Improving an Existing Relationship

Improving an Existing Relationship

I find many struggling when wanting to turn an iffy relationship into a loving and committed one. Just like anything else, this can be accomplished with the Law of Attraction.

The most detrimental factor of having a casual relationship is the habit it forms inside a person. I was in a casual, non-official relationship once and it was the most confusing thing in the world. We acted like a couple, in private and in public, letting verbal affirmations of our feelings run wild, up to the point where unbelievable confusion was created among all our mutual friends. Nobody understood what was going on. Many drew a conclusion that he was more interested than I was, only to reverse their point of view shortly after. I was the only person he was seeing; then, his behavior about an unrelated aspect of our involvement started to upset me and I began seeing someone else (this happened a few years ago and I was so used to this confusing situation that I drowned in my own emotional immaturity). I had no peace of mind until I mentally moved away from both of them. Worst of all, I knew that our dragged out casual relationship would eventually cause this situation, as sticking with someone you know you will never want to be exclusive with just because it feels good right now is like letting an apple rot but refusing to throw it away, insisting on keeping it in your house. (Not to mention the circumstances you attract into your life when you entertain that amount of unsettling energy and day after day, practically telling the Universe you’re okay with just settling for someone who doesn’t make you entirely happy. We get what we give.)

For some we are involved with, we know that we’re never going to want them for real. If a casual relationship you were once in truly made you feel good for what it was and you knew when to leave, great. For others, you might already know that you want more than your relationship with them is right now. If your relationship with the person you truly want isn’t everything you want it to be just yet, you are the one I’m referring to.

Right now, you see your casual, non-official relationship as dissatisfying. However, that lack of satisfaction only produces more of the same, as feelings create. You have to accept your relationship for what it is now, with lots of love and understanding, and become grateful for everything you’ve created in it so far. You have to truly feel this way because you can’t fake positive feelings – you must experience them! Love your special person unconditionally and understand them. Once the love between the two of you is rekindled, nothing else is going to matter. Believe me!

Then, your relationship will improve into what you want it to be.

When wanting to improve a current relationship situation so strongly, it can sometimes be difficult to focus on the end result of pure happiness, delight and love. If you are currently involved in any kind of relationship situation that causes you frustration rather frequently, you may wonder how to deal with specific factors of it and improve them in accordance with the Law of Attraction.

This is a delicate process but here’s what I propose.

Examine what you believe this improved circumstance would bring – would you suddenly feel more secure in your desired reality?

If you should suddenly fix this one thing you believe to be crucial and leading to the relationship of your dreams, thinking that you’ll feel great once it’s fixed, you aren’t necessarily right. You are already producing the feeling of lacking because you are focusing on the need to fix something. Our awareness is what produces results and if you deeply believe you need to fix a specific issue between the two of you, you are risking focusing on it too much and therefore creating new issues needing to be fixed. In this case, the need is your strongest feeling as well as the absence of good feelings you are so desperately chasing but as feelings produce more of the same, you will only create more need in different ways. Do you see where I’m coming from?

On the other hand, if you should just focus on happiness, gratitude and fulfilment because you are living a dream-come-true relationship with your specific person, focusing on it with even more love you knew you could generate, you will receive your dream relationship with your specific person. Allow the knowing of living this relationship already to fill you with happiness, love and gratitude. Examine whether or not you are truly ready to be happy with your special person – you already know the (honest) answer to this question.

Once, I received an unexpected like on Facebook (which clearly could have been nothing at all) from someone I had liked years prior. However, we were both taken and then, I became fed up with relationships. I simply wasn’t interested in him or anyone else for a long time. Then, his like made me drown in happy, excited and loving feelings of our new involvement. I felt like sending him a message and it all started. The following week, he suddenly said we were “dating.” I was baffled. This relationship, same as any other, lasted for as long as the good feelings about it did. When boredom comes, when my lack of fascination with another person takes over, it all falls to pieces. I did nothing to change that nor did I want to. I simply moved on.

Imagination, next to your feelings, is one of your strongest allies in working with the Law of Attraction. You only have to dare to imagine having what you want. If imagining produces an explosion of excitement in you, even better! Your desire will manifest faster. When only love and happiness are involved, what we want is magnetically drawn to us. However, you have to be ready to receive it and be happy living it. You have to be ready to handle all that happiness… And who wouldn’t want that!?

Forget manifesting specific circumstances! Manifesting separate events creates even more confusion – you should have seen me manifest an entire “relationship” of separate events last year. I wish I hadn’t. (I don’t actually wish I hadn’t but it sounds good. I learned a lot, mainly gaining a reminder that frustration simply isn’t worth it.)

My point is, manifesting separate events perpetuates your feelings of not having the relationship you want, as they often come from the need to repair an existing one or bring the desired one to life instead of melting with the feeling of having it already.

Dare to know that your desired relationship with the person you want is yours. Be passionate about it. Be excited!

These suggestions are yours to take or leave, just like anything else.


Intuition or Paranoia?

Intuition or Paranoia?

I have been wanting (and preparing) to write about this topic for a long time.

When manifesting, many are hit over the head with the thoughts of what could go wrong, fears of everything falling to pieces or the dread of never even manifesting their desired realities in the first place. (Or, if you’re similar to who I used to be, fear of manifesting and realizing that yet again, what you asked for and received is something you’re already bored with… Again.) They may start to suffer from their minds going haywire, thinking of absurd scenarios of what could go wrong, what could be happening at any given moment and fearing those thoughts at the same time, because what if they actually end up manifesting!?

On the other hand, one may experience freaky predictions of specific, amazing events that are about to happen whenever a manifestation is flowing smoothly. They may predict the events which they seemingly had nothing to do with.

I attribute all of the above to knowing the difference between intuition and paranoia.

Intuition, in my opinion, lies in reading energy – this sounds very vague (or redefining) but let me explain. To me, intuition can mean reading someone’s energy, observing it from the outside, without trying to direct it towards yourself. Intuition can be fun for practicing the power of perception without tampering with someone’s energy, seeing others for who they are or at least, who they think they are. When it comes to yourself, intuition can mean knowing what you want or what you might want later on but also knowing what could possibly change your mind. It means having that feeling of the specific action you wish to take, feeling that a specific person could make you happy, knowing what you want or knowing what you wish to experience. Sometimes, it means being courageous enough to listen to your inner feeling telling you what you’re attracting right now, without sugarcoating, so that you could reassess what you wish to experience.

Have you ever known exactly what to say to friend in order to help them, your perfect piece of advice worked flawlessly and they were beyond grateful to you for saying the right thing? You knew exactly what would reach them. That is intuition!

A strong intuition comes from knowing yourself.

We bring all paranoia upon ourselves. Thinking of what could go wrong, fearing an unhappy future, drowning in feelings of inadequacy, falling victim to the influence of the media or fearing that the past is about to repeat itself may lead to creating an outrageous scenario in one’s mind, completely blocking them from manifesting their desires. Paranoia easily happens when one holds focus on the external world rather than their internal one from which their reality is constantly being created. Allowing the external to melt with the internal will still create one’s life from their internal feelings, with no one but themselves to blame after manifesting a jumbled up reality or simply standing still in the existing one. I believe that more individuals end up standing still in their existing reality rather than manifesting something new and undesired, as our habits tend to powerfully dictate our feelings.

When paranoia happens, our bodies are tense. We know that our way of thinking is making us unhappy yet we continue to entertain it. Many times, we even know that this is paranoia, as our deepest feelings dictate the direction of the Law of Attraction in our lives yet we still continue to entertain them! Or, at least, we feel that we can do nothing to stop them yet become desperate to. However, that desperation creates even more desperation, even if the events envisioned are truly only happening in our minds. We know that the only way is to simply stop paying attention to those negative thoughts whenever they appear yet we allow them to emotionally rattle us. This concept reads absolutely ridiculous – why would anyone want to do that to themselves? – yet achieving an emotionless state about any negative thought can be easier said than done.

Experiencing paranoia automatically means one isn’t open to receiving their desired reality. Entertaining their minds by attaching feelings to their paranoid thoughts means one is choosing resistance over happiness. And what for? To keep things just as they are in life? Then, why consciously manifest something new? Deciding to be open to receiving your desire is the first step. Yes, deciding. Deciding that your conscious thoughts are your new creation center is the second. With love, focus and persistence, one can change their beliefs. Why be a victim to your own mind? It’s supposed to be serving you and even following your heart. So, why allow it to be the leading force in your life?

Harnessing the amazing energy of the Universe is only worth it in order to manifest your desired reality. Open your heart to it, to the world and to receiving it. Open your heart to yourself, your mind and to already being the person you wish to be. Nothing can derail your focus unless you choose to allow it.

All the power you need is in your hands and all the love you need is already in your heart.



How is one to deal with any upsetting behavior coming from the person they are wishing to manifest? By forgiving and accepting. A wise one is aware that they don’t always know why another is behaving a certain way; however, they may choose to still want this person or let them go if they don’t. Everyone’s hearts and souls are filled with goodness and everyone is simply trying to be happy. At the same time, everyone wants love. Everyone wants to feel the love beyond their comprehension but the wise ones know that they can generate it and direct it towards the person of their choice. The only question is, who will you choose?

Rumi said, “What you seek is seeking you.” The love you seek is also seeking you. It is already a part of you, waiting to be brought into your reality. Allow it to render you fearless, knowing your dreams are just around the corner. Be excited about it and it will appear even faster.

Do whatever it takes to feel good every day – your dream will become your reality in the blink of an eye.

Feelings Creating Manifestations

Feelings Creating Manifestations

Why is it sometimes so difficult to believe that you can have exactly what you want instead of settling for less?

You probably know what I mean, as the world attempts to preach that “dreams don’t come true,” “you should be realistic” or “you can’t have everything.” My guess is, you’ve heard those phrases throughout your life and in retrospect, your energy level may have simply dropped after facing these discouraging ideas.

Many go through life programmed by the beliefs of the world. However, the Law of Attraction states that going by your convictions and the feelings they produce will only produce even more of the same. Whatever we accept is what will be true for us while with the Law of Attraction, our power to create is limitless. By now, you know this in theory but do you truly believe it when it comes to your life and your own manifesting abilities?

Have you ever made excuses for not having something in your life, denying that your power to manifest it is absolutely endless? Trying to convince yourself you didn’t truly want the things you did?

Sometimes, distinguishing these feelings takes a little awareness. It takes work. However, being honest with yourself about your feelings and what you truly want in your life is a priceless gift. From there, you are free to accept yourself and know yourself better.

Have you ever tried to convince yourself you didn’t truly want the person you wanted simply because you thought you couldn’t manifest a relationship with them?

I had the opposite problem – several times, I wanted to convince myself of wanting someone in my life more than I actually did. Years ago, I wanted to convince myself that long-term relationships were my goal instead of short-term ones, as many around me continued to ask me about my breakups. This way of thinking was abandoned very fast (within days!) when I reminded myself how ridiculous it was to pay attention to anyone who thought they knew better about my feelings than I did. I knew that I would have different relationships once I decided so for myself. I didn’t know what I wanted in a long-term relationship back then…I only knew what I didn’t want. However, I ultimately knew that I would know and have one when it became my true desire.

Knowing yourself and feeling unconditional self-confidence as well as love is the key to owning your feelings. Our feelings are one of the most important tools we have in making the Law of Attraction work with us, as they produce tremendous energy that boosts our manifestations.

When manifesting most things (not everything), I either feel completely excited about it or completely relaxed. Both of those feelings have been natural to me throughout my life therefore experiencing them for anything in my life feels natural and makes me feel as if I already have it.

When I’m excited, I feel great; when I’m relaxed, I feel great. My happy thoughts exist in both of those states. Other times, my manifestation energy can be one of curiosity. Whenever I feel curious about how something would be, I imagine having it and imagine how it feels. Curiosity produces powerful energy in my case.

Many are used to discomfort about most things in life and you should abandon this feeling. It doesn’t make anyone happy. It’s just an addiction, an unproductive habit and it holds you back completely.

In order to manifest, one must distinguish between positive and negative feelings. Know what kind of state of mind makes you happy. Some never get excited yet they are happy. Others don’t like surprises while some people love them. Some of us love curiosity in life while others avoid it, using various ways to make sure their potential manifestation is something they truly wish to live – the first group might just dive in while the second will take their time getting to know their subject of interest (or simply, over-thinking things, which leads to nothing).

Many others don’t believe they could ever be happy.

What type are you?

What makes you happy?

When we speak about anything, we experience the emotions of the event as if it were happening right now. Speaking confidently about your ideal reality is an extremely helpful manifestation technique. When we speak about things as we want them to be, we feel them being so; we feel ourselves living our desired reality and we feel that we have our dreams. We never think about whether or not it’s on its way, even if it’s here already – we just know.

When We Think We Know How…

When We Think We Know How…

You probably have a specific idea of how a relationship is supposed to happen and what one should do when pursuing their love interest. Texting, calling and asking to see you on a daily basis, asking you to meet their friends, declaring the things those in love tend to declare, asking you to be exclusive, expressing harmless jealousy for your friends of the opposite sex… Sound familiar? You probably also create new ones along the way – after a date, you may feel that, if your potential partner is serious about you, they will take the next step as you envisioned it. In case they don’t, you’ll feel that your desire of being in a relationship with them isn’t manifesting and you’re doing something wrong.

Are you guilty of this way of thinking?

Now, when your desired relationship doesn’t take the path you’ve envisioned, you may start to lose hope that the Law of Attraction is working. You may begin to think your relationship will never happen.

Have you ever done this?

In order to manifest a relationship fast, you must only feel love for it, yourself, your significant other and focus on your ideal reality as you want it to be.

Resistance tends to happen with the question of how. “How will this happen?” “How can I manifest a relationship with this person if they have said this?” “How long will it take?” However, any kind of resistance towards receiving the relationship you want with any specific person means you are either not accepting them fully or are not emotionally strong enough to have a relationship with them right now. Emotional strength and stability are essential to being in a successful relationship and if you find yourself being upset at everything right now, you must work on your emotional strength.

Being continuously upset with the person you have chosen is ultimately a sign of strongly engaging in resistance.

Look at it this way – if someone wanted a relationship with you yet they were perpetually upset with you and even pointing out everything you were doing wrong, thinking they knew better about what makes you happy, would you want to be with them? Even if they didn’t say anything to you but you could see it in their face, feel them judging you, would you want to be with them?

The answer is no. And you know it. You’ve probably been there at one point or another. You know what I’m talking about.

The way to resolve this is accepting and loving the person you want to be in a relationship with for everything they are which is easier than you think. It starts with accepting yourselfWhen you love who you are, you are capable of loving others the same way. What we feel for others is what we feel for ourselves.

Today (and this has been true for years at this point), I don’t care if I haven’t spoken to someone in a week, a day or ever. If I want someone in my life, they are coming into it. I attract everyone with thoughts and feelings of love. Friends are attracted with love. Significant others are attracted with love. A dream career is attracted with love. Ideal physical appearance is attracted with love (I’ve done this, too, without watching my diet or working out). Favorable events and circumstances with those you love are attracted with love. Money and dream homes are attracted with love.

When actions of love are combined with related thoughts and feelings, my power is endless. When one attracts with love, attachment falls away naturally. Every single one of my moments experiencing what I call the Highest Energy State showed me this and manifested miracles into my life.

Heart energy is one of my strongest allies in manifesting anything and everything. I’ve had days, even weeks in the past, when my energy was low and I wasn’t even motivated to tap into my heart energy but as soon as it would come about spontaneously, it was such a gift that I wished I’d been living it every second. Motivation for becoming an expert in sending heart energy happened when I decided that every single day of my life would be exciting and interesting, even those recovery days off; every single day would be as happy as those when I was bursting with heart energy… And those days always brought miracles beyond my comprehension. That’s the way I want to feel every single day.

If I’m experiencing any kind of resistance, to me it is a sign that I haven’t put enough heart energy into my desire. When manifesting a specific person, I couldn’t quite see myself with them yet if I had any resistance. Usually, this resistance meant I didn’t truly wish to be with the person long-term and would give up on them shortly after the honeymoon period of the relationship ran its course. (Of course, these were my personal examples – many who experience resistance with a specific person break through it, manifest the relationships and see it last.) This or any kind of resistance was always connected to my past but also, my “paranoid” thoughts. In the past, I had an uncanny talent of assuming the worst about a boyfriend, all due to the fear of getting bored. I feared ending up in an ordinary relationship – the most powerful form of resistance on my end.

Since all feelings and manifestations of circumstances come from within, every fear of boredom truly meant I wasn’t as interested in myself as I wanted to be. In order to attract an amazing person, one must feel that they deserve one and therefore think of themselves as an amazing person who deserves another of the sort.

Being the person you consider impressive can start with doing what makes you feel good. Personally, I pride myself on my way of thinking, my patience, confidence, the friendship I offer, my honesty, talents, respect for everyone around me, love for animals, a continuous desire to be an even better person and helping others. I donate to charity, advise, empower and help whomever I can. I send heart energy to others on a daily basis. These factors make me feel good about myself. Thinking of everything I am exceptional at, feeling happiness and love for it automatically makes me happy to be deserving of living my dream life, whatever that may entail.

Many have asked me how exactly heart energy helps their relationships. Few think to use it when things are good and in a way, I understand. As long as things are good and you are grateful for this, they will continue to be good and get even better; however, if one doesn’t feel deserving of their life being so good and thinks that happiness doesn’t last, it won’t for them. Then, things go sour and that is when one usually wants back the happiness they thought they didn’t deserve. Reading it now, do you see any point to this way of thinking?

Why not just create happiness and keep it? Who are you not to deserve this in life? Everyone does and so do you.

However, if you wonder how heart energy could possibly fix things for you, here’s an example of how sending heart energy once went in my life.

I’d gotten into a bitter argument with someone I was seeing. Arguments are far from my nature and I tried to moderate this one as much as I was willing to. Then, what started to bother me was my behavior, not his. I cared about how I behaved and handled my affairs in life…so I apologized. I felt that I hadn’t really done anything wrong but I apologized because I cared about how I communicated (and finally learned what it means to truly care about someone, for better or worse). After I apologized, I decided things were going to be fine and we would experience a reboot of our special connection. So, I took care of my own happiness. I pampered myself – I had an amazing bubble bath, made an extravagant meal for myself, visited the hairdresser and enjoyed the compliments I was getting for it, went out with my friends and drowned in the music I loved. I reminded myself of how happy I was and how much I deserved to live the life I wished. I was grateful for my happiness with him and him making the next move. I visualized our happiness, sent heart energy and forgave both of us for our argument. I knew it would all happen.

Three days later, it was as if he’d turned into a different person. He was telling me how much he’d been thinking about me, what he’d been up to, singing me praises. Our argument had not only become the past but it seemed as if he never even remembered it happening. Things were great until I allowed my energy to drop again and focus on his character traits which I disliked. I was doing this because ultimately, I didn’t want to truly be in a relationship with him (again, that was me while you may want to be with the person you feel resistance for). While I did, things were going great but then, I began to look for an excuse to get out. At any point, the Universe may ask us if this person truly is who we want to be with and if an honest change of heart happens, we are allowed to say no at any time; however, if one gives up while they truly, deeply wish to be with a specific person, they are setting themselves up for continuously receiving less than they deserve in life. In this specific case, I was manifesting separate events, not a relationship… And it was great manifesting practice.

Now, truthfully, is there a good reason why you shouldn’t receive the relationship you wish to receive? No. Never. The only one standing in your own way is you.

Regardless of how far we progress in discussing different topics on this blog, manifesting love continues to be one of my favorites. Sometimes, I think manifesting love is what we live for – nothing can make us happier than the moments spent wrapped in the embrace of the person we love, looking into their eyes, knowing they feel the same.

Nothing feels better than fearlessly opening ourselves up to love, receiving magic in return and allowing ourselves to share our significant other’s world while letting them into ours.

Crossing Between Parallel Realities – Can You Feel the Shift?

Crossing Between Parallel Realities – Can You Feel the Shift?

With the Law of Attraction, we are able to shift between realities, manifest our desires and even change our memories of the past. We are able to choose and step inside the realities we wish to experience but if we pay close attention, we can feel ourselves to be on an actual way to a new reality.

I love shifting between realities. Feeling this shift gives me a unique rush of emotion, sights, sounds, taste and touch.

Several times, I’ve manifested individuals into my life without physically meeting them first. Seeing them on Facebook, briefly in passing or even on television, my decisions to experience them would lead to contact, conversation, friendships or even relationships. Then, I decided to explore what happens on the way to manifesting a specific person. I became attuned to the process.

Deciding I loved the process of bringing any specific person into my life, I asked the Universe to allow me to feel this change as it was occurring. I felt it through energy exchange, physical sensations and various visible (or invisible) signs.

Once, I felt the heart energy of a specific person I was manifesting. We hadn’t physically come into contact yet but I felt their heart energy touching me. While manifesting them, I changed the idea of what I wanted our relationship to be several times, making it impossible for them to come into my life fast. Undecided, I chose to accept my feelings, knowing they would appear once I finally decided what I wanted from them exactly. However, having sent so much heart energy towards them in the process ensured that they began sending it back to me and I began to wonder if they were aware of it. One can imagine a new friend, a new lover, a new collaborate or a new interesting individual they wish to have without putting a face to them but knowing how they would feel once the meeting would occur. I wondered if this person was aware we were attracting each other into our lives and I wondered who I was to them. Were they looking to find someone who understood them and began to respond to my heart energy/attracting me? Were they looking for someone to inspire them? A new friend? Or were they simply feeling like they were about to meet someone new, without thinking too much about who it would be but knowing the experience would be fascinating? Were they just expecting to meet new people or were they thinking about the specific traits in people they wanted to meet? Were they looking to fall in love?

Another time, one of my close friends manifested our entire friendship. We’d met several times and I had no idea we would end up as close as we are today. However, he wanted us to be friends and spoke to me as if we already were, a tactic I had used in the past but rarely saw others do the same. I loved his warm energy and sharp sense of humor, both of which caused me to want to discover more about him. All of this intrigued me and reminded me that individuals sometimes meet for various purposes and even different initial intentions but the stronger energy attached to a goal will decide on their specific relationship. One could argue I gained even more than I had asked for – a new friend. We met while looking for different things but one liked the other’s positive energy attached to the idea of becoming friends.

Case three, I wished to manifest a relationship with a specific person and asked to feel the shift in realities. Suddenly, I would feel myself used to receiving messages from him; this thrilling feeling resulted in talking to each other constantly. The change occurred within two days. When manifesting seeing him on a specific night, I could feel his presence in the room already. Then, I had a spontaneous visualization of him walking in the street nearby only to find out he had taken that specific way towards our place of meeting. Unable to explain these feelings, I chose to take them as signs that my desire was manifesting because I only accepted receiving my desire and nothing less. My determination was all I needed to rely on. I felt as if the two realities briefly overlapped but as soon as I began to feel an absence of loving feelings on my end, I knew I desired a different reality. Taking this specific leap was just as emotional but had already taught me I wished to feel a connection in a relationship stronger than I did with this specific person.

In another situation of manifesting a relationship with a specific person, I became so relaxed and so trusting about having my desire already that I let go completely. Every single step of the way made me happy and in retrospect, there were so few but with each and every one, I was receiving even more magic than I had asked for. I had completely forgotten about ego, pride and control. I finally understood what it was all about. The experiences of crossing between realities in this case were entirely effortless because I had opened my heart to them and this specific person fully. I loved preparing every single corner of my physical reality for the arrival of this manifestation. I knew it was mine and every day spent manifesting it was filled with love. From then on, I decided to create everything in this particular way. Today, every step of creation is absolutely electric in my experience.

Every possible reality you wish to live already exists – this concept alone is almost enough to make me feel secure in anything I wish to manifest. One’s infinite ability to create and manifest every single dream they have is a thought that evokes endless happiness in my life. Personally, I needed to embrace the process of figuring out what I wish to experience – a concept I judged myself by. In the past, I judged myself for not knowing what I wanted at times which never helped me figure it out faster. I judged myself for changing my mind at times as well as experiencing occasional paranoid thoughts, thinking that I needed to resolve everything at once. All I needed to do was embrace and love my desired goal, whatever that may be.

I began finding excitement in seeing how things would unfold instead of trying to control them. I began to love the “how,” an aspect of creation which causes much concern among many. All I knew was that no matter what happened, I already had my perfect reality; it already belonged to me, I loved it and was awaiting its arrival.

Positive signs mean that your desire is on its way – a lack of signs or what you may have perceived as “bad” signs in the past mean nothing. They are to be ignored and they never mean that your desire is out of reach. The perception of any circumstance or event is entirely up to you and what you wish to create is entirely in your hands.

I always choose to listen to myself rather than the world and I am grateful to have all the ability I need to create instead of having to rely on the ideas of the world for wisdom and advice. I choose the perception I have of myself and reality aligns. I choose it with love and manifest more love in return therefore loving every step of the way ensures for an exciting creation process.

Over-The-Top Visualizations and Letting Go – Love

Over-The-Top Visualizations and Letting Go – Love

When manifesting a specific person, I often chose a visualization that is slightly overboard in common sense. This type of visualization allows me to let go immediately yet gives me an indescribable rush of emotion.

This type of visualization is practically fantasizing but allows for putting a lot of emotion into it yet feeling it as if it were reality now, rendering another strong flow of emotion. As a result, this fantasy readily appears in my life, leaving me almost speechless and confused.

It wasn’t always necessary for me to do this. When the most basic relationship situation would manage to give me enough emotion, I focused on it. I could easily see myself with some people in day-to-day situations but visualizing more distant ones would allow me to feel more. I used over-the-top visualizations on individuals I felt I was attached to more than most, the ones I liked more than most. Over the years, simply imagining myself in regular relationships with them got to feel trite therefore I began taking my scenarios to the next level.

An over-the-top visualization represents an event you would love to experience with your specific person but you may only love the idea of it while the reality would scare you a little. This visualization usually describes an event in the future which you may even wish to experience one day but having the option of it now would be more than you would ever expect to receive.

I composed this theory when suddenly becoming involved with a man I shared a complicated past with but cared about deeply. Then, I shared an idea with one of my closest friends about living with him. This idea would give me a rush of emotion at the very thought of it. I didn’t even consider bringing it into my concrete reality as it was such a distant idea – I had just found it to be a very vibrant fantasy. I awoke my inner child and played with it. Then, something amazing happened.

I completely let go of the idea weeks later and moved on with my life, as this was just a game to me. However, he suddenly, almost immediately, began behaving differently. Even though we lived in different countries, he was asking to see me as if I lived around the corner. Even the thought of him behaving so differently gave me a rush of emotion – I had no idea what was going on! Since I spent many years in his native country and visited a lot, I was due for another visit a month later and had told him that. He was determined to meet me on the day of my arrival and we got to talking. From not seeing each other for months, we jumped into couple mode immediately, with him talking about our future in the way that matched my fantasies exactly. I had no idea what was going on – he seemed like a completely different person! Then, the same close friend of mine reminded me that I had manifested it. Completely forgetting I had ever said I found something amazing in the idea of living with him, she was wondering why I was in shock when he suddenly talked about our life together. She was hardly surprised but I learned how truly careful we needed to be about what we wished for because we might get exactly that, and more.

This relationship didn’t last as along the way, I failed to see myself happily coupled with him. I had changed my mind, which is okay to do. Regardless of how hard we tried, we eventually started arguing constantly and gave up. Oh, well. It was a great experience that gave me an insight into my manifesting powers and for that, I will always be grateful.

In other cases of the past, I would use over-the-top visualizations of my chosen partners and I falling madly in love within days…and vocalizing it. I used this tactic to a great extent four years ago; everyone was in utter disbelief at all the “I love yous” flying around in my relationships.

At the time, I found the idea of being open to love amazing and new. Having ended a long-term relationship, I was thrilled to see myself alive and well and open to finding an even bigger and better love.

In early 2011, I started one of the most intense relationships I had ever experienced. Our feelings for each other had been building up for months and once we started things up, everything became even more intense. Then, I told a friend that I was expecting an “I love you” within ten days. I received it six hours later. I wanted to know that magical feeling of being happily in love again. After this relationship ended, I started another one. We had become intensely close which only escalated once we became a couple. In this case, the first “I love you” came from me – the situation was perfect for it and I felt it. He responded immediately and we were both in disbelief of how magical and easy it all was. In retrospect, every relationship should be that easy, regardless of the specific elements one wants to manifest in it; the best part is, we all have the ability to make it happen.

Just last night, I was completely stricken with my realization of how much over-the-top visualizations help me. I attempted to visualize an event that seemed natural and grew bored. Then, I started visualizing an over-the-top event and suddenly felt light while experiencing a rush of positive emotion. I was completely filled with love and bliss, unable to fall asleep.

When using an over-the-top visualization, I never think about how to bring it into my reality, as it seems so distant and even slightly crazy. However, when these things arrive, they feel incredibly exciting yet natural. I am so used to seeing my life evolve rapidly and in epic directions that manifesting circumstances aligning in this way is what I and even my closest friends almost expect. When an over-the-top visualization is used, one brings their dream into the present moment effortlessly, in feeling and then in the experience.

The factor of letting go in over-the-top visualizations applies effortlessly when one truly chooses a visualization which represents a wild, dream-come-true end result in the future. Then, one never thinks about consciously bringing it into the now but simply feels that should this happen now, it would be the biggest thing in their life. It would truly be a dream-come-true.

I found that what I consider an over-the-top visualization works like a charm in my case.

A Love Manifestation in Someone Else’s Life

A Love Manifestation in Someone Else’s Life

One of my closest friends recently manifested a relationship with a specific person. In this venture, we’d joined forces. A manifestation guide and solutions to details that appeared along the way, the harnessing of energy coming from both our sides and keeping focus on the end goal resulted in waves of success.

My friend has known her current man for approximately two months. They met unexpectedly, through mutual friends. Beforehand, she’d been wishing to meet a man worthy of being in a relationship with and throughout our conversations, she’d defined this ideal man as warm, loving, gentle, easygoing and nurturing. Shortly after, she met two interesting individuals but decided neither of them were it. Refusing to give up or allow her vibration to lower, she was simply grateful for meeting them at all.

The exact list of qualities her new man had to possess allowed her to keep a clearer focus than she even realized. After meeting each of the two preceding candidates, I would ask her if she thought this was it and both times, she was unsure but completely at ease. A part of her even started to feel that being alone was what she truly needed; then, one afternoon, she informed me of meeting someone new. Shortly after, she decided that things would work out between them.

Her communication with him continued and soon, they’d made a movie date. It went so well that texting followed the hug good night but then, she suddenly feared she had said something wrong. In her mind, the texting had gone awry on her side but in mine, nothing was wrong as he continued to write to her. The two of us joined forces and gradually changed the energy she was giving to the situation.

My contention was that she’d said something wrong only if she decided so.

If she chose to see the situation as a light one and decided it was bringing her closer to her end goal, it would be so. Law of Attraction responds to our feelings and the energy we emit therefore I suggested she focused on how happy she was that their relationship was coming to life. Unsure, she would proceed to say good night to me, too. The next morning, she informed me that her feeling of having “messed things up” continued, resulting in further action on her part which perpetuated that belief. Reading her descriptive messages, I became even more convinced that details only gain magnitude if we choose to assign it to them.

My new contention stated that what she saw as a big deal didn’t have to be a big deal to him and won’t be unless she decided so.

All of us assign different meaning to different things in life. One can obsess about a text they’d received while the idea behind it may have been completely irrelevant in the sender’s mind. I once threw up after too many Mojitos in front of my date and thought it was the last I’d ever hear from him until he made a surprise visit shortly after. When I told him that I had wondered if he was put off after my amateur drinking episode, he said he hadn’t thought about it much since. We all decide what we give meaning to and I’d decided my friend needed to only give meaning to her end goal – a relationship with the man she’d chosen. Soon, she managed to replace the majority of her discomfort with relaxation and decided to forget everything she thought she’d worded wrongly. Then, she added the main ingredient – honesty.

Feeling comfortable doing so and completely relaxed, she embraced full honesty in her approach to him and told him why she’d behaved the way she did. Her delivery was honest and light. After he saw that she possessed this rare quality while being loving, spontaneous and feminine, she became irresistible to him.

I’d defined openness of heart and the wish to give love to everyone and everything as her natural manifestation strength as well as general tendencies. In my opinion, she didn’t need to visualize unless it came to her spontaneously (I am much more of a natural visualization practitioner – one must select the techniques they enjoy the most) and her need to feel love and bliss every second of the day would ensure she attached positive emotion to her desire and let it go in order to manifest rapidly. Defining one’s natural manifestation tendencies helps produce the feeling of effortless results. Her openness of heart directed her to a completely honest place, a place she continues to feel more comfortable in than she ever thought possible.

Another interesting date situation in which we’d joined energies involved his tardiness. She was unsure what had happened and I’d said everything was fine. Expecting him to come over but starting to get worried due to his absence, she was unsure of what to think. I felt calm about it and thanked the Universe for him making it safe to their date. Then, I told her he’d message within the hour and let her know he was on his way. Do you know when his message came? About a minute later and followed by a legitimate reason for his tardiness.

From then on, their communication and dates ran smoothly, even when a few small disagreements came up. “Smoothly and enjoyably” was her goal with all her attention directed towards it. Shortly after only being grateful for being together and seeing a smooth flow, their relationship became effortless. Smooth sailing manifests when it becomes all we see, regardless of what happens. When obstacles fail to be perceived as obstacles, they disappear.

How did all this make me even happier?

Manifesting help, circumstances or an end result for someone else turns out to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life every single time I do it. Making someone I love happy equals (and equates) making myself happy. However, it also enables me to let go. In case I’m manifesting something I struggle to harness positivity towards, focusing on someone else’s goal and knowing I can help manifest it fills me with love, lightness and confidence. I have always been able to manifest for those I love and I use that gift often.