Dealing With Another Person’s Criticism of Your Appearance

I recently changed my hair color. Many of my close ones liked it, loved it or commented of how striking it was...except one person. One of the closest people to me told me my new hair color was "too dark" for me several times. Their opinion didn't change my perception but I didn't like hearing … Continue reading Dealing With Another Person’s Criticism of Your Appearance

How to Use the Law of Attraction to Stop Growing Older

There is an idea I continuously struggle with - why does ageing, the most normal concept in the world, absolutely must mean "growing older" by default? And I wouldn't have a problem with this if, according to society, it didn't automatically mean having to drop everything they loved about themselves or life because beauty, self … Continue reading How to Use the Law of Attraction to Stop Growing Older

Thought of the Day

Irish Whiskey Museum in Dublin, Ireland

You must visualize having it now so that you could have it, now!  See yourself living it now so you could allow yourself to receive it, now! Seeing it in the now removes resistance. If you worry about not seeing it too clearly, you create resistance! But if you keep believing, affirming and visualizing, it … Continue reading Thought of the Day

Thought of the Day

I imagine myself abundant because it makes me feel good. I see myself abundant in quality of life, luck, money, intelligence, beauty, charisma, finesse, respect, positive experiences, friendships and love. I see myself abundant by living in a world I appreciate simply because it makes me happy. Seeing yourself abundant should make you feel great … Continue reading Thought of the Day

Is Worrying a Way of Keeping Yourself Busy?

trust your heart quote life motivational inspirational law of attraction

Often, when you want to attract something you desire more than anything else in life, you don’t feel like doing anything in your current reality anymore until it comes. However, when you only think about one thing, that one thing, you are bound to run out of positive thoughts at some point and switch to … Continue reading Is Worrying a Way of Keeping Yourself Busy?

A Wonderful Client Review – Video

Hello everyone! Below, you can watch a video of your fellow reader and my lovely beauty blogger client Jiya who talked about several LoA coaching lessons on her own YouTube channel! Enjoy! Love, Nina

Your Belief and Organic Happiness

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"You are in touch with everything that is natural to a human being - your mindset, mood, energy, feeding regimen, health, style and chosen methods of exercise prove it," one of my closest friends said to me about a week ago. We talked about exercise because I had gone swimming the day before - being an … Continue reading Your Belief and Organic Happiness

Thought of the Day

If you decide to appreciate and enjoy all the wonders of the world around you, you will believe that life could become even better. I am grateful for everything I love. If you start to love your life, you will be able to let go to manifest without effort. I am grateful for every amazing aspect … Continue reading Thought of the Day

Affirmation of the Day

I am beautiful. This affirmation is powerful because it omits any factor besides inner beauty. No age, no weight, no physical factors discussed. And then, that inner beauty felt turns into both inner and outer beauty manifested.