Personal Coaching


Hello everyone!

Due to great interest, I have decided to officially offer coaching sessions. I have dedicated enough time and seen enough success stories through my free email consulting over the past three years to broaden my service to coaching through calls or video chat. (I also have experience in career and life coaching, including teaching university seminars on both subjects.)

For those of you interested in booking your first session, here’s the plan.

You may choose an option of a phone or video call. This can change with each session but it won’t reflect on the price – your comfort level is all that matters. I am also open to adapting to time zones so each session will be arranged separately, for the duration of either half an hour, if you would like to start slow (or just give it a try), or a full hour. You can also book a month long coaching plan consisted of either two hour-long calls plus email support or four calls plus email.

You will be billed after your session. You may also book a coaching plan solely through email, if you don’t feel comfortable speaking on the phone.

Booking your session can be done through email at Please include the information about your current time zone and your preferred session time. Once the session is arranged, you will be provided with contact information based on your preferred method of communication.

Even if you don’t want to attract any specific new life circumstances right now, our coaching sessions are here to develop and maintain your self-acceptance and inner peace, rapidly guiding you to self-improvement and boosting your overall personal development.

These coaching sessions are instantly effective (and fully confidential, of course), as I am passionate about showing you how to attract anything you set your mind and heart to.

Thank you for supporting this service long before I ever started it.

Talk to you soon!