Where Do Positive Feelings About Our Desires Come From?

Admitting that we become upset with others because we are dissatisfied with ourselves isn't easy.

Resisting an Easy Life? Then You’re Going Against the Universe.

Making sense of the current reality is challenging enough but what can happen in a manifestation process is noticing the absence of a desire becoming one's entire point of focus on the current reality. This never happens intentionally. I mean, who would actually want to notice the absence of their desired manifestation?! No one. However, … Continue reading Resisting an Easy Life? Then You’re Going Against the Universe.

Thought of the Day

Approach what you dislike calmly. Face, admit and express your dislike of something or someone without anger.  You don't have to feel positive about everything you know but simply face it, express it without emotion - just stating facts - and then ignore it. If you allow yourself to engage in the negative emotion about … Continue reading Thought of the Day

Are You Ashamed of Your Past/Present?

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If you are, it might be the reason you keep getting stuck, manifesting the same situations over and over again, without knowing how to break free and manifest what you want for a change. Is shame the manifesting block you have been trying to pinpoint and overcome? If so, you are now on your way … Continue reading Are You Ashamed of Your Past/Present?