Paradigm Shifting Made Personal

I taught the first Law of Attraction seminar of my life on Friday. This experience felt as if the next chapter in my career had started yet I needed a nudge when I pitched the idea. My Mom was convinced it was time, was certain that I would succeed and I realized that I agreed with her. I pitched the topic and it was accepted immediately.

I’ve been teaching a series of university seminars and introduced various Law of Attraction principles to the proposed practices and solutions simply because this has been my way of life; however, I have now broken down the practice for a group of university students. They advised with me on specific topics during and after the seminar while a professor in attendance also stated their own feeling of increased positivity.

Having shared the results of the seminar with my Mom, she thrillingly stated that she was certain the time had come for me to teach this seminar. She knew it would open eyes and minds. Same goes for the core purpose of this blog – sharing my work/money/relationship experience (and views) shows you how you feel about it in your own life. You could discover your own feelings about any particular topic discussed and learn how your current reality arranged itself in response to your awareness.

Recently, we’d discussed confusions in energy rearrangement on this blog (, showing one’s reality seemingly falling apart while in truth, is merely rearranging itself to allow new manifestations to arrive. When I explained this concept during the seminar, one of the students suddenly exclaimed, “Now I get it!”

A fantastic question was asked by the same student. He had read somewhere that all thoughts carry equal power yet I stated that positive thoughts were unquestionably much more powerful. When he asked me why, I explained that positive thoughts evoke positive emotion automatically which makes them immensely powerful as a result. Energy is an irreplaceable manifestation boost. Happiness is organic to human beings and causes the most powerful response. He automatically agreed and remembered several instances from his own life in which his own happiness magnetically attracted many desired circumstances.

Today, I want to add to the topic of energy rearrangement.

Whenever my life is rearranging itself in response to accepting a manifestation into it, I might feel physically different but I know I want to live my desire no matter what. This isn’t as serious as it sounds, don’t worry – it means that during the manifestation process, I may examine my own energy but if I truly desire to live a specific reality, I am grateful for the lessons I continue to learn while knowing that my desired reality is truly mine. These lessons are always contained in me, having been learned from everything that goes on in my mind even when those thoughts are energetically empty and devoid of feelings. Still, I examine the reasons for experiencing them and am always grateful for having done so, as I uncover my own limiting beliefs which makes it possible to resolve them. When one’s self-appreciation is high, they will only accept the best for themselves and do as much energy clearing as it takes to reach their goal.

Connecting to one’s sense of self-love will clear one’s energy without effort. However, I believe one must face their resistance without resisting it. Ask yourself why your limiting beliefs exist. How do they relate to your past? Do you deeply believe you can be happy having your desire in your life, an element essential to manifesting successfully? What specific fears have you been carrying around for months or years? Be honest with yourself. After uncovering your fears, you will be able to release them while knowing that you deserve what you desire and only that. We all do.

If you are courageous enough to believe in your manifestation even when you feel that your mind is working against you, you will reach a place of comfort after powering through, allowing you to let go effortlessly in order to welcome your manifestations into your reality. Having them will feel so natural to you that you’ll fail to remember what life was ever like without them. It will be you and your love for your own life that brings those manifestations into it. Sometimes, simply being tired of resisting your own mind will be enough to make a permanent change in it.


Until We Get There…

For two days, I thought about the practice of attracting those who mirror us, allowing our deepest issues to finally surface and be dealt with – an opportunity we take or miss every time. I began to wonder why I occasionally look for a specific personality aspect in a man yet his execution of that aspect might make me question my initial desire. I wondered if I still even remember how to be in a happy relationship, the kind of relationship I desire. Given the space to create a new professional opportunity at the beginning of the week, I needed a nudge but was thrilled once it was finalized (of course). I felt partially disconnected, alien. I wondered what had happened to my confidence.

These thoughts somehow failed to scare me – I simply observed them and attempted to figure out why they appeared. I thanked the Universe for allowing me to sink into the awareness I’d been chasing as a result and simply listened to my body, mind and heart trying to help me. I knew that a period of silent contemplation might come as a result of my awareness changing, especially during the present time. My life is changing rapidly – I have been manifesting new professional as well as personal circumstances and I already know everything that I am soon going to be enjoying but also, be dealing with. Wheels are in motion already, my life and awareness are rearranging accordingly and I have decided to eliminate some unsatisfying views as a result.

I knew that the sooner I dealt with it, the sooner I would step into a new awareness and stay there.

Those who truly want to manifest their desires indeed do so. They choose to sink into their own ability to manifest. They look for (and, find) ways while others look for excuses.

The other day, one of my closest friends and I found a Law of Attraction tip online. This tip stated that one should be like a postage stamp when it comes to manifesting any desire – sticking to it until arrival. I’ve thought about it since and realized how many energy stages are involved in this idea.

When asking the Universe to receive one’s desire, an ecstatic feeling may follow. Knowing our desire is created and belongs to us the minute we ask for it can cause a rush of feelings, butterflies, tingles and pure love. Eventually, that seemingly continuous rush will fade, even if just for moments; if one’s conclusion states their desire is still alive inside them, even when the rush is over, their awareness stills into the feeling of living it. This particular energy state ensures letting go effortlessly in order to receive the said desire.

Knowing one’s desire belongs to them already is an energy state difficult to describe. One exists in this state as easily as they exist in any place they are used to. They simply do; one simply is. One is as easily as they are in their own home – they love it and are grateful for it but feel ecstatic about it in between the moments of stillness and habit. They appreciate it while knowing it’s there. If they should fail to appreciate it, they may lose it.

Sticking like a postage stamp ensures that the feeling of being there is reached and eased into. The persistence to reach that point is consisted of sticking to one’s conscious conviction of their desire being a meant-to-be manifestation in their lives.

This postage stamp idea provided easier focus for me. A great reminder of my intention, it reminded me that focus is obtained easier than expected when it is nurtured with love. Then, letting go is effortless and automatic; so is the manifestation of one’s desire.

Confusions in a Paradigm Shift

On one occasion, I read about the meaning of one’s entire life seemingly becoming a mess when they’re manifesting something new into it. Life can cause confusion when making room for new manifestations; while manifesting something new and amazing, I sometimes have too much on my plate, experience disagreements with others and get sick in the meantime.

I remember the times of manifesting changes during which I would lose a job I’d begun to dislike only to gain a desirable one or unexpectedly lose money only to gain double the amount. Failing to understand why I had lost a job before gaining a new one or had lost the money before receiving double the amount soon after, I had decided that my only choice was to believe it was all for the purpose of something even better coming along. I would eventually learn that these types of events were nothing but normal occurrences in energy rearrangement.

The Law of Attraction is sometimes fascinatingly easy to understand when one looks back on their life.

Even though I am used to things rapidly changing to better or simply staying put for a few days until a manifestation appears, I have occasionally experienced messy paradigm shifts. Years ago, I manifested a relationship I desired so fast that three months later, we were already living together. (I was receptive because it was so easy and since then, I’ve learned that I could be as receptive towards anything I wished.) However, in the process, I was bed-ridden with flu for two weeks, lost the weight I’d been wanting to lose for a long time as a result and also started having problems at work which were intertwined with fantastic moments – it was purely black and white. On different occasions, others would inform me that their expected manifestations would cause them to feel confused at times, receiving odd vibes or experiencing incomprehensible occurrences. These individuals wondered why, causing some of them to give up on their manifestations which was unnecessary but on this occasion, provided the perfect explanation.

Every moment is perfect for reaffirming your desire or change your mind. There are no rules. However, if you are certain that your desired reality is exactly what you wish to live, feeling only love and gratitude for it will cause your manifestation process to run smoothly. In my experience, you must allow yourself to feel immense love and gratitude for a smooth manifestation to occur. Focusing on even a tiny issue or perceived obstacle will create more of them. The subconscious mind is fed through the conscious, which has to accept or reject any given idea and allow it into one’s awareness…or not.

Personally, my thoughts and feelings always reflected my main problem in the past – wanting something or someone enough, without boredom appearing or labelling the situation insufficient. Even when things ran smoothly, I often knew how long I would want something or someone for. Sometimes, I received the perfect opportunities for leaving something behind yet refused to take them; other times, I decided I wanted my desire no matter what and things began to run smoothly.

Energy shifts occur in various ways. While dissecting every aspect of any energy shift would take too long, as we are all different and operate on different principles, it would also be an entirely unnecessary practice. The only idea we need to follow is keeping the focus on our goals.

The process itself causes confusion for many – wired to think they have to know “how” things should happen in life, many individuals thrive on trying to control the Law of Attraction process, clogging it as a result.

One of my close friends recently told me that the unseen part of manifestation occasionally causes frustration in them. That frustration produced several attempts to control the process, wishing to manifest specific events just to feel that they were seeing results. The only constant in this case was excessive attachment to their desire, sending out a signal to the Universe that they didn’t have it yet.

In order to manifest, it is time to drop the “how” part entirely. There are no rules for “how” things will work out. No situation must ever repeat but it could; it all depends on you and your point of focus which ultimately reflects the core of your awareness.

Are you courageous enough to decide who you are without listening to the world trying to tell you who you should be?

Very few are.

Personally, only I have to believe anything I desire. In no time, everyone else does, too. My heart is the leading force in my life, knowing what I love and desire, knowing that I am living it already. One’s heart works alongside of them when they have self-respect, which is another manifestation coming from the heart itself. Awareness will ultimately lead to a desire, the course of action and a specific result – reprogram your subconscious mind through the conscious, stick to your decisions and you will see a change. If you make a decision today and stick to it, you will see a change in your life.

If Your Dream Scares You…

What is there to do if your deepest desire scares you a little?

Occasionally, we may experience fear at the thought of actually receiving and having to live our dreams. The idea of an entire life changing, a comfort zone disappearing, new habits forming, new circumstances appearing, new people attracted and what was once a desire suddenly existing in one’s reality every single day is enough to make a head spin.

If your desire scares you, good! That means it excites you, makes you curious, challenges you and will change your life. Ultimately, isn’t that what you want?

If you didn’t wish to change your life, you wouldn’t have desired anything new. You would have simply stayed within your comfort zone because you love it, not because you’re used to it. Your desires exist for good reasons therefore you should want to experience them fully.

My desires can scare me a little yet overcoming my fears has become my comfort zone. I take the energy of slight fear wrapped around a new life situation and I unwrap it with loving energy. One step at a time, I remove the tie around the reality that could show me love and bring me magic if I allow it to while forgetting the conventions, ignoring limited ideas and breaking all boundaries.

If I deeply desire to experience any reality, who are you to tell me I shouldn’t? Everyone has at least one person in their lives quick to express disapproval of more than just their choices – many see others disapprove of something they truly love. Happiness is irreplaceable when it stems from the heart, which makes it real. This is why reality is created rapidly when using heart energy to manifest it – there is nothing more real to us than everything we love.

The minute you know you love something or someone, truly love it as clearly as knowing you’re alive, the only option you know is living that reality, knowing that it belongs to you already. When we know that love is true, the object of our love is already a part of us. However, if we allow ourselves to ignore it (and I don’t understand how anyone could ever ignore something they love so powerfully), we will be the ones hurting ourselves – not those who refused to accept what we desire. Often, the fear of disapproval from the rest of the world lurks around our desires, causing many to retract and give up on their dreams fearing what others might say. Then, they choose to stay put.

Why choose what you already know? If everything were that great, why would you be attracting a different reality in the first place? Not to mention all those bitter regrets that will soon catch up with you, destroying that last iota of happiness in life. Is that a club you wish to join?

A comfortable life is not a positive life. Comfort coming from approval may disappear at any moment – then, what are you going to do? Change yourself every time the world decides you should?

When it comes from love, from true feelings, comfort is secondary. It is not something one even considers because they can only be happy and by extension, comfortable, with what their heart desires. Nothing less.

Think about it.

If your dream scares you, feel lucky! This means your life will change and if you never wished for it to, you wouldn’t be reading this right now. In my experience, it also means you will receive even more magic than you expect to receive. Attracting a new, positive change into your life still leads to a significant improvement, one you have to live with every day – an idea that exists to be embraced.

The choice is yours.

My Personal Manifestation Techniques in Review

When discussing manifestation techniques, props, vision boards, lists and other helpful tools, I assign some of them to specific desires without carrying them over into others; in other words, I often use different channels for different manifestations. This happens because having a relationship feels different to having a job, having money feels different to being the person I desire to be and taking a holiday feels different to career success yet they all take part in allowing me to feel like myself. (They’re all an expression of me, holding many similarities by default – story for another time.)

Now, allow me to share specific manifestation techniques for specific types of desires I find myself using.

1. Love/relationship manifestation channels

My love and/or relationship manifestations tend to be boosted by lists and the choosing of a specific person. Only twice in life can I think of a time I created a list without a specific person in mind; I simply get a rush from manifesting a specific person and being happy with them. However, choosing a specific person, especially when I wanted short-term relationships in life, always ensured instant knowing of how long the relationship would last according to my ability to develop feelings for them as well as their ability to make me happy. I always know how long they’re going to hold my interest.

After choosing a specific person, I create a list of our relationship. I write out details about our couple style, our involvement and the feelings I experience being in a relationship with them. I talk about how my chosen man makes me feel and what our life together is consisted of. I write out how I make him feel. I write about how happy we are together and everything both he and I contribute to the relationship. I also include other aspects of our lives on the list – my friends asking me about my relationship, meeting each other’s families, coworkers etc., simply spreading positive energy everywhere we go together and everything else I wish to experience. The writing makes it real, evoking the feelings of already living my relationship – one of the practices causing instant manifestation.

My relationship list makes me happy. Every time I look at it, I feel that I already have it. I feel immense gratitude for it. Another important aspect of my relationship list is that it feels natural to me and since anything I desire feels absolutely natural, I can add whatever I want to the list and I know it’s coming to me. If you choose to create a relationship list, start by adding the positive things you are used to experiencing whenever you’re in a relationship with anyone. In life, my friends and I always ask each other about our relationships therefore adding this practice to the list automatically gives me the feeling of having it now.

There are two other channels I use when it comes to manifesting a relationship – a vision board, usually on my phone, and a playlist of songs (or, one song) I associate with our relationship. My phone allows a live photo mosaic wallpaper, in which I place a picture of the man I’ve chosen, a photo of myself, a picture of a couple which reminds me of us and usually two or three LoA or love quotes reminding me of our relationship. When I listen to the song(s) reminding me of the relationship, I feel that we are a couple now. All these utilities ensure effortless visualizations which then occur all the time, showing just how natural the relationship feels to me. In turn, these feelings ensure automatic detachment from the process and with that, fast manifestation.

The final channel I use is sending heart energy to my chosen man as well as our relationship. By sending loving energy to someone, you can attract them into your life instantly. This technique also ensures effortless detachment from the process. After sending heart energy to and then speaking to the person in question, they share many positive thoughts and feelings they have for me. Heart energy evokes loving feelings but unless you truly love whatever or whoever you send heart energy to, your goal will be difficult to achieve. Love goes both ways.

You have to be ready to be happy with your specific person and know that you are the one who was meant to make them the happiest they’ve ever been.

2. Career manifestation channels

I am an independent Communications professional and writer, teaching and advising mostly at universities and collaborating with individuals and institutions, internationally. My primary desire when it came to building my career was finding my niche, as I wanted to hone my expertise. I wanted my expertise to be something I loved doing and would constantly wish to improve upon in order to provide quality to the world.

First order of business was achieving the feeling of wish fulfilled and being that respected, recognized Communications expert and writer. I had to decide on my presentation, my ideal duties and why I was important as well as what exactly I contributed.

When manifesting your professional self, I strongly suggest assuming the awareness of being irreplaceable in your job. Since I was already an expert in my mind, I never needed to seek out work, as it would be demanded of me by those wishing for my contribution to their institutions. This tactic worked once I got used to the idea that it was possible. Manifesting jobs out of nowhere isn’t always the most natural thing for one to achieve but as I was getting used to the feeling of being accomplished and recognized, my belief in the idea grew. Soon, I was able to let it go – I just decided to believe and it worked. As I was thinking about the types of people and institutions I wanted to work with, believing that my contribution was valuable, they began to appear in my life. Relevant assignments kept coming up, one after another, and I enjoyed and was challenged by each and every one. I was grateful for others knowing me already and wanting to work with me as I provided them quality.

Once I started doing this consciously, I became a communications representative for foreign clients to a company located in another country. After becoming unsatisfied on the job, as it was not what I wanted after all, I walked away. Then, I was referred to the dean of a university and began doing what I had always wished to do – teaching and advising both students and the staff, with my work improving theirs as well as their personal lives. This took great courage, as bringing entirely new content to a university required my thoughts about it to be in order.

In this case, I didn’t use vision boards – I simply went by feeling. I could feel myself contributing positively to the lives of others while showing them how to keep a positive mindset which would allow them to make all their dreams come true. As I was achieving success, my heart became open to even more success, loving everything about the work I do. I also became open to receiving adequate financial compensation, manifesting the exact amount I had envisioned for my work.

Working on one’s awareness is crucial in any case but here, I couldn’t achieve anything with vision boards. They simply didn’t feel right. Instead, I focused on my office wardrobe choices and started thinking about how exactly they represented me. I started adding looks to my professional self which made this particular desire feel real – that was the channel I used in this case.

When it comes to manifesting, listen to yourself. Only choose the manifestation tools you love. They can vary from one desire to another and that’s allowed – you simply have to love them and use them to make your desire feel real.

Which specific props or manifestation tools feel real when it comes to your desires?

My Own Private Synchronicities

Recently, I read two articles describing the most common synchronicity one tends to experience when in the flow, aligned with one’s desires on the way to manifesting them. These common signs such as number patterns (1111, 222 or 333, usually on the clock), flowing easily through traffic, predicting the songs to start playing on the radio or having someone cross your mind and hearing from them almost instantly indicate that one is in the perfect flow, their energy clear and receptive.

When I’m in the flow, I experience the following.

1. Predicting the songs to come on the radio, music video channels or hearing songs related to my desire everywhere I go. 

My entire life, I’ve had a deep connection with music and I relate it to everything I’m going through – I believe this is the case for many individuals. When I attach a specific song to a desire I have, I hear it several times a day! I could find myself shopping and hear it playing in the store, then hear it playing when I meet my friends for a drink that same night. In the meantime, I could hear it on the radio in my car. I could have a video music channel on at home and the video for the song would play. Sometimes, it seems never-ending, and it is always followed by my desires manifesting fast.

2. Experiencing chills or goosebumps for no apparent reason.

For years, I didn’t understand this sign or why it happened; at times, experiencing this level of positive emotion made me feel conflicted. Sometimes, we have to accept that we do deserve everything we desire. Now, experiencing this sign makes me happy and grateful, with my heart open fully to the love and magic I have attracted into my life.

3. Flowing through traffic even when it’s clogged all around me. 

I could drive up to a line of cars seemingly refusing to move and suddenly, it clears away. My lane could clear while others remain busy. This happens frequently and over time, I learned that it was a sign.

4. Even stronger intuition. 

My favorite part of this is consisted of feeling my desire manifesting one step at a time as well as seeing people as clearly and accurately as I do. My intuition also manifests in the way that, when I am presented with an opportunity, I immediately know what kind of interest it will hold for me and for how long. My strong intuition allows me to know myself, what I genuinely desire and why. At the same time, it shows me I can change my reality any way I wish but never allows me to escape my deepest desires, knowing that unless I live them, I will never be truly happy.

5. Positive attention.

When others are vying to help me, do things for me and are throwing many compliments my way, I accept that I deserve them and feel grateful for them while my positivity continues to affect everyone around me. Happiness spreads fast and the desire to give it to others ensure receiving even more of it in return. Those who see themselves in a positive light provide the same to others.

The Transitional Relationship Manifestation – A Story of Acceptance

“Everything in the Universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.” (Rumi)

I want to share the story of the last person/involvement I had manifested, having walked away from it recently due to the fact that once again, neither the person or the relationship were entirely what I wanted.

The story began in January and ended earlier this week. It happened with a man I’d met briefly in the past but never connected with until running into him only three days after asking the Universe to meet someone different and therefore likable (to me – a difficult task to accomplish). My intention with this person was to have a highly enjoyable involvement, without expecting it to last forever or even be a long-lasting affair.

Post encounter, I knew exactly what to do. I initiated everything and simply wanted to enjoy it. We connected exactly the way I wished for us to, our conversation lasting endless hours (the first week, we clocked in over twenty four hours of conversation). I was fascinated but also wished to be even more fascinated. I knew from the beginning that he could be enough for me if I decided so but he most likely wasn’t. He lacked several important qualities I’ve always wanted in a dream man but I wished to accept him unconditionally. I decided to ignore my inner voice, at least for the time being, and see what would happen, as miracles tend to occur when we only focus on the positive. I thought that I could feel he was enough for me if I truly focused on it. I sometimes thought he could easily become my dream if I focused on it. I wanted to be open to this option, as our involvement held much potential in the beginning. However, as one of my best friends told me post breakup, we can’t change every single feeling we have.

I ignored my core values, which would soon catch up with me.

Things ran (relatively) smoothly for a while. We never demanded anything of each other but simply liked each other and enjoyed our connection, which was undeniably special and continued to deepen. I applied my creativity into our encounters – we once recreated a scene from what became our movie for one of our dates. Even this particular movie, describing a special connection turned into an unfit relationship of a conflicted man whose woman rendered him insufficient, was an indicator to me of what I felt about our relationship. Everything around me reflected how I felt about us deep down – it was pure LoA. However, I enjoyed talking to him. I enjoyed our incredible physical chemistry. I loved that he was fascinated with our conversations and that I actually liked learning about him. I loved our mutual interests. I loved how much I was discovering and accepting about myself. I loved getting to know him. I loved the absolute lack of pressure in every aspect of our involvement and I loved that I didn’t need him – I just liked him. I wanted us to be happy together.

Had I truly wanted this relationship to be absolutely everything, the first step would be changing my deepest convictions about it. However, part of me was curious to see where my current deep convictions would take us, knowing it would be an electric experience and allow me to break much of my personal resistance to love. I thought, “If I can accept him exactly for who he is, unconditionally, regardless of my knowing we would break up soon, I would become aware of my own strength and comfort on an entirely new level. Then, I would be even closer to getting what I want in life. I sometimes fear the breakup itself but maybe it won’t be as bad as I think. Maybe I’ll feel almost as light about it as I do about our relationship. But then again, maybe I’ll still decide we could stay together. I’m open to anything.”

My deepest conviction about the relationship was also reflected in what I told one of my closest friends after the breakup – “Even if everything had been perfect, I am sure we would have been together for only a year or two and then break up anyway. He’s not the one.”

As my enthusiasm was slowly dropping, my curiosity of seeing how things would unravel took over simply because it was making me feel better than trying to see us together long-term. It was making me feel happier and lighter. Then, we manifested new, amazing moments but I began to deem the whole thing insufficient. Soon, I began taking my space from us. During this time, my friends made me feel even more grateful for them than I already was – they supported my decision completely and then, immediately saw how happy I was once I unburdened myself. The breakup wasn’t as bad as I had feared indeed – it was honest and minimally sad. Two days later, I was back to being my happy self.

Both of us wanted for things to work at times while at others, we both found it easier to think that things would end. We have different goals and needs in life. He possesses many of the qualities I look for in a man but not all and more importantly, not some of the essential. He loves his comfort zone while I thrive on breaking out of mine. The world is my comfort zone. Magic is my comfort zone. Miracles are my comfort zone. Fearlessness is my comfort zone. Love is my comfort zone. He wants a calmer, more convenient life (and relationship) than I do. I want to be fascinated with the man I’m in a relationship with while at the same time, have unconditional mutual understanding. This man has to share specific character similarities with me – I realize that now. A part of him believed much of this was bad timing – a meaningless concept in my eyes. Our unique connection was reflected in the fact that we talked about all these things face to face; we have said everything I’ve shared here to each other. We agreed on everything as well as the idea that we both have the right to arrange our lives exactly as we wish. All of us must do whatever is necessary in order to be happy in life.

By enjoying him and never trying to change him, I did accept him unconditionally. By walking away when I did because I knew it was the right solution for the both of us, I accepted both of us unconditionally. By caring for both our happiness, I accepted both of us unconditionally. I’ve learned so much and became as relaxed as I wished to be about relationships – the biggest gift of all. And by admitting that I wish to live my dreams and nothing less, I love myself unconditionally. I want miracles, I want love, I want to be even more courageous, fearless, and heart-driven.

I want what I want. I want my dreams and they are coming to me. Recently, I wrote that I was ready to have love in my life and walking away from what wasn’t love proves that I was right. I want the love that I want and I know it’s coming into my life as we speak.

“What matters is how quickly you do what your soul directs.” (Rumi)

The Illness of Settling

The necessity of giving what we expect to receive in life became apparent to me yet again after a member of my extended family shared the following story with me.

She was once in a relationship that caused disapproval from various sides. At first, they didn’t care but eventually allowed themselves to, failing to realize that those who refuse to support you are those that don’t accept you fully. They hadn’t paid much attention to the disapproval at first but eventually gave in, trying to make everyone else happy instead of only paying attention to each other. The opinions of the world infiltrated every aspect of their relationship, causing a riff between them. Dealing with these problems continued to be postponed until one of them decided the relationship was over and left.

I was baffled at the course of this tale, wondering why so many still fail to understand that listening to opinions of the world is the easiest (and often, the most effective) way to make their lives utterly unhappy.

Here is the Law of Attraction explanation for this principle – making a life changing decision with the intention of making others happy, pleased or satisfied, thinking it’s “the right thing to do” will only lead to having to do more of the same. You will continue to comply and feel that you should “do the right thing,” waiting for the day things change (which will only lead to more waiting). After sacrificing your true happiness, you would suddenly end up sacrificing all your happiness. Along the way, you will have lost all motivation to even strive for future happiness, thinking you have missed the boat. And what will your life look like? You will be living it for others instead of yourself until the feeling of emptiness renders you incapable of contributing to anyone or anything. You will simply be wondering why you hadn’t made the choices you truly wished to make but were too afraid to upset others. Then, you will resent yourself as well as those you allowed to dictate the course of your life, realizing you’d given your freedom away (to them).

You must give what you wish to receive and if you put yourself second while allowing others to dictate the way you live your life, no one else will put you first. Worst of all, you will be the only one to blame.

Even worse, you know how you would feel if you saw another doing this to their own life. You would mock them, feel sorry for them and never be able to respect them.

Human beings tend to seek permanent security in external factors of the world, failing to understand that this sense of endless security is somewhere inside of them. All it takes to bring this sense of security into every orifice of one’s life is intention.

To bring this intention to the surface, think about what it is that truly gives you a sense of security in life. On the other hand, what does settling for something you don’t truly want give you? A feeling of having absolutely nothing. You may not agree with me now but if you allow yourself to live like this, you will agree someday.

In order to attract an amazing person, you have to be an amazing person. This is why the Law of Attraction is all about you. Being a person who settles will bring even more of the same, more to have to settle for – is that what you want?

In order to attract the person you want, you have to be the person you wish to be yourself, otherwise you will never feel deserving of being with them. The way to start being the person you wish to be starts with full self-acceptance, moving into changing the traits you dislike about yourself in the most painless way possible.

Accepting yourself fully means accepting yourself regardless of where you are in life or what you have. If you don’t, no one else will.

What kind of person do you wish to be? Do you accept yourself fully? You cannot make the Law of Attraction work if you avoid examining yourself while focusing on everyone else. Settling in order to make someone else happy is one of the easiest ways to avoid taking a look within.

You have the right to justify these ideas any way you wish, thinking you absolutely must settle in one way or another. However, what you feel is what you are going to attract.

The choice is yours.

Manifesting, Signs or Manifesting Signs?

A friend of mine has been using the Law of Attraction to transform their life, accurately pointing out personal strengths, weaknesses and areas to be improved. Their goal is to truly feel better and while wishing to take things one step at a time, they have chosen to take the actions which make them feel good as well as choose the signs reminding them that their manifestations are coming to life.

One of their chosen signs is a specific song.

This particular song follows them, playing everywhere they go. Since I know about this sign, I let them know every time I hear it which occasionally happens several times a day! Every time they hear this story or hear the song, they’re thrilled. Why? Their answer was, “I love signs.” And then, it hit me.

I explained to them that because they love signs, it’s the signs that continue to appear. Their awareness isn’t in their manifestation but in the signs that this manifestation is happening, keeping them in an in-between awareness. My friend is aware that things “are happening slowly,” not that they have already happened. Thoughts become things.

Should my friend allow themselves to love their desired reality more while only noticing the signs along the way and using them to remember how grateful they are for living their dreams now, everything would happen faster. Thoughts become things.

However, this could also be a good thing. I had decided for them that it was a good thing. (#unsolicitedmanifestation)

The reason why it’s a good thing is that my friend moves at a comfortable, one-step-at-a-time pace until they desire significant change so badly that they make a significant move towards it. At the same time, I believe that practicing comfort with their desired reality would change their awareness rapidly and therefore allow for this manifestation to occur.

The choice is theirs, as it is yours.

It isn’t in the interest of the Universe to keep any of us waiting – it wants to give us what we desire now. However, for as long as we’re not 100% comfortable with our desired realities and try to postpone them, we will perpetuate this state. On the other hand, if you are using the time postponing your desire to truly reconsider if your heart is in it, that is a positive self-search, as long as you are honest with yourself without fear or doubt attached. If you need help making a decision, be honest about it. Consult with others if you wish. Do some research. See how it resonates with you. If the only thing left to do is the work on your self-confidence, do it – you will only create what you desire when you know you can.