Thought of the Day

The more I live and feel, the easier I find it. More and more, I see that just by enjoying my friends, as they’re the people I love effortlessly, everything else comes to me. That’s the beauty of friends.


A Love Manifestation in Someone Else’s Life

One of my closest friends recently manifested a relationship with a specific person. In this venture, we’d joined forces. A manifestation guide and solutions to details that appeared along the way, the harnessing of energy coming from both our sides and keeping focus on the end goal resulted in waves of success.

My friend has known her current man for approximately two months. They met unexpectedly, through mutual friends. Beforehand, she’d been wishing to meet a man worthy of being in a relationship with and throughout our conversations, she’d defined this ideal man as warm, loving, gentle, easygoing and nurturing. Shortly after, she met two interesting individuals but decided neither of them were it. Refusing to give up or allow her vibration to lower, she was simply grateful for meeting them at all.

The exact list of qualities her new man had to possess allowed her to keep a clearer focus than she even realized. After meeting each of the two preceding candidates, I would ask her if she thought this was it and both times, she was unsure but completely at ease. A part of her even started to feel that being alone was what she truly needed; then, one afternoon, she informed me of meeting someone new. Shortly after, she decided that things would work out between them.

Her communication with him continued and soon, they’d made a movie date. It went so well that texting followed the hug good night but then, she suddenly feared she had said something wrong. In her mind, the texting had gone awry on her side but in mine, nothing was wrong as he continued to write to her. The two of us joined forces and gradually changed the energy she was giving to the situation.

My contention was that she’d said something wrong only if she decided so.

If she chose to see the situation as a light one and decided it was bringing her closer to her end goal, it would be so. Law of Attraction responds to our feelings and the energy we emit therefore I suggested she focused on how happy she was that their relationship was coming to life. Unsure, she would proceed to say good night to me, too. The next morning, she informed me that her feeling of having “messed things up” continued, resulting in further action on her part which perpetuated that belief. Reading her descriptive messages, I became even more convinced that details only gain magnitude if we choose to assign it to them.

My new contention stated that what she saw as a big deal didn’t have to be a big deal to him and won’t be unless she decided so.

All of us assign different meaning to different things in life. One can obsess about a text they’d received while the idea behind it may have been completely irrelevant in the sender’s mind. I once threw up after too many Mojitos in front of my date and thought it was the last I’d ever hear from him until he made a surprise visit shortly after. When I told him that I had wondered if he was put off after my amateur drinking episode, he said he hadn’t thought about it much since. We all decide what we give meaning to and I’d decided my friend needed to only give meaning to her end goal – a relationship with the man she’d chosen. Soon, she managed to replace the majority of her discomfort with relaxation and decided to forget everything she thought she’d worded wrongly. Then, she added the main ingredient – honesty.

Feeling comfortable doing so and completely relaxed, she embraced full honesty in her approach to him and told him why she’d behaved the way she did. Her delivery was honest and light. After he saw that she possessed this rare quality while being loving, spontaneous and feminine, she became irresistible to him.

I’d defined openness of heart and the wish to give love to everyone and everything as her natural manifestation strength as well as general tendencies. In my opinion, she didn’t need to visualize unless it came to her spontaneously (I am much more of a natural visualization practitioner – one must select the techniques they enjoy the most) and her need to feel love and bliss every second of the day would ensure she attached positive emotion to her desire and let it go in order to manifest rapidly. Defining one’s natural manifestation tendencies helps produce the feeling of effortless results. Her openness of heart directed her to a completely honest place, a place she continues to feel more comfortable in than she ever thought possible.

Another interesting date situation in which we’d joined energies involved his tardiness. She was unsure what had happened and I’d said everything was fine. Expecting him to come over but starting to get worried due to his absence, she was unsure of what to think. I felt calm about it and thanked the Universe for him making it safe to their date. Then, I told her he’d message within the hour and let her know he was on his way. Do you know when his message came? About a minute later and followed by a legitimate reason for his tardiness.

From then on, their communication and dates ran smoothly, even when a few small disagreements came up. “Smoothly and enjoyably” was her goal with all her attention directed towards it. Shortly after only being grateful for being together and seeing a smooth flow, their relationship became effortless. Smooth sailing manifests when it becomes all we see, regardless of what happens. When obstacles fail to be perceived as obstacles, they disappear.

How did all this make me even happier?

Manifesting help, circumstances or an end result for someone else turns out to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life every single time I do it. Making someone I love happy equals (and equates) making myself happy. However, it also enables me to let go. In case I’m manifesting something I struggle to harness positivity towards, focusing on someone else’s goal and knowing I can help manifest it fills me with love, lightness and confidence. I have always been able to manifest for those I love and I use that gift often.

Serial Boredom in Relationships

Various concerns may appear when manifesting relationships. Some might doubt their ability to use the Law of Attraction successfully; others might hold feelings of anger or annoyance towards specific people they are manifesting while others could face the challenge of trying too hard to manifest without feeling that their desire is already a part of their life.

My concern has always been – what if I get bored?

Whenever I want to create anything, I never doubt my ability to do so. Occasionally, I need to take a few days to get used to the feeling of having it in my life – I need to allow it to feel natural to me. However, I used to absolutely dread manifesting a specific person and feeling stuck as a result.

Boredom is a feeling that used to mean absolute fear to me. Whereas I’ve seen many individuals focus on having a relationship with someone they love and be happy, I had mistakenly focused on the fear of getting stuck in an ordinary, grey relationship. Unmistakably, this I ended up manifesting more than once – a relationship would start the way I wished but turn grey fast. Not just uneventful but as severe as grey, leaving me feeling stuck, kicking and screaming to break free.

Occasionally, I wondered if I had suffered from uniqueness. Did I truly think I was so much more interesting than the men I was manifesting? Or had I simply manifested the exact same set of circumstances every time to ensure that a relationship would be short-lasting? Was I chasing a high or true, permanent happiness?

Ultimately, I realized that it didn’t matter. Whatever I was doing, my fear of boredom in relationships with anyone was preventing me from experiencing happiness. That boredom was the problem. Another problem I had faced was realizing that love can disappear but not everyone around me agreed.

Without trying to demean any heartfelt advice I have ever gotten, I found that some of my friends who tend to be in long-term relationships sometimes lessened the feeling of love I had felt for my exes with their words. Those whose love relationships lasted for years would tell me I didn’t know what love was simply because I felt it for short periods of time. I have no resentment towards them – they were simply trying to help but were telling me their story because it was all they knew.

Years of research have showed me that love can and does disappear from one day to another whenever it does, be that day two months or two years into the relationship.

The length of our love relationships depends on us; our energy can make or break any relationship we enter. Our thoughts are energy and they create our lives; one is able to dismantle their love relationship just as easily as they had once created it.

All my love relationships which had ended only months in were manifested that way; every one of those times, I had consciously manifested a love relationship for a specific period of time. Knowing that someone wasn’t “the one” didn’t stop me from living a relationship experience with them. In the end, why not? We were happy for as long as it lasted and who in the world would say no to happiness?

In retrospect, my fear of boredom might have encouraged me to enter relationships mainly with those I saw myself being happy with for short periods of time. I figured, “If we were together for just a short time, we can never get terminally bored.” Today, I see things differently. I see the upsides of long-term relationships instead of their downsides. I feel that I can make a long-term relationship exciting because I have the desire to do so.

I know that our relationships can be whatever we choose for them to be instead of having to be a certain way and while researching my personal relationship resistance, I knew that I had to observe my past behaviors in a loving way. Emotions such as embarrassment, fear of losing your partner or constantly dissecting the negative sides of the relationship will result in resistance only strengthening and never fading.

The idea of having to change our own feelings for our external world to change is completely true. The time and the focus placed towards achieving this goal will be worth anyone’s effort.

Boredom had created more boredom for me while love always creates more love… For anyone.

Settling For What You Want… Nothing Less

When you love yourself fully, madly and unconditionally, you will only accept the notion of receiving exactly what you want… Nothing less. If necessary, you will keep moving forward with manifestation until you get there.

This principle has been used by several Law of Attraction practitioners and I have used it since childhood. Only accepting what I want in life because it’s what I deserve always came to me naturally. The idea of not being able to have everything I wanted felt beyond unnatural – the only question was whether or not I wanted to live a particular experience.

I have covered some of these things in the past but I continue to learn and look for ways to pass on these concepts to others. Every day, I understand more and more why the Law of Attraction is difficult for many to grasp. While listening to them, I look for new ways to explain what needs to be brought into awareness in order to improve. The rules remain – the internal forms the external. Thought forms life.

When reading some of the Law of Attraction materials or even my former blog posts, they can all sound exactly the same. When one’s manifestation abilities come naturally, they may read these materials and understand exactly what is being said but what about those who simply need a small nudge to awaken their manifesting abilities which we all carry inside us?

My personal examples on this blog exist to encourage others to focus on the principles behind manifestation which can materialize into different or similar events in their own lives. I am confident that these specifics are continuously providing others with more understanding of the Law of Attraction.

Today, I want to explore the idea of only receiving what we wish to receive… Nothing less.

I deserve to have everything that makes me happy because I deserve to be happy. I make others happy because I intend to do so. I inspire others because I intend to do so and I manifest constant inspiration for myself. I am loved, surrounded by love and I attract love every day. I manifest money because it enables me to have and do what I desire as well as help others by donating it. I manifested job offers out of thin air and felt that I deserved them because I’ll always have a lot to offer. I feel amazing about being a vegan because I love animals beyond words. I focus on the people I consider to be great because recognizing greatness of another means recognizing your own. The option of having what I want is an effortless, natural idea to me. When I achieve the feeling of knowing that what I desire is mine, I stay in it – this is a unique energy to be wrapped in. The best part is, no one evoked it inside me but myself alone. Even when the outside world doesn’t show that my desire is manifesting, I know it is because I know how powerful my thoughts are. I only accept the creation coming from my positive thoughts which leads to my desires manifesting unconditionally. I only accept my inner courage and knowing.

Remember this – unless it came from a true change of heart, settling for less equates giving up on your dreams. Sometimes, what we think we want is not what makes us happy in the end. When one believes they deserve to have what they want, they automatically believe that everyone in the world deserves the same. When they share their manifestations with others, they’re never bragging but instead, share their stories to help others learn as much as possible about manifesting their own dreams; also, to inform them that manifesting dreams into reality is possible and even easy.

Without repeating that our power is limitless, we need to be aware of creation starting and ending with ourselves. Like attracts like therefore confidence can only attract situations in which we feel even more confident. Same goes for chaotic and painful thoughts which attract even more of the same and every loving thought and action we send out into the Universe. This is why it is so important to stay happy; that way, we attract even more happiness, including the specific things we desire.

Many are plagued by the fear of failing to manifest their desires. One of the most difficult concepts to grasp may be believing in a thought without physical evidence of it creating but this is the primary law of the Universe. Thought always precedes matter and if you look back, you will see plenty of evidence to support this law. Throughout your life, you have known that some things would happen and they did – same goes for everything you know every day. You know you’re living in your house, you know you have your parents, friends, job, clothes and your physical body. In the same way, you can decide what you wish to manifest and it will appear in your life.

Some struggle with unexpected curve balls on their manifestation journey. The good news is, they can easily be removed. Why was your curve ball thrown at you? According to one of the basic Law of Attraction rules, if you decide it came for a good reason, it will be so. If you decide that you are failing to manifest your desire, it will be so.

However, when you are unconditionally focused on your goal and only accept the option of receiving it, curve balls either stop being thrown or you simply refuse to view them as such. You refuse to see any obstacles because the Universe can only give you what you desire and nothing less.

When clarity and focus on your end goal are all that you give attention to, nothing can derail you. To those who have yet to achieve unconditional belief in their ideal end result manifesting, curve balls will serve as confusion which will then manifest into even more chaos.

Curve balls are thrown when we are impatient or not 100% comfortable with what we desire. This has happened to me in the past and after finally relaxing about it, I realized why my energy had caused those events. In my case, it was because I was trying to manifest something I didn’t truly want out of love. Do you love what you are wishing to manifest? Our personal energies are balanced with trust, immense trust in the Universe to give us what we desire so strongly. Yes, going through a curve ball situation is stressful and can increase impatience; however, when our focus lies on our unconditional happiness, with or without manifesting our desire (an energy clearing way of thinking), we can finally relax.

Today, my former curve balls seem insignificant to me and I wished I had felt that way when they arrived. If you need to take some time to decide what you want, be OK with that. Thank the Universe for helping you become the person who knows what they want as if it’s already done. 

When we realize that all we have today is this moment, with everything we already have in our lives, all the love we already receive on a daily basis, everything we are grateful to have and would never want to lose… We can relax. Do you want to feel miserable this very moment or do you want to be as happy today as you will be once your desires have manifested?

What about those who feel undeserving of amazing things in life? They are unhappy with who they are. Are you happy with who you are? I am. I am an amazing friend, I manifested my ideal weight, I am building a career I wish to have, I have always donated money to charity and the idea of living my wildest dreams was something I became used to. Listen to yourself. If you suffer from the idea of being undeserving, step one is to use the Law of Attraction to become a person you will love being.

It all starts from self-belief which can be manifested with love but also, one must love their manifestation tools. A friend of mine uses an evidence journal to record the signs of her desire manifesting and while doing this, the certainty grows in her mind. If she gets stuck, she seeks help and receives it. Another close friend of mine chose to feel love for everyone and everything, consciously sending out heart energy and only visualizing when it comes to her spontaneously. Actually, she hasn’t decided to do this – it is a way of manifesting that effortlessly makes her happy.

Listen to yourself.

Here’s a common mistake – while looking for a job, one may go about it in two ways. Some might keep focus on having their dream job while using the job search process as inspired action of getting to their goal; others will likely focus on the job search process and complain about there being no job positions available for them which will lead to more of the same. Have you done any of these things in the past? Do you deserve your dream job or a continuous job search? The choice is yours.

Are You On A Higher Frequency Than Your Ex?

Today, I want to talk about the (usually short) time period when two people in a relationship are on different energetic levels.

What happens when the person you’re manifesting love with has to get on your energetic level and not the other way around?

Imagine that you are manifesting love with an ex (or someone new) who is now unhappy and frustrated in their own life. You see them for who they are, you see how valuable they are but for many reasons, they are in a bad place in their own mind and life. They were happy the first time you were together but now, they aren’t. On the other hand, you are happy because your life is amazing, you have so much, you know and love the Law of Attraction and now, you are even happier because you are about to get back together with your ex – you have decided to do this and it is happening! They need to change their thoughts and life in order to become happy and get on your frequency because now, you are on different ones. Sending heart energy and positive feelings to them will help raise them up because the loving energy of another person makes all of us feel good.

You are already happy but your ex has to become happy in order to get on your frequency again.

I once manifested a relationship with a man who was frustrated with the dishonesty of the people in his life and the uncertainty of his future. He was a kind and loving person who lacked confidence and the ability to create his own happiness and our mutual happiness lasted shortly. When his personal dissatisfaction prevailed, I’d done nothing to change it. Had I not decided to end our relationship, I would have been able to create more happiness in his life the way I’d done in mine. Had I loved him more, the way he deserved, my love would have helped him discovered his purpose. This is why it is utterly important to give nothing but loving energy to one’s relationship – you never know when you’ll move to two different frequencies if you continue to rest in negativity. Years later, he started to learn about creating his own happiness, respecting himself and loving his life. I love being his friend and I am giving our friendship more love than I ever did to our relationship.

When seeing someone we love unhappy, we tend to hold on very tightly and are relentlessly trying to make them happy. The trick is to just let go and simply love them. Influence them with loving energy.

I’d learned this lesson in practice and wish I had known it a lot sooner.

If you are failing to feel enough love for the person you want to manifest a relationship with, you simply have to learn how to love them. If you can’t imagine loving them now, when you just want to manifest them back, chances are you wouldn’t love them forever even if they came back today. Love and faith go hand in hand and by faith, I mean absolute knowing that you and the person of your choice are meant to be together and being happy about it. Forgive them for their mistakes and love them for everything they are.

Sometimes, it is a mere understanding of things that raises your vibration and enables you to let go. When you have a specific goal in mind, everything else happens in order to make your goal manifest.

Don’t Believe Everything You Think!

“Don’t believe everything you think.”

I am continuously surprised at the amount of truth hidden in this phrase which goes beyond its initial impression of explaining the reality behind one’s personal origin of thought.

If you feel that something awful is happening and you start digging for it, specific event you might have imagined may be nowhere near the truth… But the fact that you already allowed so much negative energy to come in may cause you to see negativity everywhere, regardless of its source. Translation – if you are afraid that something undesirable is happening, you will unlikely discover that you’re right about it but if your negativity is strong enough, you will find something else you’ll dislike and perpetuate your dissatisfaction.

When you’re happy, you attract positive events and circumstances which bring you even more happiness. When you allow the negativity in and then add emotion to it, you attract even more of it. Nothing even has to happen to invite more negativity – you just see it everywhere even without any new developments in the world. Feelings create so wouldn’t you rather be filled with great feelings therefore creating even great feelings?


Those who are manifesting new relationships with their former partners may be battling the rush of negative and positive feelings coming at them all at once. Now, let’s address the negative ones.

When manifesting relationships, negative feelings may come up but the good news is that they are not based on reality. One might imagine every possible scenario in which things could go wrong but when it comes to our perception of others, things are never as simple as we assume. It is impossible to know and understand another person’s pattern of thought, their past and their former experiences until we have known them for years therefore the things we assume about them are most likely incorrect. What we need to remember is that we judge others according to our former experiences and this is mostly the way through which we create expectations directed at them.

The Law of Attraction says we must let go of all the assumptions we could possibly have in order to manifest exactly what we want. If we continue to stick to them, we might manifest several undesirable circumstances or hardly manifest anything at all.


Can you recognize the circumstances in which you often start to feel particularly negative? For me, this used to happen when I was bored. Finding happiness and different ways of contribution to the world in the moments of boredom was something I needed to learn.

We tend to become negative when we envision things to be happening a certain way and yet, they don’t. We envision it because, based on our past once again, we think that we know how things are supposed to go. But isn’t the idea that the Universe knows better comforting? Isn’t the idea that all we need to do is trust just liberating? Isn’t the idea that all we need to do is send out loving energy absolutely magical?

Love felt for the end result aligns all our actions. Let go of the how – the Universe knows. Allow room for some positive suspense. Your negative thoughts are merely an indicator of your fears but are as false and empty as those fears .

Negative thoughts are always insignificant. Remember this.

A Personal Approach in Getting an Ex Back

This morning, I was asked what I would do in case of wanting to reconcile with an ex boyfriend. The person who asked the question specifically asked me what I would do if it were my life. I felt very flattered that they valued my potential to inspire them and I was challenged in a positive way, as reconciling with exes was a business I never really wanted to be in.

To be perfectly honest, I only wished to reconcile with an ex once in my life (only because I wasn’t interested in anyone else at the time, until meeting someone new a month later). This story had become my template for breakups, whether they were made official by myself or by the other side. I just believe that every end always means there’s someone better out there and I found them every time because I was open to meeting them. I truly believed that every breakup happened to me for a reason but in reality, this was just a mask for the notion that I never cared about anyone that much. Most of my exes were momentary fascinations I had consciously manifested short-term relationships with.

I decided to look at it from the end result – a basic LoA technique, looking at the world from the point of desire already manifested. I got an ex back – what does that make me? What do I look like? How happy am I? How do I feel? How has accomplishing this made me feel?

What I could automatically see was looking and feeling like a movie star. If getting an ex back is such a difficult task to accomplish, according to many, then why not feel better than ever and make it happen easily? Seeing myself as someone who had just done this, I felt invincible. I felt like a goddess. I felt so good in this imagined scenario that I immediately visualized mutual friends inquiring about the news, everyone asking how it happened and being so surprised, as if the world had transformed around all of them.

Soon, I dove into a spontaneous visualization of the flow of events. I listened to my heart and mind, believing that all the steps taken towards accomplishing this goal had truly come from the essential parts of my personality.

So, what specific steps did I take?

1. Meditation.

I believe in meditation, I love it and no matter how much I practice it, I always want more. In this scenario, I could see meditation helping me make peace with the mistakes coming from both parties that ultimately lead to a breakup (and keep in mind, it is never only one side’s fault). I already believe that continuous feelings of anger towards an ex pose a question of whether or not one really wants them back. How is it possible to love someone who does nothing but cause annoyance? Then, I remembered. When people seem to push our buttons, this is still a question of our peace, our happiness and our stability while they were just the utility that brought those aspects to our attention. If someone pushes my buttons, it means they have touched an unsettled aspect of my mind, heart and soul, leaving it up to myself to fix if I want to improve myself and my life. A scattered mind, which can happen after a breakup, cannot be of benefit in getting an ex back. In this case, meditation is a personally recommended way to focus on the love for two phenomena – oneself and the Universe.

Developing the feelings of trust in our abilities, trust in the Universe, trust in our powers and trust in our thoughts allows us to feel love for the infinite possibilities we can create in our lives.

2. Never surrender to loss.

Feelings of loss create more of the same, just like any feelings. We are all connected to each other, especially those we choose to gift our thoughts and feelings to.

However, I understand that the words your ex has uttered to you may have been hurtful and therefore, caused you to feel that you may have lost them.

You may be offended at your ex thinking or once saying that the breakup was your fault. Don’t be because simply by knowing that it is never only one person’s fault, you are already ahead of most people when it comes to understanding relationships. Their insecurities prevent them from admitting they have done something wrong but that’s their problem to deal with. By focusing on their thoughts, you are deflecting your focus from examining yourself while most likely fearing what you might find. Change this pattern of behavior today – we change our lives and the lives of others with love, not mind control.

All the while, you are forgetting that what we give is what we get. When your ex told you that it was your fault, they have projected the energy onto themselves of things gone wrong being their fault. This doesn’t necessarily refer to relationships alone; it usually means your ex already blames himself (or herself) for many things gone wrong in their lives. Everything is connected and issues translate from one aspect to another.

3. Locate your personal values. 

What are your main values in life?

To those who have adopted novelty as being one, wait for your ex to start feeling new to you. In this case, the period of communication cut off after a breakup will be both a blessing to you as well as your most reliable tool. After taking some time in absence from your ex’s life, they will feel new to you while at the same time, your absence will make you missed in their lives.

Novelty can also be translated to yourself. Do you wish to be a new and improved version of yourself the second time around? Are you doing it only because you feel your ex will like it or do you truly want to improve for you? If it’s for you, as it should be, become that person now. Since this new person is the one both you and your chosen person love, you can see how looking back from the end result will ensure that the new you receives the love you want.

If having security is something you seek and value, embrace your love for it and create security within yourself. Make your home your haven. Place all the security you want to feel in it – your home is a sacred place with nothing but happiness in it. Turn your home into your perfect world of love in which there is only happiness and the reminder of how much you love the world. You have been blessed with such a wonderful home and you feel immense gratitude for it every single day.

I cannot stress the value of the perfect home too much, especially to those who see it as an extension of themselves. Everyone wants the perfect home and a mission to create one will lift your energy more than you can imagine. To those valuing security, a home you need only yourself in is going to take you straight to heaven. Over the years, I advised even the most couple-oriented people to start enjoying their own company in their home and sooner than I thought, they started to cherish it so much that even I was baffled. This comes naturally to all of us. You could be next.

When locating our personal values, we are able to express them on our own, without anyone’s help. Then, not only do we feel complete but others are lining up hoping to be the ones to complete us.

4. Be aware that everyone is equally valuable. 

You may be idealizing your ex right now, thinking he or she is better than anyone else in the world. However, nobody is. The only measure we have to go by is being drawn to and by love. We are drawn to those who emit love and happiness and we draw specific individuals to ourselves by feeling love for them. This is why it’s difficult to attract an ex one still holds a grudge toward.

The men I drew into my life rapidly were those I thought to be amazing. Not better but amazing! I was attracted to their minds, hearts, points of view, sense of humor and charisma. I was drawn to the “it” factors they possessed which made them different from others. The factor of amazing was caused by the love I felt for the individuals they chose to be instead of things such as personal validation factor, their social status or their level of financial wealth.

But what makes a person amazing?

That is different from one case to another.

What drew you to your ex in the beginning? Was it their kindness? Was it the attention they were giving you? Was it their ability to speak their mind, their confidence or how much they cared about you?

Was it the surprises they were throwing you?

Was it excitement?

Surrendering to those feelings will automatically make you remember what kind of person you were when you started your relationship. If you wish to create this exact reality again, you have it easy! You already have everything you need to focus on, fill with love and see everything unfold.

However, if you only wish to use these feelings and memories as a starting point, you may. Just remember that being allowed into one’s heart and soul will show you they are a complex person who wants love, just like everyone else. Everything you are feeling, they feel, too. We have all been hurt at one time or another therefore your ex isn’t superhuman by any means. Relax about them as much as you are relaxed about everyone else. You can attract them back just as easily.

5. Feel love for the millions of options you are offered in life, whether or not you wish to take them. 

Here’s a little abundance mindset exercise I created.

Take three of your exes or those that meant a lot to you. With each, remember the time you felt the happiest. With one at a time, remember this feeling and you will notice that you have relaxed automatically. Reliving these experiences brings you great happiness.

Now, imagine all three of these situations happening on the same day! You probably can’t without feeling a little suffocation for all these people coming at you all at once. You wouldn’t have time to deal with all of them; you would, however, think they were lovely and caring which would only prompt an even greater snowball of love and attention from them. This shows you how much we actually receive when someone gives us their feelings and just by changing your mindset and sending feelings of love towards the ex you want to see return, you will change the energy between you and open the path for the two of you to come together once again.

We communicate with each other through our feelings, whether or not we utter actual words to each other or see each other face to face. Communicate to the Universe that you are grateful. Once you realize there are many things in the world that could make you happy right now, you will release the attachment from what you now see as the ultimate and only happiness.

6. “I always receive even more than I asked for. Thank you.”

When I realized that feeling massive amounts of love for something or someone combined with relaxation, detachment and trust brings even greater results than I ever imagined, I turned this into my own personal mantra. Just thinking of it makes me smile and whether or not it was consciously manifested, this happened to me more times than I can count. I would definitely use this in getting an ex back, as I would remember that sending such a significant amount of love towards anyone and anything ensures magic happening all around.

Right now, you may want an ex back and in love with you. But what if he also asked you to marry him? What if she told you she loved you and wanted to live with you?

You may want your ex to be completely devoted to you, in love like never before. Anything can happen when you trust – what you wanted plus some amazing surprises.

7. Beware of the reality created. 

Every aspect of our reality is something we have created ourselves. When it comes to manifesting exes back, fears may come up. The only thing you must remember is that any kind of fear equals creation.

If you fear that your ex can’t love you back, you are creating that reality. If you fear other suitors coming their way, that’s also something you might be creating. You have to trust the Universe and know that your dream goal is yours already. If I should manifest an ex back, I would only accept the option of us being madly in love and only wanting to be with each other. I would think of us as soul mates, caught up in this amazing love we never want to let go of.

When one’s heart opens, they don’t even think about how things will manifest. All they see is how happy living their dream makes them. And since feelings of love create so much faster and more powerfully than any other, this dream comes to life.

I truly hope that those of you who wish to manifest getting back together with an ex will find inspiration here.

Rebounding From Disappointing Manifestations

Several times, I have manifested what I wanted at a given moment only to discover it was not what I truly wanted at all. This happened with jobs and relationships.

I believe that rebounding from whatever one might consider a failed relationship, job or any other life experience is rarely about the loss of a person or a thing; it is mostly about sudden self-doubt, discovering what we thought was true of ourselves to be untrue and being lost in discovering what it is we truly wish to be and have in life. It is that connection with ourselves that gives us security and confidence in life as well as the ability to attract everything that makes us happy.

When manifesting new jobs, usually I only had my previous or current job in mind and it had been a job that was ultimately undesired. Thinking about former jobs and my dissatisfaction with them was draining me while I was effortlessly creating the repetition of the exact same circumstances. What I feared the most would always repeat. Until I would change my attitude towards it, I continued to manifest the kind of jobs I didn’t want.

Some relationships I manifested for the short term. They came, they were lovely and then, they ended. One was a person who had seemed much more interesting, kind and giving than he truly was. Soon, he proved to be just as unready for a relationship as I was. Whenever a breakup would happen to me, I wondered who I truly was, how well I knew myself and wanted desperately to know what my heart was gravitating towards. I knew this was the person I didn’t want so I wanted to focus on myself and rediscover who I was. Following my feelings, I dove into simple pleasures in life; they made me feel good as I had experienced more complications than I knew existed in a relationship. What made me happy was a meal from one of my favorite restaurants, a cup of amazing coffee, a great book or a movie and conversations with my friends. Following my feelings, one of the fundamental rules of creation, was the best thing I could have done. Doing everything that made me happy opened my heart to more good things, making new friends and even resulting in a new relationship a mere month later. This flow of events brought me one step closer to discovering my true heart’s desires when it came to relationships.

Rebounding from manifesting the unwanted in our lives holds a purpose of discovering who we are and what we want. Throughout our lives, we continue to know different aspects of ourselves. What we love, we may keep; what we don’t, we may change with love.

Graduating With the Law of Attraction

A friend of mine was anticipating her thesis defense as she had not received the exact date until today. Her thesis was due last month and she knew that the defense would take place in the second half of September. As the schedule was being made up only days in advance, she had to be on alert. On Tuesday, she was told to be prepared for either tomorrow or next Monday.

This morning, she was invited to come in tomorrow afternoon.

When reporting the news, her nervousness was as powerful as her excitement. These were the exact words she used to describe the situation. Then, she received another phone call and was told to come in on Monday after all.

I asked her if she preferred Friday or Monday for her defense. She said that she just wants to get it over with.

She wasn’t feeling butterflies in her stomach because she was happy. She felt them because she was nervous about how things would unfold which led to them prolonging. I thought this was an amazing example of her feelings creating her reality.

In my teens, I would experience varied feelings at the end of every school year. Some years, all I could think about was how amazing my summer vacation would be. I thought about going to the beach with my best friend, my Mom’s birthday dinner, waking up feeling happy and free every single morning, riding my bicycle all day long, rollerblading with my girlfriends… Focusing on these things made the end of my school year, usually filled with work, exams and other annoyances, effortless. I hadn’t even noticed it go by when my summer finally started. Miraculously, my exams flew by, resulting in better grades than expected. Other years, I allowed myself to feel miserable over the difficult end of the school year filled with exams and cranky professors I didn’t respect. I worried about things like that when I had no plans for the summer and I expected to be bored for three months when I knew I deserved better. Needless to say, I got exactly what I’d been expecting.

I told my friend to focus on how happy she would be after she’s free from her thesis – as if it was all over now. I told her she needed to focus on how happy freedom will make her, as if she had it now. If she managed to do that, her thesis defense would run so smoothly, she would feel as if a miracle happened. Until today, her incessant pushing for “getting it over with” led to her thesis defense being seemingly impossible to finish.

When she becomes happy and excited about what comes after her thesis defense, she will be able to flow through it.

She has decided to change her focus and I am excited to see how everything goes.

Whatever you fear, look forward to the benefits it will bring you. Only focus on the benefits. Allow the feeling of being happy all the time to become natural to you; and then, be happy about what you desire. Once you are able to sink into that happiness, it will override everything else.