Coaching Course – Effortless Manifestation

Effortless Manifestation


This is a weeklong coaching program in which I lay out my personal manifestation method. All about creating positive personal convictions and belief, leading to manifesting on autopilot, my personal method can be applied to any goal.

Effortless Manifestation

A Course in Manifesting on Autopilot

Apply to any desire and attract it into your life!

If you’re either vaguely familiar with or well versed in LoA, you will benefit from my method. Even though specific in its principles of building your belief, it is highly adaptable to everyone because it feels great! You will walk away feeling more empowered than ever.

Yes, I also offer a weekly plan of 100% personalized coaching in which we discuss how to manifest your desires, build your belief based on your personality, deconstruct your main manifestation blocks and boost your unique confidence. My personalized weekly coaching entails mutual communication and response – it is like a coaching call but over my videos made just for you and your responses to them.

Effortless Manifestation is a set of pre-made videos, a coaching course for everyone, and deals exclusively with the concept of manifesting on autopilot. However, it is also shared through WhatsApp, so you may keep the videos forever. It goes into every detail of my personal technique which is based on deciding your desire belongs to you, developing kickass confidence and thinking positive. In this plan, you will receive the videos containing this manifestation method whether or not you send feedback. It will be up to you how much you reveal about yourself, if anything. It will be up to you if you even respond to those videos, which you will be able to do over WhatsApp or email.

Maybe you’re ready to embark upon coaching but aren’t ready to reveal personal feelings or discuss your situation even in a confidential environment so this type of program would suit you best.

This course will be covering the following:

  • Reframing your mind and feelings to see manifestation and the attraction of your goals as easy and doable.
  • Creating and keep the feeling of excitement for your desire, boosting manifestation.
  • Improving self-confidence, the awareness of deserving your dreams and the awareness of them being a done deal.
  • Rapidly dealing with and moving on from self-doubt, whenever they arrive.
  • How to visualize easily.

Terms and Conditions

  • The videos of this coaching program will be delivered to you personally so you could keep them permanently.
  • For a week long run, this course is currently offered for the price of $150. Investing in yourself will pay off.
  • This course is non-refundable.

Payment methods include but are not limited to debit and credit cards, PayPal and Venmo.

For those interested, please email:

See you soon! Happy manifesting.