Feel Positive About Your Person – The Practical Steps Leading to Manifestation

As you can tell, so much of this is about changing your perspective and clearing your thoughts so that your relationship could change as a result.

Idea of the Day

Don't act on your feelings of anger, frustration or any kind of upset. It produces a result you don't want. Act on the feelings of appreciation, gratitude, love and patience... ...and receive even more than you have asked for. When I express frustration, I feel alone; when I am patient, loving and appreciative, I end … Continue reading Idea of the Day

Thought of the Day

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We respond to those that respond to us. If you want someone to like you, make sure you genuinely like them (by focusing on their qualities and accepting their imperfections), and show it! You can do this - simply feel confident about posessing plenty of qualities, all of which are enough to attract the person … Continue reading Thought of the Day

When You “Fail” to Manifest – A Guide to Starting Over!

What happens when you think your manifestation might arrive at a specific moment yet it doesn't? You might have gotten signs or feedback that lead you to believe it was happening only to discover that it wasn't what you hoped for, at least not just yet.  We have all been there and if you look … Continue reading When You “Fail” to Manifest – A Guide to Starting Over!