in amazement that my hair had become thicker and stronger. She was stumped at the palpable difference while I was grateful for her observation.

While manifesting stronger and richer head of hair, I never visualized it while standing in front of the mirror.

I visualized myself observing my thick head of hair in the mirror. In my mind, I felt my new, thicker hair in my fingers while tying it in a bun, its silky texture evoking gratitude in me. I loved my new hair.

At first, I didn’t attempt to see my new hair while actually standing in front of the mirror – I wasn’t sure if I could easily visualize it while looking at my hair as it was. I said to myself that I would wait until I was motivated to visualize my new hair beyond the current; had I been ready sooner, it probably would have taken less than three months for my hair to start filling out. However, this entire experience reminded me of the following.

“I love my hair, but it’s just hair,” I figured. “I love my hair as it is and I know that it’s becoming increasingly gorgeous in this process so whenever it happens, it’s OK. I got this. Thank You.”

Then, I let it go. Whenever my new hair came to mind, I expressed gratitude to the Universe for having it and let it go. Whenever I became aware that my hair was still not everything I wanted, I changed my feelings by refocusing on its ideal state, expressed gratitude to the Universe for having it and let it go once again.

I loved what was and knew that even more was coming.

The part of letting go came easily when I decided my new hair was a done deal and I had plenty to do as well as be grateful for until then. I loved my hair just as it was and I knew that my new hair was on its way (funny as that sounds). Appreciating what you have while knowing that what you want is on its way is an essential factor of successful manifestation. Visualizing your desire without feeling the need to have it is another factor – attaching negative energy to your visualization will keep you where you are instead of allowing you to move forward. Attaching palpable feeling to your visualizations creates the awareness of having them already.

One day last week, I hadn’t made any plans. Out of inspiration to write, I felt what it would be like to have an unplanned adventure. Less than an hour later, my mother showed up and said she was taking me to lunch. Completely unplanned, we ended up lunching and shopping; that entire afternoon made me feel happy, light, motivated and inspired.

In this case, there was no visualization present in terms of a specific event. I simply knew what I wanted while my energy attached to it was free-flowing. That particular time, it had more to do with the feeling rather than the visualization itself. Since I had no specific event or idea in mind, I was able to let it go with even less effort. I only knew how I wanted to feel, which was enough. I was grateful for a fun and easy afternoon.

Even though this story might sound like an entirely likely manifestation for anyone, it is important to know that any manifestation can be just as easily obtainable to anyone, as the Law of Attraction works on the exact same principle in every single case.

From personal examination, I have learned that the more specific I am about what I wish to manifest, the happier I am. I don’t find much happiness in manifesting a generic person with the traits I like – I prefer to have a specific person in mind. Others prefer to “create” an ideal person first and then manifest a relationship with them. Either way, we get what we think about.

An Introduction to My Visualization Methods

For the past two days, I’ve been examining my own visualization practice.

My visualizations go beyond merely visualizing – they’re my reality. I see them everywhere, every day, regardless of what I do. I am able to follow anything going on in front of me while visualizing with my eyes open if I choose to – that way, my visualization feels just as real as my everyday life.

I often remember how natural living my greatest desires starts to feel when my open-eyed visualizations start to feel like remembering an event that already happened. We all know what it’s like to have our minds wander – I allow mine to wander in the direction of my desires, remembering an event related to them as if it had occurred already.

Allowing any event visualized to feel natural to you, as natural as reading this article right now, ensures rapid manifestation. However, I understand this takes courage and faith in one’s own abilities. I also know those qualities can be developed with a little practice.

I simply feel and love when visualizing. For any visualization to be fulfilling enough to avoid any kind of thinking about “when” it might manifest, it must be detailed enough to be palpable and evoke an immensely loving sensation.

When allowing my visualizations to be palpable, I feel the tingles running. When manifesting a specific person, I feel his arms around me. When manifesting work engagements, I experience shaking hands with associates. The idea of any visualization being realistic enough to smell, touch, see or hear is the key to experiencing it fully and letting it go effortlessly as a result. If unable to let go of their desires in order to see them manifest, one tends to be highly aware of not having what they want just yet – this is where visualization can be of great use.

My visualizations often tell me whether I hold any specific fears when it comes to my manifestations – I figure this out by observing the feelings I project towards those visualizations.

Methods of visualization can change with practice. In the beginning, some may find it easier to focus on visualization quietly, their eyes closed, relaxing into the feeling of living their greatest desire. Neville Goddard recommended the minutes before falling asleep as prime visualization time, an effortless state of physical relaxation which ensures minimal to no resistance. I find this particular piece of advice invaluable because it produces happiness, wonderful dreams and the feeling of living the said desire.

Open-eyed visualization is a method that becomes effortless as the feeling of having one’s desire already increases. It starts to happen spontaneously and when it does, it is important to feel gratitude for it – a highly efficient way of making this type of visualization an entirely natural experience.

Visualization can be used in various ways – to obtain the feeling of having one’s desire already, remember an event one wishes to relive, create an alternate reality which makes the current obsolete… In order to make my visualizations immensely loving but light, I must be prepared to happily live that which I visualize; otherwise my mind will protect me from manifesting it as I will not be entirely comfortable with living my desire.

Over-The-Top Visualizations and Letting Go – Love

When manifesting a specific person, I often chose a visualization that is slightly overboard in common sense. This type of visualization allows me to let go immediately yet gives me an indescribable rush of emotion.

This type of visualization is practically fantasizing but allows for putting a lot of emotion into it yet feeling it as if it were reality now, rendering another strong flow of emotion. As a result, this fantasy readily appears in my life, leaving me almost speechless and confused.

It wasn’t always necessary for me to do this. When the most basic relationship situation would manage to give me enough emotion, I focused on it. I could easily see myself with some people in day-to-day situations but visualizing more distant ones would allow me to feel more. I used over-the-top visualizations on individuals I felt I was attached to more than most, the ones I liked more than most. Over the years, simply imagining myself in regular relationships with them got to feel trite therefore I began taking my scenarios to the next level.

An over-the-top visualization represents an event you would love to experience with your specific person but you may only love the idea of it while the reality would scare you a little. This visualization usually describes an event in the future which you may even wish to experience one day but having the option of it now would be more than you would ever expect to receive.

I composed this theory when suddenly becoming involved with a man I shared a complicated past with but cared about deeply. Then, I shared an idea with one of my closest friends about living with him. This idea would give me a rush of emotion at the very thought of it. I didn’t even consider bringing it into my concrete reality as it was such a distant idea – I had just found it to be a very vibrant fantasy. I awoke my inner child and played with it. Then, something amazing happened.

I completely let go of the idea weeks later and moved on with my life, as this was just a game to me. However, he suddenly, almost immediately, began behaving differently. Even though we lived in different countries, he was asking to see me as if I lived around the corner. Even the thought of him behaving so differently gave me a rush of emotion – I had no idea what was going on! Since I spent many years in his native country and visited a lot, I was due for another visit a month later and had told him that. He was determined to meet me on the day of my arrival and we got to talking. From not seeing each other for months, we jumped into couple mode immediately, with him talking about our future in the way that matched my fantasies exactly. I had no idea what was going on – he seemed like a completely different person! Then, the same close friend of mine reminded me that I had manifested it. Completely forgetting I had ever said I found something amazing in the idea of living with him, she was wondering why I was in shock when he suddenly talked about our life together. She was hardly surprised but I learned how truly careful we needed to be about what we wished for because we might get exactly that, and more.

This relationship didn’t last as along the way, I failed to see myself happily coupled with him. I had changed my mind, which is okay to do. Regardless of how hard we tried, we eventually started arguing constantly and gave up. Oh, well. It was a great experience that gave me an insight into my manifesting powers and for that, I will always be grateful.

In other cases of the past, I would use over-the-top visualizations of my chosen partners and I falling madly in love within days…and vocalizing it. I used this tactic to a great extent four years ago; everyone was in utter disbelief at all the “I love yous” flying around in my relationships.

At the time, I found the idea of being open to love amazing and new. Having ended a long-term relationship, I was thrilled to see myself alive and well and open to finding an even bigger and better love.

In early 2011, I started one of the most intense relationships I had ever experienced. Our feelings for each other had been building up for months and once we started things up, everything became even more intense. Then, I told a friend that I was expecting an “I love you” within ten days. I received it six hours later. I wanted to know that magical feeling of being happily in love again. After this relationship ended, I started another one. We had become intensely close which only escalated once we became a couple. In this case, the first “I love you” came from me – the situation was perfect for it and I felt it. He responded immediately and we were both in disbelief of how magical and easy it all was. In retrospect, every relationship should be that easy, regardless of the specific elements one wants to manifest in it; the best part is, we all have the ability to make it happen.

Just last night, I was completely stricken with my realization of how much over-the-top visualizations help me. I attempted to visualize an event that seemed natural and grew bored. Then, I started visualizing an over-the-top event and suddenly felt light while experiencing a rush of positive emotion. I was completely filled with love and bliss, unable to fall asleep.

When using an over-the-top visualization, I never think about how to bring it into my reality, as it seems so distant and even slightly crazy. However, when these things arrive, they feel incredibly exciting yet natural. I am so used to seeing my life evolve rapidly and in epic directions that manifesting circumstances aligning in this way is what I and even my closest friends almost expect. When an over-the-top visualization is used, one brings their dream into the present moment effortlessly, in feeling and then in the experience.

The factor of letting go in over-the-top visualizations applies effortlessly when one truly chooses a visualization which represents a wild, dream-come-true end result in the future. Then, one never thinks about consciously bringing it into the now but simply feels that should this happen now, it would be the biggest thing in their life. It would truly be a dream-come-true.

I found that what I consider an over-the-top visualization works like a charm in my case.