A Profound Elimination of Resistance

The time has come to discuss the idea of negative thoughts, resistance, inner blocks, limited beliefs and fears – in short, anything that feels like an energy block.

I truly believe that blocks and resistance MUST BE ALLOWED TO APPEAR AND PASS. Resisting these sensations makes them stick in your mind, up to the point of attaching emotion to them, attracting unpleasant events and circumstances into your life as a result.

That makes me think it’s only our reaction to resistance we need to overcome; maybe that reactions is resistance in itself.

From my experience with negative thoughts, they are unreal, irrational and practically borderline paranoid. The ones I experienced never, ever manifested in their imagined form – they merely perpetuated a specific feeling in my mind until I decided to check their accuracy in life, causing trouble over nothing as a result. My negative thoughts served as a warning that I hadn’t spent enough time getting clear on what I genuinely wanted.

When dedicated to resisting and being upset over negative thoughts, my energy attracted other unpleasant events into my life which were completely unrelated and unnecessary. The point of negative thoughts is NOT to warn you about something or someone plotting against you – they exist to give you a chance to resolve any negative feelings you hold about yourself. Once I realized this, I welcomed any form of resistance as a chance to get to know myself better as well as clear my energy in the process of becoming the person I’ve always wanted to be. The refusal to react to these thoughts emotionally took brief practice but as we all know, practice leads to mastery.

Resistance can work for you, giving you a chance to feel deep gratitude over your life transforming already (as you feel it happening). A technique to use can be switching to feeling gratitude that your life has changed and that you now have your desired reality whenever resistance appears.

Another trick I learned from The Secret – proclaim to the Universe that your positive thoughts are powerful while your negative thoughts are weak. Then, only focus on the positive thoughts. I liked this technique because it’s a one-time action and once completed, easy to remember if one ever becomes swept away by their negative thoughts.

There are various ways of dealing with blocks I had used in the past. When manifesting a relationship I didn’t feel 100% about, I would find an aspect of it I loved to focus on. This aspect may have been my being the woman who dated a younger man, a woman who proved she could manifest anything she wanted, a woman who found love with one of her closest male friends… As the Law of Attraction is all about you, the way my relationship made me feel was the key to my success. At the time I was amused by being the woman who had suddenly begun to date a younger man, breaking conventions and showing even modern day individuals in their mid-20s and early 30s (many of whom still nurtured aged values) that it was possible to enjoy life fearlessly, I became that woman.

A great technique for overcoming resistance – love change instead of fearing it.

Change is beautiful and it can take any form you desire. Without change, you cannot go from your old to your new life – at least a little change is going to occur. All these steps will lead you to the main event:

The greatest form of breaking resistance is simply opening your heart.

Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. There are various forms of expressing love but the intention behind them is the same. Personally, I use heart energy to open my heart to the newness I am manifesting. To some, mind energy is the way to manifest but I am a heart energy type.

A significant block I had to overcome in life was setting aside fantasies I had been harboring since childhood in order to make room for my current desires. While manifesting a new reality, I would occasionally experience a reflex attempting to return me to the plans burned deep into my memory; I had to remind myself that I could always return to them if need be.

My self-confidence is my core value, if you will. I know that I can have anything I want. The awareness of always having what you want brings endless benefits when it comes to using the Law of Attraction – it is what I personally rely on when it comes to manifesting.

One of the most important factors of overcoming blocks was admitting that I only needed my own support. That’s the only thing that makes me happy. We can’t rely on anyone’s support – not even our parents’ or loved ones. At any time, an action you take could make your loved one change their minds about supporting you unconditionally, leaving you frustrated and feeling alone. They might not agree with every single step you make, even though they love you; even when they disagree with you, you have to trust yourself. Your parents love you but some parents won’t admit that they want at least some part in your decision making. They might think they know what makes you happy or know better than you do. Parenthood has all the most loving intentions but when it comes to the aspect of support it should provide, it can be a confusing practice.

When needing your support alone, everyone else is suddenly eager to give it to you. Believing in yourself is magnetic to all desirable circumstances and manifestations.

Resistance is inevitable but the ways of dealing with it are optional. View it as an opportunity to get to know yourself. Know that it cannot hold any power over you unless you choose so – we add meaning and therefore, energy, to anything we choose.

That’s what life is and what creation means – everything is of the same magnitude while we merely choose what we wish to experience.


Law of Attraction and Free Individuals

Do you know anyone who simply doesn’t care about opinions of others yet they are widely adored?

The energy movement of this phenomenon is fascinating – these individuals have all the approval they desire from themselves and don’t need it from anyone else. At the same time, this very approval makes them feel great about themselves, as they are not slaves to anyone else’s opinion which would be an exhausting way to live.

These individuals do as they wish while respecting others. They dare to live from their hearts alone and are rewarded for it. How amazing is that – you can be rewarded just for being yourself?

As we all get what we give, these individuals always receive even more love than they give out to the world just by sharing their happiness. These individuals are increasingly motivated to share and spread love, as their naturally happy state ensures wanting to make others feel the same in their own lives. Their happiness is almost instinctual, as they seem organically unable to stay in an unhappy state, situation or circumstance – when finding themselves there, they need to get out.

These individuals are driven by happiness, which puts them in line with their true heart’s desires – this is why the Law of Attraction is all about you in your life and me in mine.

Do you truly desire what you say you desire? Does it clash with anything else you desire or value? If it does, you can work on putting the two together by manifesting a reality that makes them work together. You must be brave enough to create new circumstances and unconditionally believe in your new reality.

Those who are naturally driven by their opinions alone are so because that is what makes them feel good. They feel good about their choices and decisions and do not respond negatively to those who try to undermine them. These people know that critics are just unhappy people who look for imperfections and they feel compassion for those critics deep down. They are able to look their critic in the eye and say, “You deserve to be happy. I respect you and your choices but you deserve happiness. Be as happy as I am – make it happen for yourself. You can do this!”

They give love and receive it in return.

For these reasons, those who genuinely go by nothing but their inner compass and are able to say “This is what I want” without needing approval from anyone else. In turn, many (if not most) others approve of their choices – this is because we continue to receive what we are used to having. They’re used to approval from themselves alone therefore never need it from anyone else. They love self-approval and that’s all they need – everyone else is eager to give them the same as a result.

The Law of Attraction principle visible when it comes to those individuals is very clear. Without the need for love and approval and due to generating it themselves, these individuals never need it and therefore receive even more of it.

The same principle can be applied to anything you are manifesting while you must feel happy about your desire. If you don’t, nobody else will nor will they approve.

Unless you feel happy about having your desire, you will feel the need for it to appear, aware of its absence in your reality; then, that absence will continue until you change your thoughts.


My Recent Visualization Methods – Specific Examples

I’ve been manifesting thicker, richer, healthier hair. Three days ago, I went to my hairdresser’s for a cut and color – no matter where I stay, work or travel to, I always return to my hairdresser of five years. She’s an artist who loves her job and runs her business impeccably. One of her associates saw me in February and informed me in amazement that my hair had become thicker and stronger. She was stumped at the palpable difference while I was grateful for her observation.

While manifesting stronger and richer head of hair, I never visualized it while standing in front of the mirror.

I visualized myself observing my thick head of hair in the mirror. In my mind, I felt my new, thicker hair in my fingers while tying it in a bun, its silky texture evoking gratitude in me. I loved my new hair.

At first, I didn’t attempt to see my new hair while actually standing in front of the mirror – I wasn’t sure if I could easily visualize it while looking at my hair as it was. I said to myself that I would wait until I was motivated to visualize my new hair beyond the current; had I been ready sooner, it probably would have taken less than three months for my hair to start filling out. However, this entire experience reminded me of the following.

“I love my hair, but it’s just hair,” I figured. “I love my hair as it is and I know that it’s becoming increasingly gorgeous in this process so whenever it happens, it’s OK. I got this. Thank You.”

Then, I let it go. Whenever my new hair came to mind, I expressed gratitude to the Universe for having it and let it go. Whenever I became aware that my hair was still not everything I wanted, I changed my feelings by refocusing on its ideal state, expressed gratitude to the Universe for having it and let it go once again.

I loved what was and knew that even more was coming.

The part of letting go came easily when I decided my new hair was a done deal and I had plenty to do as well as be grateful for until then. I loved my hair just as it was and I knew that my new hair was on its way (funny as that sounds). Appreciating what you have while knowing that what you want is on its way is an essential factor of successful manifestation. Visualizing your desire without feeling the need to have it is another factor – attaching negative energy to your visualization will keep you where you are instead of allowing you to move forward. Attaching palpable feeling to your visualizations creates the awareness of having them already.

One day last week, I hadn’t made any plans. Out of inspiration to write, I felt what it would be like to have an unplanned adventure. Less than an hour later, my mother showed up and said she was taking me to lunch. Completely unplanned, we ended up lunching and shopping; that entire afternoon made me feel happy, light, motivated and inspired.

In this case, there was no visualization present in terms of a specific event. I simply knew what I wanted while my energy attached to it was free-flowing. That particular time, it had more to do with the feeling rather than the visualization itself. Since I had no specific event or idea in mind, I was able to let it go with even less effort. I only knew how I wanted to feel, which was enough. I was grateful for a fun and easy afternoon.

Even though this story might sound like an entirely likely manifestation for anyone, it is important to know that any manifestation can be just as easily obtainable to anyone, as the Law of Attraction works on the exact same principle in every single case.

From personal examination, I have learned that the more specific I am about what I wish to manifest, the happier I am. I don’t find much happiness in manifesting a generic person with the traits I like – I prefer to have a specific person in mind. Others prefer to “create” an ideal person first and then manifest a relationship with them. Either way, we get what we think about.

An Introduction to My Visualization Methods

For the past two days, I’ve been examining my own visualization practice.

My visualizations go beyond merely visualizing – they’re my reality. I see them everywhere, every day, regardless of what I do. I am able to follow anything going on in front of me while visualizing with my eyes open if I choose to – that way, my visualization feels just as real as my everyday life.

I often remember how natural living my greatest desires starts to feel when my open-eyed visualizations start to feel like remembering an event that already happened. We all know what it’s like to have our minds wander – I allow mine to wander in the direction of my desires, remembering an event related to them as if it had occurred already.

Allowing any event visualized to feel natural to you, as natural as reading this article right now, ensures rapid manifestation. However, I understand this takes courage and faith in one’s own abilities. I also know those qualities can be developed with a little practice.

I simply feel and love when visualizing. For any visualization to be fulfilling enough to avoid any kind of thinking about “when” it might manifest, it must be detailed enough to be palpable and evoke an immensely loving sensation.

When allowing my visualizations to be palpable, I feel the tingles running. When manifesting a specific person, I feel his arms around me. When manifesting work engagements, I experience shaking hands with associates. The idea of any visualization being realistic enough to smell, touch, see or hear is the key to experiencing it fully and letting it go effortlessly as a result. If unable to let go of their desires in order to see them manifest, one tends to be highly aware of not having what they want just yet – this is where visualization can be of great use.

My visualizations often tell me whether I hold any specific fears when it comes to my manifestations – I figure this out by observing the feelings I project towards those visualizations.

Methods of visualization can change with practice. In the beginning, some may find it easier to focus on visualization quietly, their eyes closed, relaxing into the feeling of living their greatest desire. Neville Goddard recommended the minutes before falling asleep as prime visualization time, an effortless state of physical relaxation which ensures minimal to no resistance. I find this particular piece of advice invaluable because it produces happiness, wonderful dreams and the feeling of living the said desire.

Open-eyed visualization is a method that becomes effortless as the feeling of having one’s desire already increases. It starts to happen spontaneously and when it does, it is important to feel gratitude for it – a highly efficient way of making this type of visualization an entirely natural experience.

Visualization can be used in various ways – to obtain the feeling of having one’s desire already, remember an event one wishes to relive, create an alternate reality which makes the current obsolete… In order to make my visualizations immensely loving but light, I must be prepared to happily live that which I visualize; otherwise my mind will protect me from manifesting it as I will not be entirely comfortable with living my desire.

Awareness vs. Mind (In Short)

Some believe their busy minds disturb the flow of their manifestations. “How can I stop negative thoughts from coming?,” they ask, allowing their minds to do the leading instead of the following. We’ve all done this in our lives and manifestations; this problem that can end with an easy change of focus.

One often allows their mind to dictate the course of their awareness instead of allowing it to follow.

How do we allow a mind to follow?

We stick to the awareness of having our desires already. Whenever a mind introduces an undesirable idea, we simply choose to refuse to accept it. This refusal has to be done calmly and even lovingly if possible, as the mind will accept what an awareness decides to allow.

For this to work, one’s awareness must contain one’s authentic dreams, true heart’s desires, comfort around them and an organic sensation of the said desires belonging in one’s life.

For this to work, the love for one’s desires must be immense, as that very love holds the power to create the feeling of ease around them.

Who you choose to be is your awareness – the heart leads this awareness through creation while the mind follows. Mind follows heart while the heart should stream through the awareness.

My awareness equals who I choose to be and therefore what I attract while the mind only follows. So when my mind presents fears and unwanted thoughts, I simply ignore them because what I choose to accept equals what I manifest; at the same time, I don’t accept everything my mind attempts to suggest. I only choose what I like.

Once you start following your awareness and your choices, feeling truly happy about your manifestation decisions, life improves.

Fantasizing or Dreaming?

How and when are the concepts of visualizing and “feeling as if” applied correctly? The energy behind one’s thoughts is the essence of creation yet sometimes produces the opposite of one’s conscious desire.

Specific energy leading to creation is the essence of an individual projecting it – relaxed or tense, confident or fearful, positive or negative, containing each and every belief they have ever accepted.

Neville Goddard explained the difference between the dream of living a desire and letting it happen through the Law of Attraction as opposed to experiencing an energetic void behind the said desire only to be lost in futile daydreaming. I explain this as a distinction between fantasizing and a dreaming – two concepts implying completely distinct energies.

Fantasizing about one’s desire implies disbelief that the said desire can be obtained in one’s reality. Dubbing any desire a “fantasy” suggests its existence in a distant world which can only ever be in one’s mind, never in their life. When one fantasizes, their energy says “I wish I could have this but it’ll never happen,” holding any desire at an impossible distance with disbelief in one’s power to create.

To dream it and let it happen suggests one has absolute faith in their manifesting power as well as the reality of their desire. When any desire is dubbed a “dream,” positive emotion is put into the feeling of having it already as well as being immensely grateful for one’s perfect reality.

To dream it and let it happen proves one feels immense love for their desire and holds true belief in its manifestation. This reality truly is a dream come true, as one knows that it belongs to them already. Our desires may have been with us for a significant amount of time or they could be brand new yet strangely familiar, seemingly having thread through the course of a lifetime already. This is a sensation often found in a soul mate or a love relationship, in case one doesn’t include the other.

A fantasy suggests using imagination to gain a blurred, emotionless view of something they don’t truly see themselves living. Why bother?

A desire can be something one always knew they wanted – this notion alone is enough to experience love followed by an unstoppable flow of positive events.

A mere idea of one’s desire could have been present throughout their lifetime but the second it is materialized through a specific channel (i.e. finding the perfect person one has always imagined), this desire becomes both new and familiar, beautiful and impossible to imagine life without. This energy alone can (and should) cause an outburst of love and gratitude for already living any desire imaginable. This is no fantasy – these feelings are entirely real. Dreaming and letting it happen is a concept based on love and when that love is present, those desires become our dreams, already in the process of coming true.

Dreaming, then letting it happen means treating one’s desire like a dream come true right now. Take the feeling of having your desire already and move it into the present time. Love it!

Dreams exist to be manifested! Dreams want to come true just as much as we want them to – give them a chance to manifest using your belief! Give them life by giving yourself the feeling of having them in yours. Experience the feeling of having your dream life now and soon, the concept of “fantasizing” will fade away.

The Meaning of Expectation and Receiving

“We receive exactly what we expect to receive.” (John Holland)

Always start from this thought. Be willing to know your desire is yours simply because you have decided so. Settle for nothing else, less or other; only what you love and want.

When you know your desire belongs to you already and is on its way to manifesting, you naturally expect to receive it and prepare your world for its arrival. This is the place your actions should flow from.

Sometimes, it seems to me that this conviction is the only aspect of the Law of Attraction one should essentially work on.

You’ve heard this advice before: “Make room in your closet for his/her clothes.” I say, when you know your desire of a relationship with your perfect person belongs to you and feel nothing but love and gratitude for it, you will naturally come to taking this particular or similar action – it will be an idea coming from your heart because you’ll be thrilled about being in this amazing relationship already. You will want to do everything for this person. You will want to make room in your world for him/her.

When desiring a specific job, you will want to interview for it, apply for it and the process will make you happy because you will know the job is yours already. You will go through the process happily because you will see every stage as an opportunity to prepare for this job, showing what a perfect fit you are and feeling grateful. You will be excited about your daily commute. Any kind of pressure or anxiety about having this job will be absent from your mind, as well as the unnecessary thoughts about today’s economy or how difficult it is to obtain work.

This kind of action flows effortlessly when we are truly happy and excited about our desires. When we love our desires that much, having them in our lives is the only option. You know it’s coming, making it the only scenario you expect to receive.

Do you love your desire so much that if you could have anything or anyone else in your life today, you would still choose the said desire? If you could live any other reality today, would you still choose your current desire?

My heart is my compass in life while my sense of self-value, self-confidence and self-respect decide who deserves to have it. At the same time, I am able to respect and accept anyone as well as their choices, whether or not I want them in my life. I highly recommend this approach to anyone willing to try.

Paradigm Shifting Made Personal

I taught the first Law of Attraction seminar of my life on Friday. This experience felt as if the next chapter in my career had started yet I needed a nudge when I pitched the idea. My Mom was convinced it was time, was certain that I would succeed and I realized that I agreed with her. I pitched the topic and it was accepted immediately.

I’ve been teaching a series of university seminars and introduced various Law of Attraction principles to the proposed practices and solutions simply because this has been my way of life; however, I have now broken down the practice for a group of university students. They advised with me on specific topics during and after the seminar while a professor in attendance also stated their own feeling of increased positivity.

Having shared the results of the seminar with my Mom, she thrillingly stated that she was certain the time had come for me to teach this seminar. She knew it would open eyes and minds. Same goes for the core purpose of this blog – sharing my work/money/relationship experience (and views) shows you how you feel about it in your own life. You could discover your own feelings about any particular topic discussed and learn how your current reality arranged itself in response to your awareness.

Recently, we’d discussed confusions in energy rearrangement on this blog (https://thelawofattractionandmylife.wordpress.com/2015/05/04/confusions-in-a-paradigm-shift/), showing one’s reality seemingly falling apart while in truth, is merely rearranging itself to allow new manifestations to arrive. When I explained this concept during the seminar, one of the students suddenly exclaimed, “Now I get it!”

A fantastic question was asked by the same student. He had read somewhere that all thoughts carry equal power yet I stated that positive thoughts were unquestionably much more powerful. When he asked me why, I explained that positive thoughts evoke positive emotion automatically which makes them immensely powerful as a result. Energy is an irreplaceable manifestation boost. Happiness is organic to human beings and causes the most powerful response. He automatically agreed and remembered several instances from his own life in which his own happiness magnetically attracted many desired circumstances.

Today, I want to add to the topic of energy rearrangement.

Whenever my life is rearranging itself in response to accepting a manifestation into it, I might feel physically different but I know I want to live my desire no matter what. This isn’t as serious as it sounds, don’t worry – it means that during the manifestation process, I may examine my own energy but if I truly desire to live a specific reality, I am grateful for the lessons I continue to learn while knowing that my desired reality is truly mine. These lessons are always contained in me, having been learned from everything that goes on in my mind even when those thoughts are energetically empty and devoid of feelings. Still, I examine the reasons for experiencing them and am always grateful for having done so, as I uncover my own limiting beliefs which makes it possible to resolve them. When one’s self-appreciation is high, they will only accept the best for themselves and do as much energy clearing as it takes to reach their goal.

Connecting to one’s sense of self-love will clear one’s energy without effort. However, I believe one must face their resistance without resisting it. Ask yourself why your limiting beliefs exist. How do they relate to your past? Do you deeply believe you can be happy having your desire in your life, an element essential to manifesting successfully? What specific fears have you been carrying around for months or years? Be honest with yourself. After uncovering your fears, you will be able to release them while knowing that you deserve what you desire and only that. We all do.

If you are courageous enough to believe in your manifestation even when you feel that your mind is working against you, you will reach a place of comfort after powering through, allowing you to let go effortlessly in order to welcome your manifestations into your reality. Having them will feel so natural to you that you’ll fail to remember what life was ever like without them. It will be you and your love for your own life that brings those manifestations into it. Sometimes, simply being tired of resisting your own mind will be enough to make a permanent change in it.

Until We Get There…

For two days, I thought about the practice of attracting those who mirror us, allowing our deepest issues to finally surface and be dealt with – an opportunity we take or miss every time. I began to wonder why I occasionally look for a specific personality aspect in a man yet his execution of that aspect might make me question my initial desire. I wondered if I still even remember how to be in a happy relationship, the kind of relationship I desire. Given the space to create a new professional opportunity at the beginning of the week, I needed a nudge but was thrilled once it was finalized (of course). I felt partially disconnected, alien. I wondered what had happened to my confidence.

These thoughts somehow failed to scare me – I simply observed them and attempted to figure out why they appeared. I thanked the Universe for allowing me to sink into the awareness I’d been chasing as a result and simply listened to my body, mind and heart trying to help me. I knew that a period of silent contemplation might come as a result of my awareness changing, especially during the present time. My life is changing rapidly – I have been manifesting new professional as well as personal circumstances and I already know everything that I am soon going to be enjoying but also, be dealing with. Wheels are in motion already, my life and awareness are rearranging accordingly and I have decided to eliminate some unsatisfying views as a result.

I knew that the sooner I dealt with it, the sooner I would step into a new awareness and stay there.

Those who truly want to manifest their desires indeed do so. They choose to sink into their own ability to manifest. They look for (and, find) ways while others look for excuses.

The other day, one of my closest friends and I found a Law of Attraction tip online. This tip stated that one should be like a postage stamp when it comes to manifesting any desire – sticking to it until arrival. I’ve thought about it since and realized how many energy stages are involved in this idea.

When asking the Universe to receive one’s desire, an ecstatic feeling may follow. Knowing our desire is created and belongs to us the minute we ask for it can cause a rush of feelings, butterflies, tingles and pure love. Eventually, that seemingly continuous rush will fade, even if just for moments; if one’s conclusion states their desire is still alive inside them, even when the rush is over, their awareness stills into the feeling of living it. This particular energy state ensures letting go effortlessly in order to receive the said desire.

Knowing one’s desire belongs to them already is an energy state difficult to describe. One exists in this state as easily as they exist in any place they are used to. They simply do; one simply is. One is as easily as they are in their own home – they love it and are grateful for it but feel ecstatic about it in between the moments of stillness and habit. They appreciate it while knowing it’s there. If they should fail to appreciate it, they may lose it.

Sticking like a postage stamp ensures that the feeling of being there is reached and eased into. The persistence to reach that point is consisted of sticking to one’s conscious conviction of their desire being a meant-to-be manifestation in their lives.

This postage stamp idea provided easier focus for me. A great reminder of my intention, it reminded me that focus is obtained easier than expected when it is nurtured with love. Then, letting go is effortless and automatic; so is the manifestation of one’s desire.